Future of Organization Development In the Workplace

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Information about Future of Organization Development In the Workplace

Published on September 7, 2016

Author: nancyreh

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1. } Formed in 2002 to expand the community of knowledge and practical application in the field of OD. } Centers of Excellence in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Middle East and North America. } Offering Certification Programs in Organization Development (ODCP), OD Process Consulting (ODPC), OD Certified Consulting Program, (ODCC) Talent Management (TMCP), Executive Coaching (ECCP), and Leadership Development (LDCP) and Advanced Professional Development Programs. } Over 2,500+ professionals have attended our online programs, our live training, advanced seminars and OD conferences. } Holds an annual OD Conference Annually to share best practices in OD to transfer knowledge around the world. 3 About IOD

2. } Nancy Zentis is Founder and CEO of Institute of Organizational Development. As a Global leader in the field of OD, Nancy is well- recognized for her accomplishments in the field of OD for over 30 years. She founded IOD in 2002 to advance the field of OD and provide opportunities for those interested in practicing OD. She specializes helping organizations implement change using an OD Strategic Approach. } She founded the South Florida ODN in 1999 and was the President for 13 years. She remains on the board as Chair Emeritus. Nancy holds a Ph.D. in Organization Development from Capella University and a Masters in Human Resource Development and Business Management from Central Michigan. 4

3. } Ragland is the Vice President for Global Organization Development & Strategy and is responsible for Global corporate accounts, memberships and partners. He is also the Partner for Institute of Organization Development in Asia Pacific and will offer classroom certification programs and consulting to clients in this region. } Ragland is a HR & OD Professional with experience in Consulting, Manufacturing, Information Technology, BPO & KPO & Shared Services Industry verticals. He has 21+ years of experience in delivering OD, HR Generalist & Specialist roles and has worked for organizations like Visteon, Rane, iGate, GE Capital, HSBC, Zenta, Amazon & Shell. } 5

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5. 7 1940-­50s:    Roots  of  Practice     Values  –  Democracy,  Positive  Potential  of   People,  Use  of  Scientific  Inquiry  to  address  social   issues   Action  Research   Social  Technical  Systems   Sustaining  Change   1960-­70s:  Foundations  of  Practice     Organizations  as  living  systems   Positive  view  of  people  and  potential   Action  research  and  process  consultation   Change  –  Force  Field  Analysis   1980-­90s:    Branches  of  Practice     Social  Construction  –  Appreciative  Inquiry   Large  group  /whole  system  events   Systems  Thinking   Participant  Inquiry  and  engagement   Change  –  Story  Telling   Change  is  Self  Organizing   Diversity  and  Multiculture  Environments   2000s  –  Present:  Evolving  Practices     Complex  Approaches  to  Change  and  Self   Renewal   Mixing  and  Matching  Practices   Reintroducing  concepts  and  theories   Bulding  on  existing  bodies  of  knowledge   Evolution of OD Building on existing bodies of knowledge • Kurt Lewin • Trist • Emery / Richard Beckard • Kurt Lewin / Warner Burke • McGregor • Edgar Schein • Cooperrider • Kathie Dannemiller • Stephen Covey • Daniel Goleman

6. 8 OD is a process where an internal or external change agent helps senior leaders solve critical problems by involving all members of the organization to share their views, provide feedback, and determine the best solutions to fit the needs of the organization … OD Definition

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9. 11 Creating Sustainable Global Organizations Where do I to start? Managing Change Leadership Effectiveness Changing Mindsets Engaging Others Measuring the Impact Creating Sustainable Strategies

10. 12 Global Challenges From The Millennium Project – www.themp.org

11. 13 • Returnment instead of Retirement • What they cant do to What they can do The Ageless Workplace • Mindfulness throughout Business • Always On to Sometimes Down The Mindful Workplace • Technology to enhance People results • Unite workforce using Software The Intuitive Workplace • From emails to talking • Bring people together The Collaborative Workplace • Make Change part of DNA • Hire & train for flexibility The Changeful Workplace The Engaged Workplace Workplace Challenges Adapted from The Future Workplace by Unum • Engaging Hearts, Mind & Body • Retaining Top Talent

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14. 16 } Each Table is an OD Café Table } Each table to choose a Host/Hostess. The rest are Guests } The members introduce themselves. } Each Guest to share his / her inputs on the questions } What is the Future of OD in the Workplace } What actions can we take to make OD relevant in the workplace } The Host / Hostess records in the Café Form } The Guests move to the next table and Host/Hostess stay in the Table } The members introduce themselves, listen to the points already shared and continue to probe deeper on the questions/ } The Host/Hostess reports out the messages for each question

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16. • Leaders practice as OD Experts • Develop a Sustainable Change Process • Align organization systems effectively • Use a proven scientific approach to make decisions and solve problems • Gain a reputation as a best practice organization Improved Organizations • Train people to practice the principles of OD • Train leaders to practice OD Principles • Practice OD as a business discipline • Create stronger work teams that help organizations implement and sustain change Workforce •Support community initiatives with an OD change model •Advocate social responsibility integrated with OD solutions •Share OD knowledge with others throughout the world Culture 18 Future of OD

17. 19 Ø Organization Effectiveness and Sustainability Ø Agility to Change Faster Ø Improve Processes and Performance Ø Global Reputation as Leaders Ø Build a Stronger Brand and Value Proposition Ø Gain Impact on Bottom Line Benefits of OD

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