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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: Rebecca123456

Source: slideshare.net

1.he picture is older women that are cheifs. 2.Cooking ,have aprons on cooking with pots and pans. using older stove. 3. that women our the only cooks. 4.shows women roles were back in the day. 5.what are they cooking,why do the three have shirts out of the four,and what year is it. 6.old fashion cooking 7. when regular stoves became popular,when did electric mixer. 8. cooking for an event,women are expicted to be in the kitchen. that the picture is not as old as it looks because electricty. picture #2 1. old man with a mustach, young little boy and 3 women in dresses 2. meeting someone important, women looking happy, boy shakes mans hand. 3. the man looks really important in the picture 4. how important is the man with mustash in the moment. 5. who is the man, why is he important,and why is the little boy shaking his hand. 6. You can tell man by his hand shake. 7. find out who the man is ,when the photo was taken and where. 8.That the man is hitler and the little boy has blue eyes and blonde hair.He just did a speech so now his kissing babys. Picture #3 1. African american men, police and german shepards. 2. Riot dogs attacking african american men. police using excessful force. 3. violence against different races 4. Shows times of civil rights 5. Why are people so mean to another. 6. Upraising

7. where was it taken. where the men ok after the dogs and the police. 8 .Riots in the streets. black vs white, inhuman police force. Picture #4 8. statue of liberty, a black person hung for it. 9. Darkman hung by the statue of liberty. 10. america may be a better life but may not. 11. its showing a new life but it can be taken away. 12. what is the deeper meaning of the picture?Who is the man? 13. the hanging of a new life. 14. look up the meaning of the statue of liberty. find out who drew the picture. 15. the meaning behind the picture. that the man was an immigrant, having a new life may not be what it seems. picture 5 16. In new yourk city, a man , women and child. 17. the feeling of people coming to america and how happpy they seem to be when they get here. 18. just got off the boat. 19. show coming to america 20. where did they come from, where did they come to america 21. Looking towards the future. 22. When it was taken and who took it. 23. They are immagrints, they are looking towards the future, and they are looking at the statur of liberty. picture #6 24. Men , military officers, men getting exams 25. looks like their getting military exams, military men looking at mens eyes

26. the process people go through in the military 27. showing what men are going through at that time in history 28. where are they at, what couintry are they in,why are they gettin examed. 29. examinate this 30. look up examines that military did in the 50's who took the picture and where it was taken 31. examination,during WWII, Could be Hitlers army.

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