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Published on February 4, 2008

Author: Penelope

Source: authorstream.com

And you thought gadgets were only for the kitchen: The Future:  And you thought gadgets were only for the kitchen: The Future Brian Neale, IT Manager, Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw LLP Roger Skalbeck, Systems Librarian, George Mason University Susan Skyzinski, Senior Librarian Relations Consultant, LexisNexis Barbara Fullerton, Manager of Librarian Relations, 10-K Wizard MicroMedia E-Paper:  MicroMedia E-Paper Electronic paper Snapshot-sized display music, images, movies Nanotechnology Waffer-thin Battery is a replaceable Power Sticker Sound adjustment Data transfers take over a built-in high-speed wireless connection Coming 2015 from Lunar Design Price: $35 per pack of 10 http://images.businessweek.com/ss/05/06/idea2005/source/80.htm Microsoft D-Sharp :  Microsoft D-Sharp Wrap around monitor 11” tall x 44” wide Curved in a gentle arc to avoid distortion Immersive Early tests show 9% - 50% productivity increases Women improved 2x over small displays 30% less mouse movement http://research.microsoft.com/users/marycz/Interact2003productivityfinal.pdf Laptop with Detachable Screen:  Laptop with Detachable Screen Toshiba Wireless protocol Display: 0.7 inches thick (0.4) Weight: 1.2 lbs (10-14 ozs.) Battery life -1 hour (3-4 hours) Timeline – ~ 2 years $100 Laptop Computer:  $100 Laptop Computer Designed by MIT’s Media Lab Hand-cranked power Wireless broadband AMD Processors; Red Hat Software First 5 million to be shipped to China, Brazil, India, Argentina, Egypt, Nigeria and Thailand by end of the year Cell Phone Jammers:  Cell Phone Jammers Jam phones surrounding you Illegal in U.S. Up to 50 feet Works on worldwide networks Expensive Illegal in U.S. Buy Indoor/Outdoor modules Price: SH066 $260; CX- 200 $71 Available UK, Japan http://www.globalgadgetuk.com/Personal.htm SH066P CX-200 Batman Utility Belt or ManBag? :  Batman Utility Belt or ManBag? Gadgets to carry are on the rise! Blackberry, cell phone, iPod… 32%* get everything into their pocket 4%* prefer the utility belt approach 66%* required to carry mobile device for work 73%* believe greater use of mobile devices has improved their work-life balance 12%* want converged devices 75%** carry at least 3 gadgets 8%** carry 5 or more! http://www.manbag.com/ product-AXIBLE.htm Sources: *Damovo; ** Silicon.com Origami DVD Player :  Origami DVD Player Manufactured with new e-paper, a full color, fully flexible display technology Screen folds into it’s case Includes integrated speakers Development by Mag-Ink in Israel. Idea Awards Bronze Winner in 2005 for Design Explorations http://www.inventables.com USB Wedding Bands:  USB Wedding Bands USB integrates into your (life)style More than just data coupling! USB bracelets already available Digismart:  Digismart Turns handhelds into projectors Uses wide-angle lense Resolution 640 x480 pixels Detailed 11” x 17” images within a 3 feet distance Devices include: Cell phones, PDAs, GPS, Gaming, Laptops, MP4 players Connects via Wi-Fi Coming: Dec. 2006; Cost $330 http://www.digislide.com.au/consumer/digismart.htm Geographic Search via Phone :  Geographic Search via Phone Information from the internet about whatever you are pointing the phone at. (Hotel, Restaurant, Monument) Special Cell phone GPS satellite technology Combination compass, GPS & binoculars – point at navigational landmark and identify it Currently, descriptive info and advertisements for 700,000 locations in Japan Location based tourism info, advertising, yellow pages, functions for locating friends http://www.geovector.com Global Phone:  Global Phone Vanu – Software Defined Radio technology One handset that operates on any cellular network anywhere Time line - ~ 5 years http://vanu.com/technology/handheld.html Future Phone/PDA/MP3 Device:  Future Phone/PDA/MP3 Device 60 GB MP3 player Sync w/ iTunes and Windows Media Player User-editable MP3 ringtones Supports WMA, AAC & five other file formats Wireless Internet (without minutes) 3.2 Megapixel camera OS Options: Windows, Palm, Opera Availability: Maybe never?? TRIVIA:  TRIVIA The Soundabout was the original name used to market this device that was first introduced in 1979…. Sony Walkman portable personal stereo player E-ink:  E-ink Smart Pixels Ink in Motion Uses ultra-low power Easily read under