Future-Proofing Your Campaigns with Audiences

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Information about Future-Proofing Your Campaigns with Audiences

Published on November 18, 2019

Author: MSFTAdvertising

Source: slideshare.net

1. Future-Proofing Your Campaigns with Audiences Arianne Donoghue SWEDEN SEARCH SUMMIT #SwedenSearchSummit

2. Our industry is going through tough times Footnotes And there’s more to come…

3. What kind of changes?  Regulation  User attitudes

4. Changes in the law are coming #SwedenSearchSummit Directive 95/46/EC Directive 2002/58/EC Data Protection Act 1998 Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulation 2003 General Data Protection Regulation E-Privacy DirectiveE-Privacy Regulation EU PANIC MORE

5. What will this mean?  Cookies!  These may no longer be used to track us  Browser Fingerprints  These can be used to track us instead  Your emoji  Can also be used to help track you  Do Not Track  These browser requests will have to be respected #SwedenSearchSummit

6. Ad Blocking is on the rise  Software  34% of Swedes used an ad blocker in 2018  Hardware  Combine a €5 Raspberry Pi with Pi-Hole for network-wide ad blocking  Browser  Most browsers now have a position on user privacy

7. We’ve gotten so good at using data  We tackle every problem with our data hammer  Even when it might not be the right solution

8. Photo layoutWhat about the humans behind the data?

9. Mad Men vs the Social Network Applying “old skool” to digital Footnotes

10. When do you think this quote was written? “Advertisements are now so numerous that they are very negligently perused, and it is therefore become necessary to gain attention by magnificence of promises, and by eloquence sometimes sublime and sometimes pathetic” #SwedenSearchSummit Samuel Johnson, 1759

11. Marketers are not normal people #SwedenSearchSummit How we think compared to “regular” people How we think“regular” people think, compared to us Why We Shouldn’t Trust Our Gut Instinct White Paper

12. We think differently #SwedenSearchSummit Why We Shouldn’t Trust Our Gut Instinct White Paper

13. Has our focus been on the wrong things?

14. We need to go back to basics  Marketers have been so focused on the data  We’ve forgotten about the message #SwedenSearchSummit

15. The message is the important bit! “Shit that arrives at the speed of light is still shit when it gets there” #SwedenSearchSummit David Abbott

16. We’ve been given the perfect case study #SwedenSearchSummit

17. In their own words #SwedenSearchSummit “We had an understanding that it was digital advertising – desktop and mobile – that was driving those sales and as a consequence we were over-investing in that area,” “We had a problem that we were focusing on the wrong metrics, the short-term, because we have fiduciary responsibility to shareholders.” “It told a very digitally focused story, that you should invest in paid search, online display. But when you look at econometric modelling it tells you something very different,”

18. Effectiveness vs efficiency

19. Audiences are our answer  Humans are tribal  We don’t live in a vacuum  The right message at the wrong time, is still the wrong message

20. Thanks, Facebook

21. Audiences Show of hands Footnotes

22. 5-step framework for success

23. 5-step framework for success (RBAMO) Footnotes 1. Research 2. Build 3. Assign 4. Monitor 5. Optimise

24. What are the benefits?  More relevant, useful ads  Save money  Increase conversion  Find new opportunities  Protect your brand  Do more creative, interesting work! #SwedenSearchSummit

25. 1. Research The gender make-up of your audience Their interests Their locations Anything else that could be helpful The age of your audience This is where we find out… 1 2 3 4 5

26. We’re going to look at Microsoft Ads Google Ads Google Analytics #SwedenSearchSummit

27. First, dig into campaigns Use your existing campaigns to learn about the makeup of your audience. Do this for: • Age • Gender • Device • Location #SwedenSearchSummit

28. Now we look at Analytics Don’t get lost in the detail!  All the above, plus:  Interests  Intent  Converters vs non  Repeat vs new  Channel mix #SwedenSearchSummit

29. Start simple #SwedenSearchSummit

30. Interests can help us determine intent #SwedenSearchSummit

31. Overlay with segments to get more complex #SwedenSearchSummit

32. Segments to try I. Converters & non-converters II. New & returning customers III. Paid & organic IV. Search & other channels V. Most vs least valuable customers VI. Device/OS/browser VII. Create your own segments, e.g. largest age/gender combos Footnotes

33. Try to write “personas” to help bring audiences to life life as you uncover them “Women who convert are more likely to be interested in movies if they’re between 18-24 but if they’re between 25-34, they’ll be news & celebrity junkies. This changes if they’re on mobile, or coming from Bing” #SwedenSearchSummit

34. If you’ve got email data… I. Cleanse, segment and download it II. Upload it to Google Ads as a Customer List III. Click into the list for more insights into that audience Footnotes

35. 2. Build Build our rules-based audiences Create custom combinations Upload any other data Utilise any other targeting criteria Set up our tags This is where we… 1 2 3 4 5

