FutureM 2014 - The Idea is the Easy Part: Selling Innovative Ideas

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Information about FutureM 2014 - The Idea is the Easy Part: Selling Innovative Ideas

Published on October 23, 2014

Author: FutureMBoston

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FutureM 2014

The Idea is the Easy Part: Selling Innovative Ideas

Ben Jones (@harperjones) Creative Director, Google
Matt Lindley Director of Innovation, SapientNitro

You've got a big idea. A big BIG idea. But there's no budget. The people around you think it's impossible. The schedule is a mess. Your client wants a product spot that looks exactly like last year's spot, “but fresher.” How do you keep your idea alive with all of the forces arrayed to kill it? Join Ben Jones from Google and Matt Lindley from Sapient as they discuss how to sell through innovative ideas in a world that claims to want them, but kills them off with gleeful relish.

1. The Idea is the Easy Part: Selling Innovative Ideas # F U T U R EM Ben Jones @harperjones Creative Director Google Matt Lindley @sapientnitro Director of Innovation SapientNitro

2. Selling Innovation: #FUTUREM 5 tips to get from prototype to polished Ben Jones, Google Matt Lindley, SapientNitro

3. Tip 1: Nobody will love it as much as you love you #FUTURE

4. Saddle Up. Find conspirators. Evolve but do not capitulate. #FUTURE


6. Tip 2: The Right It #FUTURE

7. #FUTURE Pretotyping

8. #FUTURE Without data, all you have is an opinion

9. If you want to understand how the lion hunts, don’t go to the zoo. #FUTURE

10. Tip 3: Focus Risk Because you cannot eliminate it #FUTURE

11. Understand the advertising industrial complex #FUTURE

12. Find and link proxies Innovate your data Risk what you can control #FUTURE


14. #FUTURE Tip 4: Land all the planes

15. • The space for innovation is always in addition to rather than instead of • An army of ducks is an army of rows • Don’t neglect the home front (and pick your spots) #FUTURE


17. Tip 5: We are made of stories. #FUTURE

18. Starts with the user (human truth) and ends with the business (money) #FUTURE

19. #FUTURE Prototypes are the new storyboards


21. Done is the engine of more #FUTURE

22. Mandatory summary slide 1. Nobody will love it as much as you 2. Build The right it 3. Focus risk 4. Land all the planes 5. We are made of stories #FUTURE

23. Thank You! iambenjones@google.co m mlindley@sapient.com #FUTURE

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