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Published on February 29, 2008

Author: Eagle

Source: authorstream.com

FUTURE TACTICAL TRUCK SYSTEM (FTTS):  FUTURE TACTICAL TRUCK SYSTEM (FTTS) Slide2:  Unit of Employment FCS Battalions Leader Development Installations Doctrine Training Soldiers Organization Materiel The Objective Force…Our Future Army Unit of action Slide3:  FCS is a networked system of systems that will serve as the core building block within all maneuver Unit of Action echelons to develop overmatching combat power, sustainability, agility, and versatility necessary for full spectrum military operations. Future Combat Systems Slide4:  UA Area of Operations Slide5:  250,000 TWVS IN SERVICE 40+ VARIANTS Current TWV Operational Shortfalls DEVELOP ONE FAMILY FLEET TREMENDOUS LOGISTICS FOOTPRINT MULTIPLE LINES OF ASL/PLL VARYING DEGREES OF MOBILITY DEPLOYABILITY DEGRADATION SURVIVABILITY INEPT LIMITED DEFENSE HIGH DEGREE OF LOGISTICS SUPPORT AGING TECHNOLOGY LARGE CL III CONSUMER NO INTEGRATION INSIGNIFICANT COMMONALITY AMONG FLEETS INEFFICIENT BATTLEFIELD DISTRIBUTION PROCESS From The Army G-4:  From The Army G-4 We must challenge Defense Contractors and their engineers to design systems that meet tough requirements. Self reporting No vehicles that get less than 30 mpg No repairables No spares No Systems w/o embedded diagnostics/prognostics Future systems must be built with ultra reliable components that require minimal preventive maintenance, and when maintenance is required repairs and services are easily and quickly performed. No special tools No external TMDE MTBF > Duration of pulsed operations We may have to pay up front for such “Ultra-reliable” systems, but our future warfighting concepts depend on them. If systems don’t perform as advertised, there should be penalties. “Significant reduction in the logistics footprint and costs will occur when reliability, maintainability, And fuel efficiency are effectively balanced with Cost, Schedule and Performance” The Need for an FTTS:  The Need for an FTTS Transformational Changes Deployability Responsiveness Versatility Theme: “Reduced Logistics Footprint” Seamless Distribution System FTTS Load Handling System Modular Platform C-130 Roll-on/Roll-off w/load SBCT CoC Transportability Findings: >5 hrs to remove/Install S280 Shelters >1 hr to remove/install ring mounts Added an additional 45 Light Cranes (MHE) 144 TWVs required MHE for C-130 Long RSOI times TWVs C-130 deployable w/o loads Increased Range thru fuel efficiency and dynamic movement tracking Current TWVs: Less than 10% have Comms Capability Average range is 300 miles w/o refueling FTTS: Imbedded/Integrated C4ISR will provide 100% Comms with the Warfighter in the UoA Fuel Efficiency will increase range 100-200% allowing fluid distribution over greater operational distances (600 – 900 miles) w/no increase in tank capacity Fuel is 70% of the Logistics Burden Truck Variants Material Handling Equipment Delivery Platforms Interface Devices FTTS CONCEPTS:  FTTS CONCEPTS DESCRIPTION: The FTTS-UV is a multi-purpose tactical truck family based upon a common chassis design sharing commonality with MSV. MISSION: Provides light TWV support to the Unit of Action (UA) and the Unit of Employment (UE) in terms of C2, system support platform, and unit mobility. DESCRIPTION: The FTTS-MSV is a multi functional, multi proponent single tactical truck family based upon a common chassis design sharing commonality with the UV. MISSION: Provides direct support to Unit of Action Brigades in terms of transportation and distribution of cargo, equipment, and personnel. Two fleets promote: Reduction in Logistics Footprint Commonality among fleets ~ 200 FTTS-MSV Per UoA ~ 150 FTTS-UV Per UoA Threshold Capabilities:  Threshold Capabilities Responsiveness Greater Fuel Efficiency 100 - 200% Dynamic Movement Tracking and Re-routing Greater Range 600 – 900 miles Integrated C4ISR Agility Higher Mobility Rated Speed: 50% increase Must be able to go where FCS goes and bypass built up Areas to deliver support Versatility Advanced Load Handling Interchangeable/Intermodal Operation On Board Power & water Generation Deliver integrated, common, formed Packaging Sustainability Reliability – MTBF > duration of Pulsed Operations Maintainability – Self-reporting, no special tools, No TMDE, and No Spares Deployability C130 Roll on/Roll off w/load Ready to support off the ramp Without vehicle preparation or Transportability waivers Lethality ORD Starting Point Survivability Reduced Emissions and Signature Designed upfront to provide time definite and assured delivery Technology Roadmap:  Current Platforms Technology Roadmap MATURE TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCED AND VALIDATED ON CURRENT PLATFORMS OPEN SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT – “SYSTEM OF SYSTEMS” EFFECTIVELY INTEGRATE OBJECTIVE FORCE CONCEPTS PULL FORWARD FTTS TECHNOLOGY INTO CURRENT PLATFORMS OBJ FORCE HORIZONTAL TECH INSERTION FTTS FCS FTTS Technology Strategy:  FTTS Technology Strategy Build Partnerships Develop & Demo Technology Integration & Eval thru M&S Prototype Development and Test Leveraging of technology critical No one source has all the answers No one program has all the resources Collaborative environment the key enabler AKO ACE (Advanced Collaborative Environment) Future Tactical Trucks Dilemma:  Future Tactical Trucks Dilemma FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 A B C ACTD SDD PRODUCTION 60% Solution 80% Solution Tech Insertion Over time FTTS ACQUISITION STRATEGY:  FTTS ACQUISITION STRATEGY Will be initiated with an Advanced Concept Technology Demo Prepare industry Refine requirements Program staged to follow in step with the FCS Program Enable the insertion of FCS technologies Concept & Technology Development effort predominately Modeling & Simulation Focus on reduction of logistic footprint Validate application of Objective Force infrastructure System Development & Demonstration phase First stage of phase features modeling and simulation to evaluate and refine contractor’s offerings Second phase involves production and testing of prototypes Slide14:  FY02 FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16 FCS Schedule Phase Concept and Tech Development System Development & Demonstration Production & Deployment MNS/MS A Approval FUE IOC MS C CTD Award FULL SCALE PRODUCTION LRIP SDD FULL SCALE PRODUCTION ORD Milestone Schedule ACTD MS B Approval STATUS: Feb 03 – MAA/MNA Apr 03 – ACTD Proposal May 03 – O&O Sep 03 – ICD Apr 05 – CDD Aug 07 – CPD Aug 10 – FUE (MSV) FTTS-UV Schedule currently 4 years behind FTTS-MSV with procurement funding Beginning in FY12 Reduces Acquisition Risk for the PM Summary:  Summary Legacy platforms can achieve only a subset of required Objective Force capabilities FTTS maximizes opportunities for Objective Force capability by leveraging 21st Century Truck research investment Unconstrained design potential Existing programs schedule staged in step with FCS Program FTTS is not a Truck…... It is the Objective Force Sustainment System Comments:  Comments

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