#FuturePRoof at the Public Sector Communications Academy 2016

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Information about #FuturePRoof at the Public Sector Communications Academy 2016

Published on November 1, 2016

Author: SarahHall63

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1. #FuturePRoofing public relations Sarah Hall 1 November 2016

2. About SHC

3. About me CIPR President-Elect 2017 and Chartered public relations practitioner Editor of the industry-wide, global community project #FuturePRoof aimed at asserting PR's value as a management discipline and the role it plays in achieving organisational success Policy director for the PRCA and global body ICCO In 2014 awarded the Sir Stephen Tallent’s medal by the CIPR for exceptional achievement in PR practice Digital marketing certificate from Google, MA in Marketing from Northumbria University’s Newcastle Business School and BA (Hons) in French and Media from Leeds University

4. About #FuturePRoof

5. About #FuturePRoof A handbook for senior practitioners looking at the changing face of the industry The story of public relations as a management discipline www.futureproofingcomms.co.uk @WeArePRoofed

6. About #FuturePRoof Over 2500 combined downloads and book sales for book one Policy director for PRCA and ICCO – current project on mental health Regular speaking engagements and podcast #FuturePRoof: Edition Two just launched; ranked in top ten management, sales and PR and marketing books on Kindle

7. Back to the future In 1999, Dr Jon White presented a paper to the Swiss Public Relations Society that stated the future was bright for PR practitioners. This was dependant on practitioners recognising ‘the opportunities presented by the environment and management needs’ and ‘taking steps to educate and train themselves’, as well as making ‘full use of communication technology, to provide reliable, if not indispensable, services to managers as they seek to deal with complexity and manage successful businesses.’

8. The challenge today No need to redefine public relations – we need to reframe our approach The role of public relations professionals is to find organisational purpose, agree and test company principles and keep the publics that the business is there to serve front of mind

9. A public relations role “<Organisations> are being forced to re-think their purpose and how they gain and maintain their legitimacy not only with their immediate stakeholders, but to society more widely.” Professor Anne Gregory

10. We need to #FuturePRoof PR Public relations is a powerful management tool and the department that organisations should appoint to lead the wider marketing function But this still isn’t happening According to a report called Exploring Strategic Risks by Deloitte and Forbes Insight, 40 % of executives cite reputation as the number one boardroom risk Why not? We are stuck in a loop

11. The challenge today To improve our value as practitioners, we need to shift away from tactics and outputs and think holistically about the business benefits that public relations can bring How does our work help an organisation achieve its objectives? How can we report our results in Board speak? Talking about public relations as a management discipline changes what we do, how we talk about it and the approach we take to our continuous professional development It changes how employers see us and the worth they accord to our work

12. The challenge today “PR’s place should always be in the room if not at the table when organisations are making critical choices. That place, recognised, consulted and included as a business discipline, has to be earned but it is essential to have for PR to fulfil its purpose.” Mike Love

13. Are you any good? Good public relations consultants need to have strategic, leadership and ethical capabilities We need to understand how organisations work and hold management and financial qualifications or have completed non-executive director programmes

14. Are you any good? “There are very few standards in public relations. It’s surprising for a business that is tasked with the critical role of managing the reputation of an organisation.” Stephen Waddington

15. Are you any good? There’s no excuse for us not to be delivering at the top of our game The Global Alliance Global Body of Knowledge (GBOK) project continues to move forward with the establishment of a competency framework which maps from entry level upwards Individuals need to take personal responsibility and not rely on their employers to set their training needs, equally employers need to invest appropriately in staff training and development

16. Workshop time Exercise one Serious skills – what’s the role of public relations today and what skills do you need to be successful?   Exercise two Tools and technology - choose a brand and consider how one of the following could be used within a campaign.  - Gamification - Artificial intelligence - Augmented reality - Virtual reality  

17. Your call to action Reframe public relations as management discipline in your own head Read #FuturePRoof – www.futureproofingcomms.co.uk Check out www.globalalliancepr.org and ensure you have the skillset to deliver at the highest level Tell everyone who will listen why PR should form part of the strategic management function and its importance to organisational success That’s how the future will remain bright for public relations practitioners

18. Thank you – any questions? Sarah Hall sarah@sarahhallconsulting.co.uk www.sarahhallconsulting.co.uk 07702 162 704

19. Join the #FuturePRoof community www.futureproofingcomms. co.uk @WeArePRoofed Look up the Facebook group

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