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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: adkins1079

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Who are the people in the photograph?- 1) Women 2) Adolph Hitler, a child and elderly women. 3) Policemen and African Americans. 4) Statue of Liberty and a person of color. 5) Family most likely immigrants. 6) All male military recruits. What is the situation of the people in the photograph? Provide evidence from the photo that tells you this. 1) Cooking, based on the evidence of their actions and surrounding cooking ingredients. 2) Appear happy at some gathering. It can be deduced it’s a gathering with a child and women and multiple people in one social setting. 3) Likely protest. 4) The person of color being hung from an American landmark. 5) Looking for more freedom. Looking at Statue of Liberty. 6) Going through a physical evaluation. Checking his eyes. What message do you think the photographer was trying to convey? 1) How women’s original cooking routine was. 2) He was viewed as a hero in his homeland and not a tyrannical monster. 3) Trials and tribulations of the Civil Rights movement. 4) People of color don’t belong in America. 5) The hope America provides. 6) The strength of your country is the strength of your men. Why is this photograph important to history? 1) The woman’s work ethic on cooking before mechanized assistance. 2) To understand the different views on Hitler among different people. 3) So history is not repeated. 4) To show the ignorance of the common American citizen in those times towards minorities. 5) Showing how America has become the standard of what countries want to be. 6) Showing people how the draft’s occurrence required all young men’s efforts.

What questions does this photograph raise? 1) Why are there multiple women cooking for? 2) Was this earlier in the life of Hitler? 3) What were the circumstances? 4) What inspired the photographer to construct this image? 5) What time period did this photo occur? 6) Was this the draft? Write your own caption for the photograph: 1) Kiss the cook. 2) I’m not such a bad guy. 3) Who are the real criminals? 4) Your kind isn’t welcome. 5) Welcome to America. 6) Get fit quick. What could you do to find more information about this photograph? 1) Google’s comparative image search. 2) Researching Hitler’s early political campaign. 3) Researching Civil Rights protests. 4) Research the origins of the photographer. 5) Researching immigration through New York. 6) Research historical military new inductee procedures. Based on what you have observed list 3 things you might infer from the photograph

1.- 1) In the past. 2)Before/Early holocaust. 3) Policemen were not helping. 4) Understand it is not real. 5) They are trying to make a new start. 6) Beginning of boot camp. 2-1) Tight kitchen space available. 2). Happy gathering of some sort. 3) Civil gathering of some sort. 4) Whites didn’t like blacks. 5)They were using the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of hope. 6)No women. 3-1) What are the men doing. 2) He loved blue eyed blonde kids. 3)Why the excessive force with dogs? 4)Why the Statue of Liberty? 5)What country did they come from? 6)What was being recorded in the book.

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