Gait Analysis - Benefits of Gait Analysis in Sydney

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Information about Gait Analysis - Benefits of Gait Analysis in Sydney
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Published on March 2, 2014

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The team at specialise in correcting your Gait/walking problems. Faulty gait can cause many health problems. Contact them on (02) 9223 3031

ACTION HEALTH CENTRE Gait Analysis: Is a study of human movements during walking and running. Walking is made up by a series of gait cycles. TOPICS: 1. Benefits of Gait Analysis 2. Cause/s of Poor Gait 3. How to Correct Gait Problems 4. Benefits of Correct Gait

Benefits of Gait Analysis: Gait Analysis can detect & identify Health Problems early. As abnormal walking/gait will cause significant Health problems. POOR WALKING/GAIT = POOR HEALTH

Cause/s of Poor Gait (walking) :  Impacts, trips, falls, and other similar incidents. E.g. Sporting injuries, motor vehicle accidents.  Repetitive motion without frequent breaks, so body is unable to self correct the injuries cause by repetitive motion.  Poor Nutrition, exposure to toxin. E.g. Phamaceutical drugs, junk food, environmental pollution.  Emotions. E.g. Poor Self Image, lack of supporting friends and family. POOR GAIT = POOR HEALTH

How to Correct Poor Gait:  Thru Gentle Spinal and/or other joint articulation adjustments.  Postural Stretches and Exercises.  Extremity (limbs) Stretches and Exercises.  Improved Nutrition and/or toxin reduction/elimination.  Emotional & Brain Training. E.g. To build and develop your muscle you need to train your muscle. GOOD GAIT = GOOD HEALTH

ACTION HEALTH CENTRE Benefits of Good Gait:  Optimise Health & Healing. Hence, reduce sickness and suffering.  Reduce & eliminate muscle tension. Resulting in a Relaxed body & mind. Therefore Wellness.  Improves Breathing and Blood Circulation.  General Overall Sense of Well-being and Happiness. For more Information go to

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