any lighting condition Viewer experiences reading from paper, while having power of updatable information Example: SONY LIBRIé, launched in April 2004 in Japan, electronic reader utilizing an E Ink® http://www.eink.com EyeMove PC :  EyeMove PC All-in-one Oval shaped PC with built-in HD Projector Wireless Touchscreen Multi-Controller Keyboard/mouse Gaming Multimedia PC, Games, Movies, Multimedia anywhere http://www.yankodesign.com Holographic storage: the 500GB business card :  Holographic storage: the 500GB business card InPhase Technologies – spinoff from Bell Labs Laser beam split by mirror Data encoded in beams of light & in 3-D Data density incredibly high Recording medium – stable, fast to read to and write from, and inexpensive 2006 Red Herring 100 North America award Timeline – 300GB - later this year - 800GB - 2008 http://www.inphase-technologies.com Belkin Wireless USB Hub:  Belkin Wireless USB Hub Wireless connectivity for up to 4 USB peripherals PC isn’t tethered to printer camera dock, etc. Price: $130 Release date: July 2006 IMOD:  IMOD A new world of display innovation: vivid and realistic display images Ultra-low power consumption with extended battery life Superior viewability in all lighting conditions & bright sunlight Enhanced readability, reduced eye fatigue Robust functionality, virtually unaffected by environment and & temperatures Reflective flat panel color display For applications such as wireless phones, handheld devices & GPS units Currently in development http://www.qualcomm.com/qmt/ Transparent Toaster :  Transparent Toaster Greatest thing since sliced bread? Uses special heating glass to warm a single slice of bread Monitor your toast so it doesn’t get over done. Currently doesn’t get hot enough to toast bread In development http://www.inventables.com Fresh Watch:  Fresh Watch Packaging that changes color when food spoils http://www.inventables.com Transparent OLED Pixel Technology:  Transparent OLED Pixel Technology “Minority Report” and “Back to the Future II” Oregon State University/ Hewlett Packard Technology University of Braunschweig Surgeons Car windshields Timeline - ~ 2 – 5 years http://www.universaldisplay.com/toled.htm TRIVIA:  TRIVIA What year did Apple introduce the first iPod? 2001 Voice Recognition TV:  Voice Recognition TV Allows consumers to search & receive information about broadcast & on-demand programs, shows, music & games Personalization module retains individual caller data & preferences Allows caller to purchase CDs, videos, & DVDs with single call Access for the visually impaired Convenient "anytime-anywhere" voice access through automated speech recognition Natural language user interface http://www.tvvoice.com/ I.C. Can Self Refrigerating Beer Can :  I.C. Can Self Refrigerating Beer Can Manufactured by Tempra Technologies and Crown Holdings Reduces contents temperature by a minimum of 30 degrees F. in 3 minutes 100% natural and environmentally safe All natural desiccant contained in a vacuum draws heat from the beverage through an evaporator into an insulated heat sink Moving towards mass production http://www.tempratech.com World’s smallest LED projector:  World’s smallest LED projector Sony 3 transmissive LCDs and 1 prism Distance between LEDs and display devices reduced Brightness reaches 50 lm Timeline - ? http://www.engadget.com/2006/06/14/sony-unveils-worlds-smallest-led-projector/ Availabot:  Availabot USB figure that stands up when an IM friend comes online Still in design phase No release date or price set www.availabot.com Nokia Open Cell Phone:  Nokia Open Cell Phone Sci-fi fans: Japanese folding fan Uses an as-yet-nonexistent flexible LCD color touchscreen Scrollable screen Designed by Hugo Danti Won first place in the Nokia 4G Design Competition Possiblity: Invention of E-Ink http://www.gizmodo.com/gadgets/gadgets/design-concept-nokia-open-cellphone-181989.php Heliodisplay M2I :  Heliodisplay M2I Produced by IO2 Technology 30 inch display area Free-space floating display of images and video Works with most sources http://www.tempratech.com TRIVIA:  TRIVIA Computer common storage size measurement has progressed from Bytes to Kilobytes to Megabtytes to Gigabytes. What’s the name of the next major unit of data storage size? Terabytes E-Rope Modular Powerstrip:  Modular, expandable power strip Each socket can be rotated 180 degrees When devices are not in use, twist socket 90 degrees