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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: yuwishjane


Placement and Follow Up A Presentation on Organization and Administration of Guidance Program Philippine Normal University The National Center for Teacher Education College of Teacher Development Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences Psychology Program Taft Avenue, Manila

Definition Types Nature Factors Affecting Organization Definition Nature Factors Affecting Organization

This services is designed to enhance student development by assisting them to select, and use, opportunities inside and outside the school. It is oriented to the preparation of an individual for admission to other educational, vocational or work-related programs. Its main purpose is to assist students to achieve their career goals, e.g. by assisting them with subject selection, or placement, in a class or school, based on the subjects offered.

As a service, it strengthens the career guidance aspect of the school guidance and counseling programme. It helps the students to know their strengths and limitations and, through this, achieve self-direction. This service offers the counselor an opportunity to collect, analyze, and use, a variety of personal, psychological and social data about the students. Not only does it offer the counselor an opportunity to understand the pupils, but it also provides them with a guideline for the type of help required. Further, the counselor will be able to assist students to understand themselves better.

The satisfactory adjustment of the individual to the next situation whether in school or on the job. The Placement Service has two (2) types:  Education Placement  It takes into account the interests, aspirations and abilities of the learner  A student should be allowed to choose the subjects he would like to pursue  It is the role of the counselor or guidance teacher to ensure that the curriculum addresses the needs of the client  Career or Job Placement It gives students an opportunity to gain an insight into a career which interests them The counselor has to identify appropriate vocational or career placement centers, in accordance with the career aspirations of their pupils

The placement service is that group of activities which provides the “follow-through” to pupil’s realistic planning. Placement activities should exist at all grade levels and serve the unique needs of all pupils. To group pupils within classes or a single class To aid pupils in their transfers from one grade to another or from one school to another To assist pupils in the selection of curricula or school subjects To assist pupils in the selection of extra class activities in the school or other activities in the community To help pupils find part-time and summer employment To assist pupils in their efforts to enter college, vocational school, or any other training situation To aid pupils in locating and securing permanent employment

The effective development of the placement service depends upon several factors, some of which are:  The philosophy of staff members toward the service;  Personnel available to coordinate the necessary activities; and  Clerical assistance and materials.

For Job or Career Placement Services:  Discover Outline Research The Placement in the Curriculum:  Futuristic Plan of school courses  Actual Process of enrollment  Course Description

The organized effort of the school to keep in touch with former students. The follow-up plan necessary in any school is determined by the placement or followthrough activities in which the school engages. A series of systematic checks which are made to determine whether guidance services in particular and the educational program in general are meeting the needs of the individual pupil

The following types of questions are few examples of those which an adequate follow-up service should answer:  To what extent are pupils utilizing guidance and other school and nonschool services?  What effect have guidance services had upon pupil planning?  To what extent are curricular and extra class activities meeting pupils needs?  To what extent are pupils achieving up to capacity?  To what extent are pupils oriented to the next grade or to a new school situation?  What kind of adjustments are pupils making to parttime, summer, and permanent jobs?

Although leadership is essential to the coordination of follow-up activities, it has to be augmented by the efforts of all staff members. The follow-up service, therefore, becomes valuable to the extent that:  All members of the staff participate actively , and  There is a means of coordinating all follow-up activities.

Follow-up Studies of School Leavers Follow-up Studies of Pupils Attending School 1. Readiness and committee participation 2. Leadership 3. Complexity of the planning process 4. Techniques 5. Role of Pupils 6. Record of follow-up activities 7. Continuity in conducting follow-up studies 1. Extent of Orientation Activities and Procedures 2. Extent of Reading Readiness Program 3. Extent of curricular and extra class activities 4. Extent of use of counseling service

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