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Published on December 13, 2007

Author: Mee12


Slide1:  Sue Lomas Mark Higginbottom Slide2:  …….at a glance Local National International Approx 2000 participants Up to 30 invited participants Up to 4 UK participants Worldwise Local Quiz Face to face quiz for teams of three (years 8-10) secondary pupils organised locally between or within schools during the autumn term Worldwise Geography Awareness Week Designated week in June each year for primary, secondary and post 16 pupils to undertake a range of activities on a geographical theme that are available in electronic poster format from the GA website Worldwise Online Quizzes Online multiple-choice quiz questions for primary & secondary pupils accessed via the GA website for completion throughout the year Secondary schools build up a portfolio of evidence which is used by the GA in January each year to select up to 10 schools to compete in the Worldwise Challenge Worldwise Challenge This is the culmination of Worldwise for secondary schools Up to 10 teams of 3 pupils (plus accompanying teacher) gather at a Field Studies Council centre in April for a free-of-charge weekend of engaging & innovative fieldwork activities devised by the GA The overall winners receive the Worldwise Challenge trophy with separate runner up prizes for Best Team in the Field and Best Presentation & Display Geographic World Championships International Geographical Union Olympiad Pupils are selected to represent the UK in global competitions Sept-Dec: Local Quizzes taking place during the autumn term Jan: Selection for the Challenge Apr: Worldwise Challenge weekend Jun: Geography Awareness Week Jul: International events Timeline of Key Activities Current Strengths :  Current Strengths Working party comprises: Sue Lomas (Chair), Keith Orrell (Local Quiz & Online Quiz), Mark Higginbottom (GAW), Dave Holmes (Challenge), Ruth Ward (Online Quiz), John Cassidy (Marketing), Richard Gill (GA Staff) Last working party meeting 9 Dec 2006 (typically 3 meetings pa) Current Strengths:  Current Strengths Awareness Week (25th-29th June 2007) Activity (Where will I live?) Diverse range of activities for primary to post-16 students from across the United Kingdom The Worldwise process leads to the Challenge and ultimately a chance to be part of Team UK at the World Championships/IGU Geographical Olympiad. Current Strengths-Challenge Malham Tarn FSC 2005, 2006 & 2007:  Current Strengths-Challenge Malham Tarn FSC 2005, 2006 & 2007 ‘Seeing the different types of scenery was great! It really helped me understand my geography and the fieldwork was a really enjoyable experience.’ Current Strengths-International:  Current Strengths-International The Olympiad is a challenging contest for senior secondary students emphasising fieldwork and analytical skills. It has three parts: a written test, a multimedia quiz and a substantial fieldwork exercise. The fieldwork focussed on sustainable urban communities, using Kelvin Grove Urban Village as a case study. Brisbane 2006 Areas for future development:  Areas for future development Online Quiz further developed to be more creative and interactive to engage young people in Primary and Secondary schools in geographical learning. To be re-launched with sponsorship from Travelport. Face to face quiz with a National final informing attendance at the World Championships/Olympiad. Establish a Northern European IGU Olympiad hosted in Manchester to provide a further opportunity for young people to engage with school geography and young people from other communities, cultures and ethnic groups. Publication of former GAW materials as web based or hard copies for schools as a teaching and learning resource. The future (2):  The future (2) Video conferencing opportunities/ development of VLP linked to GAW theme. Prince’s Trust Institute (PTI) summer schools. Links between geography and other subjects e.g Geography/Science or Geography in its own right Primary Challenge and Regional Challenge opportunities. My Special Place website development in partnership with Travelport. ACTIVITY In a pair identify two ways to maximise the opportunity for all young people of school age to engage with Worldwise. Next Actions:  Next Actions Improve communication/marketing to: reach all teachers and pupils to engage them with Geography and Worldwise activities, and therefore engage with their subject (members’) association. Engage the wider public in issues relating to geographical teaching and learning in schools. Engage other organisations (educational, commercial and TV/Radio) in a complementary geographical dialogue and provision of support for Worldwise and its principles. Worldwise :  Worldwise

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