Games features ideas and prioritization

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Information about Games features ideas and prioritization

Published on October 30, 2018

Author: rash733


1. Ran Shahar ,Product Manager

2. Features Ideas Generation and Prioritization Process • Features ideas are generated based on analysis and synthesis of information collected: multiple sources can point to specific types of features • The list of ideas is then prioritized based on the business and operation considerations • The ideas and prioritization is discussed with team members for additional insights

3. Generating Ideas from Players Generating new features ideas and prioritizing are based on collecting and analyzing multiple information sources Generating new features ideas from players • Players requests and suggestions gathered from social channels, support, surveys etc. – players can generate ideas based on their perspective and experience of the game which can not be generated from KPIs • Player demographics, players player types, players game preferences, other games played by players – alignment of features and players preferences and motivations increases the probability of feature success

4. Generating Ideas from Market • Competitive intelligence: what new features direct and indirect competition implement in their games and industry trends in general- keeping ahead of the competition can be a differentiating factor and increase acquisition and retention • Industry news: blogs, social media and forums

5. Generating Ideas from Experts & Culture • Experts: professional offer talks in conferences such as GDC or Casual Connect • Culture: sports events, viral trends, technology trends, movies, books etc.

6. Game Analytics • Relevant KPIs such as engagement and monetization of current features that might be related or KPIs that indicates issues in current player life cycle

7. New Features Prioritizing Ideas Prioritizing which new feature to develop requires considering business and operation information to select which of the ideas will be developed and implemented first Considerations • Business Goals vs. Projected Performance (monetization, acquisition, etc.) the feature has to fit with the overall business goals and strategy • Time to Market: being ahead of the competition • Current audience acceptance: not to alienate current players which might lead to player leaving

8. Prioritizing Ideas: Costs Costs Considerations • Time required to develop the feature to avoid blocking the development pipeline • Resources (such as team members needed) • Opportunity costs (what can be developed instead) Is it possible to generate similar or better results with different solutions

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