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Information about Gaia.Gatherin.Presentation.Mar09

Published on March 6, 2009

Author: nalawalla



A presentation outlining the relationship of body and earth, and therefore to earth activism. Our own body is viewed as a place for profound learning about Earth, and sustainability--the pivotal work of our era.

“And in the end, they will not say THOSE WERE DARK TIMES they will ask, WHY WERE THEIR POETS SILENT!?” --Bertold Brecht

THIS IS *not* COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL copyleft - open source

BODYversity the •BODY as a university teaching unity, synergy, biodiversity •direct experience with whole, self-organizing system •integrative education` •body, body politic, Gaiac body

BODY is Earth

CONSTELLATION •ten to one nonhuman cells •ecology of the body •culture -KWEL chakra wheel revolve rotate

etymology of “Earth” root sound -ER root sound -ERGH ‘thou art’/ ser = to be orgheisthai = to dance orchestra = ‘making music’

art is NOT a luxury

participatory arts as folk technology •experience universal pattern •dissipates tension •transmission to next generation •soft technology: preparing for a post-digital world

“RITUAL is a tool that allows us to think not only logically, but analogically and ecologically.” ---dolores la chapelle

keep the drama onstage

sTone aGe economics •4 hours/day for food & shelter •native dances: hula, rain •radical leisure •gainful unemployment •costs of technology

FORUM •pathologization and privatization of pain, grief, outrage •expression = empowerment •consciousness raising groups •salons and community theater •dinner party activism

healing trauma judith herman / peter levine safety-reestablish control, stability, protection from oppression remembrance/mourning-detailed telling of trauma to empathetic listeners reconnection-reestablish trust & healthy relationships with friends & community

DETHRONING: the guru the virtuoso the talented the expert

restore = restory • “RESTAURATEUR” •where nature & culture meet •food activism •activist recharge •taking back our stories •the GREAT TURNING die grosse wandlung, e grande virada, el gran cambio

“art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” ----bertold brecht 1878-1956

REPATTERNING •neuroplasticity •we are our thoughts, manifest •release work •Skinner, Feldenkrais, Alexander •creating safe place

somatics • the sensation of the human being as experienced from the inside •dissociation: exile from our bodies • empowerment = responsibility •european heritage

ecosomatics •body and earth •place-based art •outside the studio •everyday movement

the YOGA of EARTHWORK •asana postures only one branch •earthwork is both creation and expression of healthy bodies •ERGonomics -WERG = work

“the true purpose of farming is not the growing of plants, but the perfection of human beings” ---masanobu fukuoka

the white collar REVOLT • a medicated white collar workforce •reframing earthwork as sacred •diversity as human right •disembodied technology

NO TECH IS THE NEW HI TECH •somatics as appropriate technology •restoring oral/bardic traditions •bodies as electromagnetic transmitters

PERMACULTURE PRINCIPLES •no such thing as waste •redistribute surplus •the problem is the solution •the edge is where the action is •observe, observe, observe •stacking functions (multitasking) •start small, use what you have •work with nature, not against •value diversity & connections •cycles & spirals = opportunities to conserve •biomimicry: using nature as our model

zone zero •start with the self •the body as home •the industrialized body/ •bodyremediation

WITNESS observation non judgment biomimicry contrast ecological perception we are within a biosphere, not “on” a planet

DIVERSITY •source of strength & resilience •must have connections •CREATIVITY as fundamental mechanism of evolution

IMPROVISATION • “The Art of Change” •emergence •creativity as fundamental mechanism of evolution •ensemble work evolving past hard technologies

“And in the end, they will not say THOSE WERE DARK TIMES they will ask, WHY WERE THEIR POETS SILENT!?” --Bertold Brecht

The BODYVERSITY: ecosomatic training

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