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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: theultimatelegendslayer98

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By Connor Pink G321 EVALUATION

The name of my Thriller Film is “Buried” and it is a Romantic, Gritty thriller that is about jealousy. I chose the name Buried because the plot of the Opening is about a mysterious and spooky character who seems to be burying someone, it also establishes a love story between the other two characters and one of these characters are getting buried alive! QUESTION 1 : INTRODUCTION

In my thriller opening I used a mixture of generic aspects of the Thriller genre. I also challenged some generic aspects to give my opening a stronger variety of aspects, these vary from my use of locations, characters, costumes and props. GENERIC ASPECTS

The use of locations in my Opening uses generic Aspects of Thriller films because the majority of them are quite confined spaces, such as the alleyway scene. This gives a claustrophobic atmosphere which can be quite spooky and horrifying especially when a black and white effect has been applied to the scene. An example of a Thriller that uses the same generic aspects as my Thriller opening is The third man because it also uses quite claustrophobic streets/alleyways such as when we first see Harry Lime, also in the scene when the small boy is suspicious and chasing Holly Martins in the dark and confined streets and alleyways. LOCATION

LOCATION SHOTS This is where the alleyway shots were taken from in a long alleyway in a city called Norwich in Norfolk

LOCATION SHOTS (CONTINUED) This is where I filmed the burial scene in a small wooded area called the pit near a village called Hethersett which is about 5 miles away from our other location at Norwich.

The characters in my Opening also uses and develop Generic Aspects because in a typical Thriller the main character is a male and also so is the villain, in my thriller the villain and the main character are the same person, also the victim is female which is also a typical Generic Aspect of a thriller but the characters also challenge the aspects because the feme fatal survives the attack from the male villain. Thrillers that use the same aspects as my opening is Jackie brown and kill bill 2. The reason these thrillers use the same aspects is because in Jackie brown, Louis , the male villain shoots the feme fatal Melanie and this is similar because Michael, the main villain shoots Jess the feme fatal. Kill bill 2 uses the same aspects as my opening because the female, the bride survives being buried alive. CHARACTERS

The costumes used in our opening challenge generic aspects because we do not use a costume such a suit, shirt and ties, we chose not to do this because we did not feel like it would fit into our opening of our thriller film because we have some scenes that have a lot of people walking around and they would all be in modern high street fashion so we thought that it would not work having our characters walking around in 1940’s styled clothing. Another issue would be money our film is very low budget so we would not be able to afford 1940’s costumes and keep it low budget. In our Thriller opening we decided to go for a modern high street fashion costume because we felt it fitted in with the time that our film opening is set and also helps us market our film to a younger audience. A thriller that uses high street fashion is kill bill 2. COSTUME

We didn’t use to many props in our thriller opening because we did not want the audiences focus getting taken away by a large quantity of props keep getting pulled out and we thought that the props we did use was powerful and effective in the plot of our opening. We used 3 props overall a switchback knife, a bed sheet and a shovel. The switchback knife is small and easily concealable but deadly in the wrong hands and shows the audience how dedicated a murder is by planning out and hiding small objects that can do a lot of damage quickly and that can also be easily disposable. A similar knife can be seen in Wild at Heart in the fight scene on the stairs where the knife is flicked out quickly and easily and has the light reflect off it to make it look more menacing. PROPS


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