Gamification: The Next Trend in User Engagement - David Perkins (Managing Director at Klyp)

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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: Klyp



David Perkins gave this presentation on gamification at the 2014 CLICK! Digital Expo in Australia.

Gamification: The next trend in user engagement Presented by David Perkins, Managing Director (Melbourne), Klyp Thursday 13th March @klypco @perkatron

Gamification: The next trend in user engagement

Gamification: The proven trend in user engagement

What is gamification? Basically, it‟s learning from games to address real-world challenges.

Gamification is: The use of game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts.

What‟s great about it? Gamification is increasingly used in business and will become standard practice. – Games are played across all ages and cultures – Gamification utilises lessons from psychology, design, strategy and technology

Where can I use it? Gamification can be used for both external (customers) and internal (employees) settings. – Marketing – Sales – Customer engagement – HR – Productivity engagement – Crowdsourcing (within a community)

Ok… really, what is it? In a nutshell, gamification is about behaviour change. It‟s about getting people over the motivation hump, and creating habits.





2010 Jane McGonigal‟s “Gaming can make a better world” TED talk.

Today Jesse Schell @ DICE2010

Gamification in context What it isn‟t. – Is not simulators – Is not using a game in a company context – Is not just for marketing or company engagement – Is not just PBLs (points, badges, leaderboards) – Is not game theory

Gamification in context What it is. – Gamification is about listening to what games can teach us – Is about learning from game design (and psychology, management, marketing, economics) – Is about understanding motivation and human behaviour, identifying patterns of what makes people do things, and designing a system around it – Is about appreciating fun

What is a game? A game is voluntary, has objectives, has limitations, and the player thinks it‟s meaningful. – A closed, formal system that engages players in a structured conflict, and resolves in an unequal outcome – Is a series of meaningful choices – A problem-solving activity, approached with a playful attitude

We‟re talking video games? Yes. Because it‟s big business. – Zynga‟s Cityville went from 0 to 100 million users in 41 days – Video game industry is an $80B/yr, double that of Hollywood – Virtual goods make $7.3B/yr globally – 44% of adults have played a mobile game in the last month – 97% (aged 12–17) play video games – Average gamer age is 30 (37% are older than 35) – 47% of gamers are women

Explosions and violence? No. It‟s not all about blowing things up. – Sandbox e.g. Minecraft – Building e.g. Civilization, SimCity – Social building e.g. The Sims, Farmville – MMO e.g. World of Warcraft – Puzzle e.g. Portal, Angry Birds

But it‟s still games, right? Do these sound familiar? – Monthly sales competitions (challenges) – Frequent flyer tiers (levels) – Weight Watchers groups (teamwork) – Free coffee after 10 purchases (rewards) – AMEX Platinum (badge – status)

Activating a change in behaviour Motivation Ability Trigger

- Gartner, 2011 “By 2014, 70% of organisations will have at least one gamified application or process.”

- Gartner, 2012 “By 2014, 80% current gamified application and processes will fail due to poor design.”

- Bob Marsh, CEO, LevelEleven, Dreamforce 2013 Gamification Forum “It‟s not about „gamifying.‟ It‟s about driving revenue, saving costs, making people more efficient.”

Gamification: The next trend in user engagement Presented by David Perkins, Managing Director (Melbourne), Klyp Thursday 13th March @klypco @perkatron

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