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Information about Future of SEO in a Social Content World - Madrid OMWeek
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Published on November 5, 2013

Author: toprank

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SEO is beyond keywords and links. Here are future trends for the role of SEO that focuses on a customer centric, integrated marketing approach, Presented by Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing at OMWeek in Madrid, Spain.

The Future of SEO in a Social Content World   @LeeOdden  -­‐  @TopRank   TopRankMarke1ng.com   Image:  Shu;erstock  

@leeodden   #omweek   Integrated:   Content   Search   Social   PR   1.2 Million Words TopRankBlog.com      #1  Content  Marke1ng  Blog  3x  

@leeodden   #omweek   SEO is More Than Keywords & Links Change  is  Constant   SEO’s  Adapt  

@leeodden   #omweek   Successful SEO is Art + Science Why?  

@leeodden   #omweek   90% of all data in the world has been created in the last 2 years. IBM: “Understanding Big Data” 10B Internet connected devices NOW Source; ABI Research Image: Shutterstock ©2013 WhitePaperSource Publishing• Do NOT distribute

@leeodden   #omweek   Ubiquitous Connectivity Create   Consume   Publish   Interact   Transact  

@leeodden   #omweek   Ubiquitous Interconnectivity Image:  Duane  Forrester,  Bing  

@leeodden   #omweek   How Can We Possibly Optimize That? It’s  Time  for  A   Shi8  in   Thinking   That  Shi8  Has   Already  Been   Underway  for   Years  

@leeodden   #omweek   Facts Tell, Stories Sell

@leeodden   #omweek   In 1997 I began selling/making websites Customers asked, where’s the traffic? Image  Credit:  wallsdekstop   Started on a SEO journey

@leeodden   #omweek   In 2001 Our PR agency was born We optimized to attract new business & journalists, employees, customers TopRankBlog.com Started 2003 Image:  Shu;erstock  

Pontification gave way to answering customer questions 2005: social bookmarks then Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube Google Universal SERPs included more digital assets

@leeodden   #omweek   The seeds of search, social media and content as tactics were planted. And then this happened…  

@leeodden   Hey  Facebook  &  Twi;er,  any   sugges1ons  for  kid-­‐friendly  things  to   do  in  New  York?     Bronx  Zoo   FAO  Schwartz   Metropolitan  Museum  of  Art   Yankees  Game   Subway   Helicopter  Ride  over  Manha;an   #omweek  

@leeodden   #omweek   It  Worked!   Experience  Achieved   And  Shared  

@leeodden   Customer Journey Madrid #omweek  

@leeodden   #omweek   Social Discovery – Search Validates

@leeodden   #omweek   Information Journey - Spain Discover   Global:     191%  of  online  adults  use   search  engines  to  find   informa1on  on  the  web   Spain:   150%  on  social  networks   191%  of  18-­‐29     Top  socnets:  Facebook,   Tuen1,  Twi;er     Consume   Spain:   5100%  own  mobile  phone   586%  laptop  -­‐  523%  tablet     464%  of  mobile  users  access   social  networks  via  phone     543%  tablet  owners  access   social  networks  daily   352%  of  all  internet  users  in   Spain  visited  a  travel  site  in   May  2013     Act   Spain:   240%  of  travelers  are   influenced  by  travel   content  on  social  networks   250%  of  travelers  actually   base  their  planning  on   other  people     Travel  >  Tablet  &  Mobile  Op1mized  >  Social  &  UGC   1.  Pew  Global  Internet  2012          2.  ETC  Digital  Portal  2013        3.  comScore  via  eMarketer  2013          4.    comScore  MobiLens          5.  eMarketer  

@leeodden   #omweek   Op1mize  the  Customer  Journey   PPC   Newsle;er   Social  Ads   Email   Media   consideration Word  of  Mouth   PR   Social  Networks   Blog   Online  Ads   awareness Community   Forum   Reviews   Website   purchase Direct  Mail   Email   Store   Blog   retention FAQ   Knowledge  Base   Ecommerce   Radio   TV   Print   PR   Social   Search   advocacy Promo1ons  

@leeodden   #omweek   BIG Changes in Search

@leeodden   #omweek   Optimization is Alive Topics   Content   Media   Customer   ACract   Engage   Convert   Share   Interact   Conversion   Community  

@leeodden   #omweek   What’s the Shift? Stop  Lelng  Tac1cs  Determine   Your  Strategy   Start  Focusing  More  on   Crea1ng  Relevant,  Findable  and   Shareable  Content  Experiences  

@leeodden   #omweek   Solve for Customers Across Lifecycle awareness interest Hey Facebook, I need a vacation! Great suggestions, I’ll check them out (Googles vacay spots) consideration purchase Thanks for the tip @TwitterVacations Provide resources easy to share Monitor & engage Hey Facebook, I’m trying to decide, BeachesRUs or SkyHighSki Grow community Consistent experience Look at that, an ad for BeachesRUs. There’s some interesting reviews here, nice photos & videos (tweets link) advocacy Incentivize sharing Curate shares Booked! I’m going to the beach! (Update & Tweets) Recognize advocates

@leeodden   #omweek   I Wrote A Book About It

@leeodden   #omweek   Optimized Planning: What & Why 1.  View  Search,  Social  &  Content   from  360  Degrees  -­‐-­‐  Holis1cally   2.  Op1mize  Everywhere:     Marke1ng  &  PR,  B2B  or  B2C,  SME  or  LE   3.  Research,  Audit  &  Listen   4.  Set  Goals,  Create  a  Roadmap  

@leeodden   #omweek   Optimized Implementation: How Audience  &  Personas   Keyword  &  Topic  Research   Content  Plan   CreaSon  &  CuraSon   Content  OpSmizaSon   Social  Networking   PromoSon   Measure  &  Refine  

@leeodden   #omweek   Where Does SEO Fit in the Mix?