to disconnect flow of electricity Availability: unknown E-Rope Modular Powerstrip Full-Featured Camera:  Full-Featured Camera Includes buttons for: beer, gin, jobs, money “Pee break” LED sensor “Call Spock” signaler MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies:  MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies Founded in March 2002 by a $50 million contract from the U.S. Army Mission is to use nanotechnology for: sleek, lightweight battlesuits leap tall buildings with bionics find wounds and seal them on the spot helmet will have radio & night vision gear, GPS, target illuminator, tactical dropdown eyewear, and will convey data, video and audio feeds for “a 3D picture of the battlefield” http://web.mit.edu/ISN/ On-Target Video Game Urinal :  On-Target Video Game Urinal Pressure sensitive display in back Interactive game activated when used Score points by hitting moving targets on screen. Sound and video Reduced size of the “target” improves restroom hygiene http://www.yankodesign.com Voice-Trek G-10 recorder:  Voice-Trek G-10 recorder Olympus USB jack Memory – 256MB 69 hours audio recording Records to Windows media audio format (WMA) Playback – WMA and MP3 files http://www.gizmodo.com/gadgets/portable-media/olympus-voice-trek-g10-181660.php Blu-Ray v. HD-DVD:  Blu-Ray v. HD-DVD Potential format battle HD DVD: supported by Toshiba, Intel, and Microsoft  add-on HD DVD player for Xbox 360 console this fall Blu-ray: supported by Samsung, Pioneer, and Sony  Blu-ray drive for PlayStation 3 game system, avail this fall Philips S900:  Philips S900 MP3 Player 2 Megapixel camera Touch Screen! 10 MB of onboard memory Handy handwritten text input feature USB, Infrared & Bluetooth Pricing and availability: TBA http://www.philips.co.kr/index.html Invisio Q7 :  Invisio Q7 Bluetooth headset for cell phones Uses Bone Conduction technology Solves problem of being drowned out by wind, crowds etc. No microphone, converts skull vibrations to sounds Fits inside ear without need for clip Availability: end of 2006 exclusively at Radio Shack $199 http://blog.scifi.com/tech/ Mental Typewriter:  Mental Typewriter Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Architecture and Software Technology in Berlin. 128 electrodes placed on the scalp translate thoughts into cursor movements on a computer screen 5 to 10 minutes to write a typical sentence Difficult to place electrodes on the skull - an hour to place all 128 in just the right spot The software learns with user http://www.gizmag.com/go/5356/ NETGEAR Skype WiFi Phone:  NETGEAR Skype WiFi Phone Phone for use with Skype Internet-basaed phone service Make calls using any WiFi connection Pre-order on Amazon Availability: (maybe) July ’06 Price: $300 Mio 269 GPS Navigator:  Mio 269 GPS Navigator No installation or monthly fees is required Sleek, smooth, flat body and fully integrated GPS Large color screen with a 2.5GB hard drive POIs Includes Microsoft Windows OS Touchscreen & buttons 500MB MP3 player (8 hours) For the car, walking, cycling or motorbiking 4.5 hours on battery Now available: $460 http://www.miogps.com/press_05022102.htm BenQ Trio Writer BW1000 :  BenQ Trio Writer BW1000 Blu-Ray writer for PC 3 laser formats to accommodate CD, DVD, Blu-Ray 25 GB on single layer 50 GB on dual layer 2 hours of HD content 13 hours of standard definition Equivalent of 5 DVDs on one disk Solid Burn, Write Right 2x – BD-R/-RE 1x- Dual layer 12x – DVD+R/-R 32x – CD-R Price: $1,025 Aug 2006 http://www.benq.com/products/Storage/?product=825 GPP2:  GPP2 Mobile phone Portable mini projector 15” projection External power source to boost brightness 100 Megapixel Chip (Camera?):  100 Megapixel Chip (Camera?) DALSA Semiconductor made a 100 megapixel chip Measures 4”x4” NASA's JPL chose DALSA for image sensors on Mars Rovers Also noted: Hasselblad already has a 39 megapixel camera http://www.gizmag.com/go/5770/ VirtuSphere :  VirtuSphere Navigate a virtual world with regular movements Wireless headset, senses 360 degree movement Floor moves so it matches movements 1 for 1 “Ultimate gaming peripheral” Applications for training – firefighters, military, etc. Treadmill alternative 8 ½ ft diameter, under 500lbs, ABS plastic 32 pieces assemble in 4 hrs. Price: 50K- 100K http://www.virtusphere.net/product.htm THE END That’s all folks!:  THE END That’s all folks!

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