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Published on January 27, 2016

Author: geniusworks


1. GAMECHANGERSODENSE Professor Peter Fisk Odense, 28 January 2016 @geniusworks Are you ready to change the world?

2. Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous +genius

3. Vibrant Unreal Crazy Astounding

4. Anything is possible

5. New opportunities to grow +genius

6. Periscope by Twitter

7. Uber and beyond

8. Robot heart surgery

9. India’s ‘frugal’ future

10. Global internet for all

11. Xiaomi beats Apple

12. Worldchanging decade 2010 Pop 6.9Bn GDP $63T G7 2020 Pop 7.7Bn GDP $90T E7

13. Worldchanging decade 2010 Pop 6.9Bn GDP $63T G7 2020 Pop 7.7Bn GDP $90T E7 Middle Urban Travel Carbon

14. Guiyang Circle Guiyang China 106.6° E, 26.6° N 4100km radius Most of the world lives here …

15. Data connections

16. Worldchanging Growth

17. Worldchanging Growth

18. Worldchanging Growth

19. Megatrends 2025

20. 4th industrial revolution Machine Revolution First mechanical loom 1784 Production Revolution First production line 1870 Electronic Revolution First computerised machines 1969 Cyber Revolution First human-robotic systems 2015

21. Human Technology Global Personal Connectivity & Convergence New Business Models Circular Economy Robotics and Intelligence Big Data and Clouds Smart Cities & Creative Hubs Reputation and Privacy Collaborative Consumption Social Change and New Tribes Wellbeing and Biotech Emerging markets Urban Living and Travel Anytime Anywhere 3D Printing & Smart Systems Wearables and Sensors Primary Megatrends Enabling Megatrends Supporting Megatrends

22. 99c downloads, $900 experiences Digitally enabled real world

23. Tectonic shifts +genius

24. East Small West Big IdeasSize © Peter Fisk 2015

25. Speedboats beat fast and focused supertankers

26. Customer Emotional Business Rational © Peter Fisk 2015 RelevantAverage

27. Consumers in control +genius Context and relevance

28. ImaginationCapability CollaborativeIndependent DisruptingEvolving © Peter Fisk 2015

29. You can do anything

30. Ideas economy

31. Redefining markets

32. Shaping the future +genius

33. Time to think bigger

34. +genius

35. 10 times, not 10% +genius

36. The Gamechangers +genius

37. es 1.  23 & Me 2.  Aravind 3.  Epocrates 4.  Genentech 5.  Intuitive Surgical 6.  Narayana H 7.  Organova 8.  PatientsLikeMe 9.  Scanadu 10. Second Sight 1.  Amazon 2.  Aussie Farmers 3.  Etsy 4.  Fab 5.  Greenbox 6.  Le Pain Q 7.  Positive Luxury 8.  Trader Joe’s 9.  ZaoZao 10. Zilok 1.  Apple 2.  Beauty’in 3.  Godrej 4.  Lego 5.  Method 6.  Natura 7.  Nike+ 8.  Oculus Rift 9.  Pebble 10. Renova 1.  Alibaba 2.  ARM 3.  Bharti Airtel 4.  Giff Gaff 5.  Google X 6.  Rackspace 7.  Raspberry Pi 8.  Samsung 9.  Tencent QQ 10. Xiaomi 1.  Aeromobil 2.  Air Asia 3.  AirBNB 4.  Emirates 5.  Kulula 6.  Moveo 7.  Pipistrel 8.  RedBus 9.  Virgin Galactic 10. Zipcars 1.  3DHubs 2.  Corning 3.  DP World 4.  Dyson 5.  Embraer 6.  Local Motors 7.  Space X 8.  Syngenta 9.  Tata 10. Tesla 1.  Aeroshots 2.  Gram-Danone 3.  Graze 4.  Isis Organic 5.  Juan Valdez 6.  LA Organic 7.  Moa Beer 8.  Nespresso 9.  Yeni Reki 10. Zespri 1.  Ashmei 2.  Beats 3.  Desigual 4.  Gilan 5.  Indetix 6.  Patagonia 7.  Rapha 8.  Shang Xai 9.  Threadless 10. Tom’s 1.  Alior Sync 2.  La Caixa 3.  Fidor 4.  First National 5.  Itan Unibanco 6.  Moven 7.  M-Pesa 8.  Square 9.  Umpqau 10. Zidisha 1.  Al Jazeera 2.  Coursera 3.  Future 4.  Pixar 5.  Pledge Music 6.  Red Bull 7.  Rovio 8.  Spotify 9.  Ushahida 10. Wordpress futureproduct futurefashion futurefoodfuturestore futurehealth futuretech futuremakersfuturebank futuretravel N/S American brands European brands African/Arab brands Asian/Oceania brands futuremedia 1.  Ashoka 2.  AzuriTech 3.  Graal Bio 4.  IBM 5.  IDEO 6.  Kickstarter 7.  Li & Fung 8.  Live Nation 9.  Salesforce 10. Y Combinator 1.  FC Barcelona 2.  Bitcoin 3.  Bhutan 4.  The Elders 5.  Lovemarks 6.  Oregon Project 7.  ParkRun 8.  WWF 9.  Zoe Suggs 10. You futureservice futurebrands © Peter Fisk 2014 The book includes 100 case studies of brands, large and small, from across the world who are shaking up their markets, as voted for by industry leaders in each sector. More at

