Gamification and the power of boosting engagement: Steve Sims

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Information about Gamification and the power of boosting engagement: Steve Sims
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Published on June 25, 2013

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Presentation from a recent, joint Capgemini - Badgeville event in Sydney, Australia on the role of enterprise gamification in digital transformation.

This presentation, from Steve Sims, VP of Badgeville's Behaviour Lab, focuses on how gamification can boost engagement. It covers the background theory to game design and worked examples with real results that supports the theory.

Capgemini Australia's Digital Transformation practice, focused on helping our clients find, size and catalyse digital opportunities, and Badgeville, the #1 gamification and behaviour management platform, work in partnership to leverage innovative gamification techniques to accelerate digital transformation in major organizations by engaging, rewarding and motivating employees and customers.


Capgemini  ConsulIng  and  Badgeville  have  a  global  partnership  to  leverage  innovaIve  gamificaIon  techniques  to  accelerate  digital  transformaIon  in  major  organizaIons  by  engaging,  rewarding  and  moIvaIng  employees  and  customers.    IN  AUSTRALIA  To  find  out  how  Capgemini  and  Badgeville  can  help  you  realise  a  digital  advantage  through  the  intelligent  applicaIon  of  enterprise  gamificaIon  please  contact  

THE BEHAVIOR PLATFORMEngage EverywhereEnterprise Networks facilitate scaleEnterprise!Social!Website!Communities!Marketing!CRM!Learning!Social !Media!Game DesignersBehavioral Psychologistsand Loyalty ExpertsTechnical ExpertsHelp you integrate and deploy into your customer experienceAnalyze the strength of your programData ScientistsWorld-class teamFull Engagement SuiteMuch more than points, badges & leaderboards Customized !Game Mechanics!Portable !Reputation Mechanics!Social !Mechanics!Social !Rewards !Behavior Analytics !& Data!

GAMIFICATIONIt’s buzzword central, but don’t get lost in the noiseIt’s not games

It all starts with a question…

How do I get more people to do more stuff more often?

IT’S ABOUT MOTIVATING PEOPLEHelping your customers feel…Socially ValuedSuccessful Smart Structured Intrinsic  RewardedExtrinsic  Discovering new things &proving knowledgeWinning & besting competitionEarning elevated reputation,status or prestige Finding purpose & directionGetting stuffthey want

WHY THIS WORKSEngagement techniques leverage key motivators…How do I compare?Am I being recognized? Am I makingprogress?Am I winning?What’s my status?

ENHANCING WHAT YOU’VE GOTBy layering more engaging experiences on topof your existing investmentsThat Reach Your Customers

ENGAGEMENT MECHANICSReward users, elevate their status, and give them contextExamples  Game Mechanics
Deliver achievements and instantrecognition for key behaviorsReputation Mechanics
Elevate user rank, status and expertiseSocial Mechanics
Surface behaviors andachievements in context

Applying game mechanics to change behavior

RETAIN! CONVERT!ACQUIRE!THE CUSTOMER CHALLENGEThree key imperatives that you should map gamification to…How do I getmore customers?How do I get them tospend more money?How do I keep them over time?

AUTODESK’S CHALLENGEConvert trial users to paid usersCustomer Adoption HurdlesUsers were 2x likely topurchase if they had used the trial at least 3x during the 30-day trialC A S ES T U D Y

AUTODESK MISSIONSGuide and reward customers to interact with key featuresC A S ES T U D Y40%Trial Usage10%TrialDownloads

Maximize customer revenue with more engaged audience…SNEAKPEEQ’S CHALLENGEC A S ES T U D YBusiness Objectives!•  Repeat Visits & Retention !•  Integrate tightly withFacebook Open Graph!•  Grow more revenue!

Maximize customer revenue with more engaged audience…ENGAGEMENTDRIVES RESULTS%I’ll insert stat40%DailyRetention18%Conversions590%SocialSharesC A S ES T U D Y

How do I get started?

It’s about behavior management andbusiness resultsAVOID THE G-WORDAvoid gamification in front of the wrong audiences…

EXAMPLE: MUCH MUSICMUCH CLOSER, their social loyalty program

Log InShareComment PostStatusMessageWrite ReviewReply toDiscussionSubmitProductFeedbackForward to aFriendUpdate RecordSign UpCreate LeadRate a ProductVisit DailyRefer aFriendHelp Answera QuestionStart aDiscussionBeginTutorialFinishTutorial$  Add toBasket$  CompleteOrderIT’S ABOUT BEHAVIORSThat we can motivate and influence to drive engagement

I want to…makeprogress getrecognizedWIN!know how IcompareIT’S MORE THAN POINTS, BADGES,AND LEADERBOARDS Tapping into the human psyche

MANIACAL FOCUS ON VALUEWe establish tangible ROI based on your business objectives  Business ObjectiveIncrease Loyalty      Reviews Repeat VisitsComments SharesExample behaviors tosupport KPIs100% 50%200% 300%      25%!20%!Repeat PurchasesCustomer AdvocatesExample KPIs to support objective•  Lifetime customer value•  Number of advocates•  Repeat purchases$  •  Advocates spend 2x asmuch as regular customers•  5x greater lifetime value(Source: Deloitte)$  

•  The  moIvaIon  mechanics  are  separated  from  the  applicaIon  •  Recorded  behaviors  idenIfy  the  value  of  those  acIons  in  context  of  the  overall  objecIve  •  ReporIng  and  AnalyIcs  help  IdenIfy  paWerns  of  behavior  THEN MEASURING THE RESULTSand adjusting the motivations in real time…Design  Record  Report  Recommend  •  Recommended  changes  to  the  design  can  be  implemented  and  measured  for  effecIveness  (conInuously)  

REQUIRED  Game  Mechanics   ✔  Portable  Reputa;on  Mechanics   ✔  Social  Mechanics   ✔  Social  Rewards   ✔  REQUIRED  Private  Cloud  &  Database   ✔  Global  Data  Center   ✔  Mul;-­‐;ered  user  access     ✔  HARDENED SECURITYENTERPRISE SCALE REQUIRED  Enterprise  Networks  &  Sites   ✔  Advanced  Metadata  Support   ✔  Private  Customer  Community     ✔  FULL SUITE OF ENGAGEMENT MECHANICSIT’S AN ENTERPRISE INVESTMENT Gamification must delight end users, but satisfy requirements

Helping you find,size, and catalysedigital opportunities.Driving Digital TransformationThe Capgemini Digital Transformation consultingpractice helps organisations find the digital opportunitieswithin their business. Our team specialises in identifying,designing, and developing new ventures, innovativedelivery models, and digital transformations to get realvalue from the digital economy.We offer a fresh approach based on collaborative anditerative design with a focus on targeted outcomes. Youbring your customer and business experience. We bringperspectives from our understanding of the Australianand global digital economy and our leadership inorganisation transformation and technology.Digital TransformationThink - Design - DevelopContact PointsBen Gilchriestben.gilchriest@capgemini.comJean-Baptiste Vincentjean-baptiste.vincent@capgemini.comMani Thirumani.thiru@capgemini.comMark

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