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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: sutphin13

Source: slideshare.net

Stephen Sutphin, Brenna Decker, Heather Fry, and Brianne Telerico Who are the people in the photograph? Image 1 o 4 people o 3 Women and 1 man Image 2 o Hitler o A baby boy o A women (Possibly a mother) o A older women Image 3 o African Americans o White people o Police o Dogs Image 4 o A man o Statue of Liberty Image 5 o A women o A man o A kid o The statue of liberty. Image 6 o A bunch of males o Possibly a high ranking person in the army in the middle o The person in the middles, bosses sitting in the back. What is the situation of the people in the photograph? Provide evidence from the photo that tells you this. Image 1 o Early 1900s o Kitchen Setting o More of a lower Class o The house is a bit of a mess o House professionally built Image 2 o They are relatively happy to met Adolf. o They are smiling and showing joy. Image 3 o The African Americans are distressed. o The cops are looking like they have intense hate. Image 4 o Grim, the guy is dead and hanging from the statue. Image 5 o Happy, the family is together staring at the statue. Image 6

o Serious, it looks like the guy in the middle is in charge and bossing everybody around. What message do you think the photographer was trying to convey? Image 1 o Somebody trying to show how lower class people live. Image 2 o That people in Germany during the early 1900’s loved Hitler. Image 3 o That racist America is a terrible place. Image 4 o That liberty leads to death. Image 5 o That people enjoy a good trip to the Statue of Liberty. Image 6 o How ruthless higher-ranking people are. Why is this photograph important to history? Image 1 o It serves as a reminder to the world how bad the early 1900’s were. Image 2 o It shows how Hitler rose to power. Image 3 o It shows how racist America was at one point. Image 4 o It shows that liberty is the cause of death. Image 5 o Shows the struggles that America went through to be free. Image 6 o It shows how military used to work. What questions does this photograph raise? Image 1 o Are that people house staffs for somebody? o What are they preparing? o Are they aware that they had a picture taken of them? Image 2 o What could Hitler possibly be saying to the little boy? Image 3 o Why is the man in the middle not running? Image 4 o Why is the man hanging? o Why is the man the size of the statue? Image 5 o What is the little boy doing? o Is the women wearing a head dress? Image 6 o What is he checking? o Is the man in the middle in the NAZI army during WW2

Write your own caption for the photograph: Image 1 o Early 1900’s kitchen Image 2 o Hitler makes friends. Image 3 o Segregation in America. Image 4 o Dead: Cause Liberty. Image 5 o Family and Liberty. Image 6 o Attention! What could you do to find more information about this photograph? Images 1-6 o Put it in Google image search bar. o Google the various items in the photograph to find out the time period of the taken photos o Look up the items of clothing they are wearing. Based on what you have observed list 3 things you might infer from the photograph 1) 1- We assume that the people in the photograph are of the lower class. 2- That the people are not on the house staff for a higher class person due to the condition of the kitchen. 3- The people in the photo may all be in the same family. (Ie Sisters and Brother) 2) 1- The picture was taken in Germany. 2- The boy is Blonde Hair / Blue Eyed. 3- Hitler is happy. 3) 1- This picture was taken in Racist America. 2- The African American man in the middle is getting ate and needs to run. 3-Why is nobody in the back trying to help? 4)

1- That liberty kills people. 2- That is not the real statue of liberty. 3- It was taken outside. 5) 1- The picture was taken at NYC. 2- The little boy is possiblly saluting. 3- It was kinda cloudy that day. 6) 1- The man in the middle is a higher ranking offical in the Miliatary 2- It is an old picture can tell by the windows. 3- The men don’t look very happy to be there so they may be there against there wills.

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