38. Mexico 1968

39. Zurich 1982

40. Odense 2016

41. Don’t just play the game Change the game

42. © Peter Fisk 2013

43. © Peter Fisk 2013

44. +genius Rocket’s Creative Beer

45. © Peter Fisk 2013

46. +genius Lululemon’s Yoga Beer

47. © Peter Fisk 2013

48. New Zealand’s Moa Beer

49. © Peter Fisk 2013

50. +genius Beer 52 by Subscription

51. © Peter Fisk 2013

52. THINK Change your vision Focus on optimising profits Built on core capabilities To be 10% better Guided by inspiring purpose Driven by audacious ideas To be 10 times better EXPLORE Change your market Accepting markets as they are Geography and category Rational and average Making markets in your vision Tribal and problem solving Emotional and distinctive DISRUPT Change your strategy Strategy optimises the present Evolving incrementally Playing the game Strategy disrupts the future Pivoting transformationally Changing the game INSPIRE Change your brand Brands are logos and slogans About companies and products Promotions to drive sales Brands capture bigger ideas About people and their aspirations Platforms for collaboration DESIGN Change your business Innovating products and services Driven by technical possibility Linear, disciplined process Innovating the business model Driven by human opportunity Dynamic, creative fusions RESONATE Change your story Communicate on your terms Push campaigns to everyone Slogans, gimmicks, incentives Engage people on their terms On demand, time and place Topical, authentic, experiential ENABLE Change your experience Selling and serving Consistent and delivered Transactional, linear, finite Engaging and enabling Participative and personal Relational, circular, enduring MOBILISE Change your relationship Seek relationships with people Loyalty built on incentives Individual and isolated Relationships between people Loyalty built on community Collaborative and sharing IMPACT Change your results Short term financial results Sustainability as compliance Compromised value Long term value creation Sustainability drives growth Englightened value AMPLIFY Change your potential Supertanker’s size and stability Managing the status quo Deliver and improve Speedboat’s speed and agility Leaders of a changing world Innovate and amplify © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius 10 ways to “change the game”

53. Design Thinking Business Model Lean Startup 21st Century Business Tools +genius

54. Design Thinking Business Model Lean Startup Disruptive Innovation Business Ecosystem 21st Century Business Tools Customer Collaboration +genius

55. Design Thinking Business Model Lean Startup Exponential Enterprise Customer Collaboration Disruptive Innovation Gig Economy Business Ecosystem Brand Movements Market Networks 21st Century Business Tools Circular Economy +genius

56. Types of business innovation +genius

57. Types of business innovation

58. Business model Finance Networking 2. Networking
 enterprise’s structure/ value chain 1. Business model how the enterprise makes money Channel Delivery Brand Customer experience 10. Customer experience how you create an overall experience for customers 9. Brand
 how you express your offering’s benefit to customers Core process Process Enabling process 3. Enabling process
 assembled capabilities 4. Core process
 proprietary processes that add value 6. Product system
 extended system that surrounds an offering Product performance Offering Product system Service 7. Service
 how you service your customers 5. Product performance
 basic features, performance and functionality 8. Channel
 how you connect your offerings to your customers Types of business innovation

59. Volume of innovation efforts Last 10 years Business model Finance Networking Channel Delivery Brand Customer experience Core process Process Enabling process Product performance Offering Product system Service Business innovation

60. Business model Finance Networking Channel Delivery Brand Customer experience Core process Process Enabling process Product performance Offering Product system Service Cumulative value creation Last 10 years Business innovation

61. +genius Think Nespresso

62. Nespresso

63. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius Think Airbnb

64. Airbnb

65. +genius Think Tesla

66. Tesla Motors

67. audacious Google X 23 and Me Syngenta Tesla Motors

68. Amazon Fidor Bank Scanadu Intuitive Surgical intelligent

69. Airbnb Nike+ Lego Threadless collaborative

70. Li and Fung Tencent Alibaba 3DHubs networked

71. Disney Moven Epocrates Safaricom Change Why enabling

72. What will you do?

73. Acting with speed and agility Connecting ideas and people Passion to make life better Having an audacious attitude Shaping your own vision Making sense of change Persisting to make it happen © Peter Fisk 2014

74. +genius

75. Vision Canvas Strategy Canvas Growth Canvas Disruption Canvas Brand Canvas Engagement Canvas Proposition Canvas Relationship Canvas Insights Canvas Co-creation Canvas Innovation Canvas Business Canvas Leadership Canvas Sustainability Canvas Culture Canvas Performance Canvas FUTURELABBRANDLAB CREATIVELABPERFORMANCELAB +genius

76. +genius

77. GAMECHANGERSODENSE Email: Phone: +44 7834483830 Twitter: @geniusworks Website:

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