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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: qbwebmaster

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G-man cape crisis presented by Brandon by Chris Giarrusso

When g-man was at school kids from his school was bragging about that he does not share his powers.So he took scraps from his magic cape then gave it to the kids to borrow.Then his brother great man said,” This is are family magic now get does flight band back!

There friend were helping too. When they finished g-man’s brother asked, “did we got them all?”G-man said,”sure we got them all!”“ Did we?” Then g-man’s lighting friend found 3 kids with flight band. When he talk to them he walked away.He was not helping g-man and his brother.

When g-man and his friends was taking the flight bands back they saw adults had flight bands on them.Then they found out that great man was selling flight bands for $1000.When g-man talk to him he said,I didn’t want to give it away

Then g-man and his friends ran away to get back the flight bands.Glendolf keep sensing more flight bands.When great man only have one more flight band he found a way to make more with the flight band.Then he sold it for $10000.When he had no more he wanted to take a piece of g-man’s cape.THEN BOOM!

ps. if you want to know how g-man and great man got their powers read the first book learning how to fly!

Then g-man and great man go in a adventure to get their powers back. What do you think will happen next? Find out when you read the book!

1.How did the adults got powers? 2.How did g-man and great man lost their powers? 3.Who is great man?

1 by the flight bands 2 when the cape explode 3 g-man’s brother

4. Why did g-man let the kids borrow the flight bands? 5.Why do you think that great man sold flight bands?

4 because they were bragging 5 because he love money

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