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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: StevenHKMa



A proposal for the gamification of fundraising activities relating to Noble Endeavours.

Noble Endeavours Gamification Ideas

Background Noble Endeavours Charity! Noble Endeavours was established by Jan and Ian McKay to address the pressing needs of local tribal communities in central Mindanao, Philippines.

The Mission Agricultural Training Centre! Establishing a model farm on land surrounding the school as an Agricultural Training Centre for families of our school children. This will provide an organic food source for the school and allow this model to be replicated for other families in the surrounding community. Other programs, including: • Education and Training • Community Health and Birthing Centre • Family Farm Development • Noble Women (income-generating skills training)

The Goal Increase the number of people and the volume of donations, via these channels: Product partners! These partners have pledged to donate a component of their proceeds.! • Noble Awards - create corporate trophies/awards • Pablo and Rusty’s coffee - supply coffee Direct donations! Noble Endeavours also receives donations directly from the community.

Problem Statement Product partners! Need a mechanism for amplifying the amount of product purchased. A donator’s experience not just connected to the product itself, but also digital awards and intrinsic rewards - proof that good was done and impact was achieved.! Direct Donations! Donator needs to know “why they are donating”, “what it will be used for”, and have the feedback that the goal is achieved.

Proposed Solution Make the act of donating to Noble Endeavours about the donator’s personal journey. • Noble Endeavour’s overarching Grand quest is articulated as: • Levels of play, showing different scales a donator can choose to play at. These levels contain: • XP, as a way or tracking progress for real world actions. Each action has: • Social feedback; in the form of photographic proof of the resources that the donator has financed.

Player types Socialisers • Highlights how their actions benefit real people on the other end • Encourage them to go beyond the solo game with a group or their company (the next level) Explorers • Give them a pathway to increase in scale (via XP) or diversity their game (by levelling up), and achieve the goal in a myriad of diverse ways

Game mechanic #1:
 Social feedback • Social feedback • Users who donate funds to purchase an item will be given a photo of the child/woman/community who has benefited. • Small actions are added up (e.g. one kilo of coffee purchased donates $1 to the charity, once $5 is reached, a picture of the child having hot food for the day is emailed to the player).

Game mechanic #2: Levels • Allow individuals who start playing the game alone to ramp up to groups and rope in their corporations • Level 1: Individual - buy products and donate. • Level 2: Encourage play as a social groups - book clubs, coffee clubs, food clubs, social groups, professional meet ups. • Level 3: Play as a corporation - encourage players to influence their organisation in funding events, purchasing and choosing a nominated charity

Game mechanic #3: XP One overall XP score calculated from the sum of XP in each level, called impact points. Some examples of actions: • Order 1kg of coffee ($1 goes to the charity) • Order an trophy/award made for group/organisation (charity provides a hot meal, education, clean water for a day) • Run a fundraising event within group or corporation, e.g. casual friday (charity responds with feedback based on the amount you have raised) • Sign corporation onto Noble Endeavours as nominated charity (charity responds with a formal thanks)

XP & designing for call to action Constantly display the top 2-3 ways a user can increase their impact points at each level • Suggest that they go up a level by creating a group or engaging their company • Suggest that they increase impact points by taking an action on the same level • Award points for social sharing to spread the word

Game mechanic #3.1: XP expiry against 
 the grand quest Progress against Noble Endeavour’s goal (set monthly, quarterly, or yearly) - agricultural training center’s funding - is highly visible on the website as a “Noble Goal”. The value displayed is the sum of all the impact points made, perhaps alongside the dollar goal.

Conclusion Noble Endeavours can increase the amount of donations, engage users better, and provide them with a reason to donate, by: • Providing social feedback for achievements (close reward loop) • Designing levels for each stage of play (individual, social group, company) to guide user journey • Providing an ‘on rails’ experience guided by XP values and calls to action to prompt users to do the next impactful action

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