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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: mariawhitee

Source: slideshare.net

Who are the people in the photograph? Picture 1: Women, older, maybe cookers Picture 2: An older man with mustache, little boy, 3 women watching Picture 3: Cops, African American, German Shepard’s Picture 4: Statue of Liberty and a person hung from the Statue of Liberty Picture 5: mom, dad, child Picture 6: All men, men in uniforms What is the situation of the people in the photograph? Provide evidence from the photo that tells you this. Picture 1: Cookers because aprons on, cooking utensils, mixer, pots on stove, hair tied back out of face Picture 2: Meeting someone important, baby gets to shake his hand, and women looks happy Picture 3: Riot, dogs attacking, police using force Picture 4: Man of darker color is hanging from the Statue of Liberty Picture 5: New York, looking at Statue of Liberty Picture 6: Men are getting examined, shirts are off and looking at their face What message do you think the photographer was trying to convey? Picture 1: Women cook Picture 2: The main guy is important Picture 3: Violence and uprising against race Picture 4: Coming to America is supposed to be a new life and that’s what we were founded off of Picture 5: Newly in America, immigrants

Picture 6: Show what people had to go through Why is this photograph important to history? Picture 1: It shows what women’s roles were before and how it has shifted Picture 2: Capture how important this guy is in history and captures the event Picture 3: Shows the time of Civil Rights movement and what they had to endure Picture 4: Statue of Liberty is the sign of new life and that is what we were founded off of Picture 5: Captures the immigration in America Picture 6: Documenting procedures people went through What questions does this photograph raise? Picture 1: What is the reason for the women cooking? Why do ¾ have dresses and one has pants? What year? Who are they cooking for? Picture 2: Who is the man? Why is he important? What event is it? Why is the little boy shaking his hand? Picture 3: Where is this taken? Did the man survive? What riot was this? Picture 4: What is the deeper meaning? Is he an immigrant? Picture 5: Who are the people? Where are they from? Why are they standing there? Picture 6: Where are they? Why are they getting the exams? Which country? Write your own caption for the photograph: Picture 1: Old fashioned cooking Picture 2: You can tell a man by his handshake Picture 3: Riot in the Streets Picture 4: Pain of a new life

Picture 5: Looking towards the future Picture 6: Exanimate this What could you do to find more information about this photograph? Picture 1: When were regular stoves and electric mixers invented? Picture 2: Figure out who the man is and the date of the photograph and where it was taken Picture 3: Look up riots in Civil Rights movement and find where and when the picture was taken Picture 4: Look up the meaning of the Statue of Liberty and find out who drew the picture Picture 5: When it was taken and who the people are Picture 6: Look up military/work exams they did previously and where this was taken Based on what you have observed list 3 things you might infer from the photograph Picture 1: Cooking for an event. Women are expected to be in the kitchen. Not too old because of electricity. Picture 2: The man is Hitler. The boy is blonde and has blue eyes. He had just done a speech. Picture 3: Took place during the Civil Rights movement. Black vs. White. Inhumane police force. Picture 4: The meaning of the Statue of Liberty is freedom. He is an immigrant. Having a new life in America isn’t always what it is cracked up to be. Picture 5: They are all immigrants. Newly in America. They are looking at the Statue of Liberty.

Picture 6: Examining for a conservation camp. During WWII. Nazi’s are giving the exam.

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