36. The most important thing - tagging None of this works without tracking tags #SwedenSearchSummit

37. Key steps  Install your tag (ideally via a tag manager)  Create your conversions  In your Shared Library, create your audience  You’ll soon be able to use Custom Combinations to target Bing users #SwedenSearchSummit

38. Create audiences in GA & import to Google Ads If your accounts are linked, you can do some cool stuff! #SwedenSearchSummit

39. Create audiences in GA & import to Google Ads If your accounts are linked, you can do some cool stuff! #SwedenSearchSummit

40. Remember those email addresses? Use them again, for targeting! #SwedenSearchSummit

41. Google will also create “Similar Audiences” in Ads Use these auto-generated lists with caution #SwedenSearchSummit

42. With audiences, we can: I. Remarket to past visitors II. Change the experience for a set group of users I. Keyword bid II. Ad copy III. Landing pages III. Choose to only bid on keywords for certain users IV. Exclude certain users from seeing ads altogether Footnotes

43. 3. Assign Footnotes

44. You’ve done the hard part! Assigning an audience is easy. We’re either:  Associating a list with a campaign or ad group, or  Leveraging a demographic feature:  Age  Gender  Location  Device #SwedenSearchSummit

45. Assign an audience in the Audience tab  Go to the Campaign or Ad Group you want to associate  Add the list  Choose targeting setting  Choose bid #SwedenSearchSummit

46. Demographics – go to Settings #SwedenSearchSummit

47. Top tips when assigning I. Set audiences to “Bid Only”, not “Target & Bid” II. Set all bid adjustments to 0% - we want to watch and see what happens first III. When adding audiences or demographics, apply them at the ad group level for maximum efficacy Footnotes

48. 4. Monitor Footnotes

49. Decision time Once you’ve got enough data, we can make decisions on whether:  We have enough data for the audience to be worthwhile  We want to bid up or down for an audience/demographic  We want to exclude certain groups  We split things into their own campaigns #SwedenSearchSummit

50. Audience Segmentation View is a gamechanger #SwedenSearchSummit

51. Use Dimensions to see how demographics are doing #SwedenSearchSummit

52. 5. Optimise Exclusions Bids Ad Customizers Campaign Structure Targeting Settings What can we adjust? 1 2 3 4 5

53. Which targeting option?  Bid Only  Shows ads to everyone, but bids up or down for the selected audience  Target & Bid  Only shows bids to the selected audience – with any selected bid adjustment  Exclude  Exclude an audience (or demographic) from a Campaign or Ad Group #SwedenSearchSummit

54. Should you split campaigns? Probably not, in most cases. Bids & ad customizers can handle most things! Yes if:  You need dedicated budget control  You want separate landing pages  There’s always edge cases! #SwedenSearchSummit

55. Get to grips with Ad Customizers {Params} on steroids! • Drop in your choice of text, number, price or date • Apply to keywords, ad groups, campaigns, locations and audiences • Customise device, ad schedule, or start and end dates • Combine with countdowns! #SwedenSearchSummit Product (text) Sale(text) Colors (number) Warranty (number) Start_price (price) Type (text) Sale_ends (date) Target location Target keyword Target campaign Target ad group Target audience ID Contoso 16V Rated #1 among all vacuum brands. 4 2 $104.99 Hand Vacuum 31/12/2019 12:00 United States Contoso 16V Get 40% of hand vacuums in our Seattle stores. 4 2 $74.99 Hand Vacuum 01/01/2019 12:00 Seattle, WA Contoso Stick 5-in-1 Lightweight powerful vacuum with 5 settings. 8 5 $99.99 Stick Vacuum 20/01/2019 12:00 [light weight vacuum] Contoso Total Home The most powerful clean-up for your house. 4 5 $150.00 Upright Vacuum 10/01/2019 12:00 Vacuums Upright Contoso Total Home Get 25% Off if you order today. 5 5 $112.50 Upright Vacuum 04/01/2019 12:00 Vacuums Upright https://help.ads.microsoft.com/#apex/3/en/56891/1

56. Bonus tips Footnotes

57. Some favourite, practical audience examples: I. Exclude existing customers from Brand keywords II. Target existing customers on Competitor keywords III. Only show ads to people who’ve been to your site before IV. Bid more for repeat customers V. Bid on terms you wouldn’t usually bid on, e.g. “Black Friday” to a select audience who know you VI. Upsell to customers VII. Remarket to customers looking to renew 11 months later Footnotes

58. Some favourite, practical audience examples: VIII.Change the ad copy for users in the funnel IX. Increase bids for these same users X. Target Dynamic Search Ads at RLSAs or Similar Users to limit the scope while trialing XI. Show users a different message depending on the device they’re using XII. Think about where breaking out an audience could be good – to leverage unique features such as Action Extensions Footnotes

59. Take it to the next level I. Look into Custom Affinity Audiences in Google Ads to let you do more with that data II. Test focusing budget on your RLSAs and reinvesting saved budget to grow demand III. Create custom segments in GA – turn these into audiences you can use for bespoke remarketing IV. Create customer pen profiles V. Create a “family tree” to help visualize your biggest/best audiences Footnotes

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