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Information about GAME QUIZ - Quem Quer Ser Informático

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: jalmeidabrandao



O jogo "Quem Quer Ser Informático" é um jogo baseado em questões sobre a disciplina de Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação, lecionada no 9º ano de escolaridade.
Este jogo foi criado e adaptado de acordo com o currículo nacional português.

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Jorge Brandão | Vítor Carvalho “GAME QUIZ” - Implementing a serious game platform based in quiz games for the teaching of Information and Technology 2014


TEACHING STRATEGIES Traditional Classroom VS Modern Classroom Classroom is no more … a traditional classroom TRADITIONAL CLASSROOM SOURCE IMAGE: MODERN CLASSROOM SOURCE IMAGE: -classroom-an-opportunity-for-change/ • The classrooms are different, the students are no more sited on the "correct" position reading and writing on a paper book. • The computer have brought a significant variety of teaching strategies to be implemented in the classroom, such as the use of online materials in support of school courses. • “Teachers are increasingly turning to Information and Communications Technology resources as aids in classroom teaching.” (Ribeiro, M. et al 2009)

SERIOUS GAMES “Games that educate and train” “Serious games are those that, in addition to the pleasure provided to their players, also serve to inform, train and (Brandão, J., Ferreira, T., & Carvalho, V. 2011) educate them.” “Serious games can bring a large number of benefits to the teaching-learning process, in particular : (Savi, 2008)” MOTIVATOR EFFECT FACILITATOR OF LEARNING COGNITIVE SKILLS PROMOTE THE SOCIALIZATION

QUIZ GAMES Why Quiz Games? Quiz games have been emerging in our time, through TV shows such as “Who Wants to be Millionaire?”, or even as game consoles, like BUZZ!™ developed by Sony which in its latest version has a database of 5,000 questions based on the English National Program. Quiz games allows students to analyze their results and to note their errors in real time.

QUIZ CREATION (TOOLS) There are some tools for quiz design such as: WONDERSHARE QUIZCREATOR Allows combining test quiz with multimedia and delivers a math equation editor TANIDA QUIZ BUILDER Creates Flash based educational quizzes, which can be used as online or desktop applications QUIZ CENTER A free tool mainly for creating and administering online quizzes

MAIN CHARACTERISTICS AVAILABLE ONLINE EDUCATIVE CONTENTS Adapted from the Portuguese National Program subject of ICT, for 9th grade students. Students can play not only in the classroom but also at their homes or anywhere. CREATIVE QUESTIONS FUNNY ELEMENTS Multiple choice questions released by the game, in the shape of text, pictures or videos. The elements design was supposed to be peculiar and funny for the player to be attracted by them. NEW STRATEGIES Will promote new teaching strategies allowing the students to have fun while learning.

GAME STRUCTURE This game is divided in 2 parts 1st PART OF THE GAME 3 Mini Games: • The fundamentals of computing • Basic structure of the computer • Microsoft Office® All questions are timed (10 seconds to answer) If the student gets into top 10 best scores, it will be recorded and registered in the best players’ grid Diagnostic Test 2nd PART OF THE GAME • Have randomly 20 questions from all the mini games • It doesn´t have a time pressure to finish the game

GAME DESIGN Principal elements of the game : SCENARIOS This game gives the illusion of the student being in an environment of a TV game show by simulating the interviewer. CHARACTERS The characters are an important element that gives “life” to the game, and support or face the player. Both two characters were based on the TV contest show. TABLES CLASSIFYING The league table appears as the final scenario, presenting itself as honor roll, and will allow players to record their results and obtaining a position through it.

GAME IMPLEMENTATION The quiz game is available on an online server, and can be accessed by the url: To develop this game, the following technologies were used: • Wordpress® to develop and construct the “home” of the game. • Flash CS6® to develop the games associated with a scripting language object-oriented.

ONCLUSION & FUTURE WORK We believe that this game will increase student’s interest in ICT, allowing them to reinforce the learning of the contents discussed in the classroom, through an environment of challenge and trial in reaching new scores. FUTURE WORK • Create new quizzes through new areas of the Portuguese National Educational Program. • Allow students to share their scores and launch challenges to other friends in the social networks. • Create a back office, available to teachers of all subjects, where they can create their own questions and import them to the game quiz.



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