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Published on April 4, 2014

Author: sutphin13

Source: slideshare.net

Stephen Sutphin April 2, 2014 Prof. Harold Blanco FYS 100 Mission ImSplashAble Everybody has dreams right? Well, us goldfish do to and they are hard to accomplish in the way that we are housed. I want to make it down to the rivers that flow under the streets and live out the rest of my life. I had heard stories from the pet store when I was there of fish making incredibly daring jumps, if you made it then you get the dream of having a different tank. If you didn’t make it the odds of survival were terrible, almost every fish that didn’t make the jump, lay there and died a slow and painful death. My name is Skipper and this is my plan. My tank sits on a table beside another tank, and this tank has a direct shot to the big white bowl, what the humans call a “toilet”. This toilet leads to the underground rivers that I long for so much in my life. I schemed a daring plan and decieded that I would jump the rim of this tank and land in the other tank Following this plan I would then jump again and land in the toilet where I could then swim freely down to the underground rivers. I have been training for the first jump for a while now, its been very vigorous but I’m finally ready. HERE WE GOOOOO….

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