Gallon and Capacity

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Information about Gallon and Capacity

Published on June 5, 2008

Author: sunnyrain43229


Slide 1: The Gallon Man... Just how much can he hold? By: Charlie French Slide 2: "G" Of course means GALLON Slide 3: Inside that G you can fit 4 Q’s And Q stands for a QUART… G Q Q Q Q Slide 4: G Q Q Q Q so a quart is ¼ of a Gallon! Slide 5: Q Each Q can hold 2 P’s, P P and the P means… PINT! Slide 6: G Q Q Q Q and a pint is 1/8 of a Gallon! P P P P P P P P Slide 7: P Each P holds 2 C’s cc CUPS! C stands for Slide 8: G Q and cups are 1/16 of a Gallon! P Q Q Q P P P P P P P cc cc cc cc cc cc cc cc Slide 9: G G G Q Q Q Q cc cc cc cc cc cc cc cc P P P P P P P P Four QUARTS and Eight PINTS and Sixteen CUPS… Slide 10: all equal one GALLON!

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