@leeodden   #omweek   Blog   Posts   Tips  &   Examples   eBook   Website   Category   Email   Newsle;ers   Industry  Media   Coverage   Press  Releases   Prospect   Brand   Networking   Guide  to   B2B  Social   Social   Networking   Community   Exper1se   (Topic  -­‐  Keyword)   Contributed   Ar1cles   Guest  Posts   Topical  Survey   “2013  Topic  XYZ   Survey”   SEO   Co-­‐Created   Visual  eBook   w/  Conferences   Off  Site   Commen1ng   Topical   Resource   Lists   Speaking  at     Conferences  

@leeodden   #omweek   What is Content Marketing? “Content Marketing is the planning, creation, and amplification of brand and customer focused narratives that drive measurable business outcomes. Image:  Shu;erstock  

@leeodden   #omweek   Content Marketing Maturity Model Stasis Focus:  status  quo   Sta1c   Few  resources   Ini1al  experiments   Brand  centric   Production Focus:  quan1ty   Strategy   Process   Crea1on   “More  is  Be;er”   SEO  centric   Utility Focus:  quality   Func1onal,  useful   Customer  focused   Refined  process   Social  centric   Storytelling Monetization Focus:  experience   Seek  to  dominate  USP   Brand  leadership   Op1mized  buy  cycle   Integra1on   Mul1  &  Omni  Channel   Focus:  ecosystem     Marke1ng  ROI   Content  Publishing  ROI   Syndica1on  ROI   Services  ROI   Scale  

@leeodden   #omweek   Owned  Media   Earned  Media   Paid  Media   Shared  Media  

@leeodden   #omweek   Storytelling:  Omni-­‐Channel,  Transmedia   Source:  Gary  Hayes  

@leeodden   #omweek   Integrated  MarkeSng   means  your  brand  is     the  best  answer     when  &  where  buyers     need  it.  

@leeodden   #omweek   Customer Optimization Discover Search Keywords Social Topics Advertising Publications Events Word of Mouth Consume Text, Images, Audio, Video Mobile, Tablet, Computer Formal, Funny, Long, Short Act Social Share Engage Subscribe Register Inquire Buy

@leeodden   #omweek   Path to Purchase B2B Retail Source:  Google  Analy1cs,  Q4  2012   Source: Google Customer Journey to Online Purchase

@leeodden   #omweek   Action: Plan, Create, Optimize Who are you writing for? Preferences Pain Points Behaviors awareness What do they care about? Search & Social Data Sources consideration What stories will connect you? Editorial Calendar, Repurpose purchase retention Make it easy to find & share Social & SEO Networking, PR, Linking advocacy

@leeodden   #omweek   Optimize For Customers Maria:  Tech  Savvy  Mom   Buying   Cycle   Keywords   Social  Topics   Awareness   housekeeping  1ps   Time  Saving  Housekeeping,   Nap1me  Cleaning   Blog  post,  ar1cles  in   relevant  magazines   Interest   robot  cleaners,   automa1c   cleaning   What  types  of  automated   cleaners  are  there?   Demonstra1on  video   ConsideraSon   robot  cleaner   reviews   What  are  the  best  robot   cleaners?   Product  feature/benefit   list.  Comparison  to   compe1tors   Purchase   robot  ,  Zrobot   how  to  buy,   Zrobot  prices   Where  can  I  buy  a  Zrobot?   Store  locator,  geo-­‐specific   store  pages,  FB  fan  pages   RetenSon   Zrobot  cleaning   1ps   How  to  get  more  uses  from   your  Zrobot   Blog  posts,  guest  posts,   video   Advocacy   Zrobot  fans,   Zrobot   accessories   Zrobot  mom  user  group  Q   and  A,  1ps   Facebook  Fan  page,   Forum,  Zrobot  Newsle;er   Maria   Mom   •  •  •  •    Customer  Pain  Points   No  1me  to  clean   5  small  children  who  spill  and  make   messes     Light  colored  carpet   Cannot  afford  a  weekly  maid   Content  Type  

@leeodden   #omweek   Takeaways 1.  Understand  who  your  major  customer  segments  are   and  how  they  buy  –  op1mize  for  discovery,  consump1on,   ac1on     2.  Shi8  SEO  focus  to  crea1ng  content  experiences  that   are  easy  to  find  and  share  –  op1mize  performance     3.  Find  out  the  ques1ons  customers  have  during  the   buying  cycle  and  use  them  to  inspire  your  content  plan     4.  OpSmized,  Integrated  markeSng  is  “being  the  best   answer”  where  and  when  your  customers  need  it    

@leeodden   Gracias!   PresentaSon:   h;p://slideshare.net/toprank   Free  Download   h;p://tprk.us/cmsmarts13   #omweek   Lee  Odden   lee@toprankmarke1ng.com   952  400  0190   TopRankMarkeSng.com   TopRankBlog.com   Op1mizeBook.com  

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