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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: ahousand

Source: slideshare.net

Future Casting... Casting.™ Become the Hero of Your Own Story ! © Angela Housand, 2013

& angelahousand.com

Future Casting.™ © Angela Housand, 2013

FutureCasting.™ A Portfolio Development Process for Adolescents and Emerging Adults ! © Angela Housand, 2013

FutureCasting.org Who are you? Control the Message Casting Call Action Social Capital ! © Angela Housand, 2013


Control the Message


CT A !!! N IO The Hero of Your Own Story

Social Capital

FutureCasting... Connecting Who Students Are Today With Who They Will Be Tomorrow ! © Angela Housand, 2013

3 Ring Conception of Giftedness

Pew Research Center, 2010

76 20

Engineer Serendipity

Enable Students to Achieve a Chosen Destiny Plan a Preferred Future Decide WHO not WHAT to be Pragmatic honesty

Enable Students to Achieve a Chosen Destiny Focus on what is important to prevent wasting time ! Achieve more than they ever imagined possible


Did you know you have multiple identities?

Activity Time: Weebly Beginnings

Activity Time: S. W. O. T.

SWOT Analysis Internal Origin ! Attributes of the Individual External Origin ! Helpful to achieving the objective S W O T Strengths Opportunities Attributes of the Environment Harmful to achieving the objective Weaknesses Threats

© Angela Housand, 2013

© Angela Housand, 2013

Strengths What unique skills do I have? What do I do well? What resources do I have available? Who do I know that can help me? What experiences have I had that will help me as I move forward? © Angela Housand, 2013

Weaknesses What areas do I need to improve? What do others view as my weakness or area for improvement? What is something I would like to change? © Angela Housand, 2013

Opportunities What opportunities are already available to me? How can I use my strengths to create opportunities for myself? Who might be willing to help me? © Angela Housand, 2013

Threats What could hinder my success? What are potential problems I could encounter? What are the challenges I face? What are the restrictions in my life (time, money, vehicle, access to computer or the Internet, etc.)? © Angela Housand, 2013

Activity Time: Explore © Angela Housand, 2013


Explore Students Conduct Research to Answer: What are my values? How do I like to spend my time? What might I want to do in the future? What skills do I need to be successful in the future? What steps do I need to take to attain my vision of the future? © Angela Housand, 2013

LIFE! VALUES! INVENTORY Values clarification & Personal Development! ! Fill out a rather extensive questionnaire and receive results.!

Explore www.skillcow.com cfnc.org https://diy.org/ www.mynextmove.org www.lifevaluesinventory.org

Visualize Yourself in the Future

Activity Time: The Accomplishments © Angela Housand, 2013

Activity Time: The Ideal Day...

Activity Time: Remember the Future


Future Self


Activity Time: Tagxedo Me ! www.tagxedo.com

Personally Meaningful • Tied to Student’s Identity • Personally Interesting • Integral to the Student’s Vision of the future • Viewed as Useful (Eccles & Wigfield)

Control the Message

Why Control the Message? • College Admissions Officers & Committees will search you • Potential Employers will search you • Friends (& non-friends) will search you • Your Competition will search you • Potential Boyfriend/Girlfriend will search you © Angela Housand, 2013

Digital Identity

Volume The amount of information there is about you on the internet

Relevancy The usefulness of the information that exists about you and how consistent that information is with you you say you are and what you claim to value

Purity The amount of information that comes up in an Internet search that is about you and not someone with a similar name or similar interests

Diversity The mixture of information found when you are searched online: • • • Do you have a website? Are you found in real time content? Are there images and video of you?

Activity Time: Online ID © Angela Housand, 2013

Search Yourself • With quotes around your name, search yourself on Google,Yahoo!, and Bing • What did you find?

Search Yourself You want to find: • Favorable entries about your work • Flattering or neutral mentions of your personal life

Activity Time: Digital Footprint © Angela Housand, 2013

How To Control the Message • Find Out What’s on the Web • Clean Up Content that You Don’t Want Everyone in the World to See • Create a More Flattering Image Online

Set Up Alerts! google.com/alerts

Remove Unflattering Content Start with what you have posted: • Delete any negative comments you’ve made • Delete inappropriate photos or videos • Check all sites! ! • Edit blog entries that are negative

Remove Unflattering Content You Can Start Fresh Too: • Delete all of your accounts • Create new ones with a unique name for yourself • Use your middle initial • Use your nickname • Remember...Nothing really ever goes away.

Remove Unflattering Content • Ask others to remove negative content about you. • Remove “tags” from photos • Paid services: reputation.com internetreputation.com

Remove Unflattering Content Reset Privacy Settings: • Block groups or individuals from viewing content that you would prefer to be private • Manage our groups regularly and remove unsupportive members

Other Message Management Tips • Avoid overly prolific status updates • Claim your domain name GoDaddy.com • Create a More Flattering Image Online

The BEST Way To Control the Message Create Favorable Content • Set up a linkedin.com profile that is public • Get people to “endorse” you professionally • Update profiles regularly • Blog on a topic of interest • Contribute in positive ways to the online community - and do so often!

CT A !!! N IO The Hero of Your Own Story

Specific Measureable Attainable Realistic Time-bound

Cyclical & Ongoing


Goal attainment is not luck, 

Goal attainment is not luck, 
 it takes time and requires effort.

Social Capital

Activity Time: Meme © Angela Housand, 2013

© Angela Housand, 2013

Activity Time: Map the Network © Angela Housand, 2013

Explicit Hierarchy

Explicit Hierarchy Institutional Hierarchy

Implicit Hierarchy


Thank You!

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