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Published on March 19, 2014

Author: FrostandSullivan

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Dedicated corporate carsharing solutions are becoming far more prevalent in a company’s mobility requirements, as the attractiveness and awareness of such offerings increase.

A recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan estimates the number of vehicles to stand at about 2,000 vehicles in such fleets in 2013. It forecasts that by 2020, there could be between 75,000 and 100,000 such vehicles in operation, as providers such as OEMs, leasing arms, rental companies, carsharing organizations (CSOs) and technology providers continually enter the market and expand geographically with competing solutions.

During this analyst briefing, Frost & Sullivan will present the key findings of this report, highlighting the trends impacting the market, the key industry groups and companies developing products and their target market, as well as give some predictions on the market potential and the impacts through to 2020.

Future of Mobility: Corporate CarsharingFuture of Mobility: Corporate Carsharing Continued Growth in Traditional Carsharing & Fleet Markets Leading toContinued Growth in Traditional Carsharing & Fleet Markets Leading to Convergence & New Mobility Business Models such as CorporateConvergence & New Mobility Business Models such as Corporate CarsharingCarsharing Martyn Briggs Programme Manager, Mobility Automotive & Transportation 18th March 2014 © 2014 Frost & Sullivan. All rights reserved. This document contains highly confidential information and is the sole property of Frost & Sullivan. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, copied or otherwise reproduced without the written approval of Frost & Sullivan.

2 Today’s Presenter Bio: Experienced Automotive & Transportation consultant and Project Manager, responsible for Frost & Sullivan’s Mobility Research & Consulting initiatives. I have over 8 years of relevant experience in urban mobility, transportation policy, strategy and evaluation in particular. Specialties: Urban Mobility & New Mobility Business Models, Smarter Transport, Intelligent Transport Services, Transport Economics Particular expertise in: Carsharing, Mobility Integration, Demand Responsive Mobility, Transport & Mobility Policies, Transport Planning, Behavioural Change and Transport Scheme Appraisal Martyn Briggs, Programme Manager – Mobility Frost & Sullivan http://www.linkedin.com/pub/martyn-briggs/24/346/76b http://twitter.com/BriggsMartyn http://twitter.com/frost_sullivan http://twitter.com/FS_Automotive

3 Poll Question What do you think was the highest growing carsharing market 2012-2013? A.Germany B.France C.USA D.UK E.Italy

4 Focus Points of Our Presentation Today 1. Growth in the Global Carsharing Market 2. Convergence of Carsharing, car rental, and fleet leasing 3. Definition of Corporate Carsharing – What’s included & Excluded 4. Key Drivers & Challenges Impacting Corporate Carsharing Growth 5. Key Corporate Carsharing Players 6. Industry Convergence Opportunity 7. Key Growth Forecasts 8. Corporate Carsharing Outlook 2014 9. Annual Urban Mobility Workshop

5 Briefly Discuss Occasion for the Analyst Briefing • Urgency of the topic: • Set against improving fleet management & telematics technology, and increasing customer demands towards mobility, the carsharing & fleet leasing business models are increasingly converging as a standalone business proposition termed corporate carsharing – there were over 13 such providers in 2013 • Newsworthiness of topic • With the incumbent providers witnessing growing take-up rates for corporate carsharing, and having identified several benefits of using the service, corporate carsharing has the potential to change the way company cars are perceived, providing all inclusive offerings and perks to employees through enabling access to premium vehicles. • How this will affect the participants • Whilst the increased visibility & reporting have the opportunity to reduce absolute fleet volumes required, it is likely that corporate carsharing could lead to increased lease vehicle demand, through accessing new customer groups rather than just senior/sales staff eligible for company cars. There are also likely to be several new market entrants and investment in 2014-2016. • What will the audience learn • The growth of the carsharing & fleet leasing market, converging into a new corporate mobility offering, as well as understanding the trends, benefits, key players, and implications of the growth of corporate carsharing specifically.

6 2013 Carsharing Market Highlights M&A, city expansion, and carsharing business model diversification are underpinning continued global growth

7 Continued Growth of Carsharing Globally 2013 saw the carsharing market rise to ~3.5m members and ~80,000 vehicles, with growth experienced in all regions; 2014 will see continued investment and international expansion of the largest players Global Carsharing Members, 2006-2013 Carsharing Outlook 2014 •Continued Expansion: Frost & Sullivan forecast that carsharing members will grow to ~5m in 2014 • Car2go, 5-10 new cities & >1m members • DriveNow >20 cities • Zipcar 15 new cities through franchising •Service Diversification: Continued innovation of the carsharing business model expected into new niches • car2go Black two way rentals • Hybrid of traditional, corporate & P2P expected •Technology: Reduced hardware cost & increases smartphone penetration (e.g. Continental Virtual Key) •EV Carsharing: Above market average penetration of EVs in carsharing • Autolib Paris expansion in Paris & Bollore international growth (US & UK in 2014)

8 Car Sharing in Italy 2013 saw significant growth in the Italian carsharing market – there are now over 100,000 members in Milan alone; car2go doubled their fleet size there and are set to follow with Rome and 3 further cities Turin CarCityClub with 123 cars Users: 2380 Venice Car Sharing Avm with 47 cars Users: 3956 Bologna Car Sharing Atc with 37 cars Users: 1117 Genoa Genova Car Sharing with 51 cars Users: 2298 Rome Car Sharing Roma with 117 cars Users: 3261 Naples Bee-Green Mobility Sharing with 40 cars Users: n.a. Palermo Car Sharing Palermo with 37 cars Users: 755 Milan Car2Go, Enjoy, GuidaMi and eVai with 1280 cars Users: 108000 Soon in the market: •March 2014: car2Go in Rome with 500 Smart •May 2014: Twist in Milan with 100 Up! •Summer 2014: Enjoy in Rome and Turin •End 2014: car2Go in Florence and Bologna •End 2014: car2Go Black, a new service with Mercedes, that will permit to travel between two cities where car2Go is present •Late2014/2015: car2Go in Genoa After a slow start in the early 2000’s, carsharing initiatives have quickly increased, showing room for private players to penetrate effectively. Trento Car Sharing Trentino with 13 cars Users: n/a Cagliari PlayCar with 16 cars Users: n/a Florence Car Sharing Firenze with 17 cars Users: 585 Italy Carsharing Growth Year Members Vehicles 2011 19,000 620 2012 30,000 800 2013 130,000 1,800

9 Continued Evolution of Carsharing Market Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis Traditional Carsharing Customer Profile Engine Type P2P Personal Business EV Non-EV Commute Mode One-way Round-Trip Carpooling Car Rental Sustainable Personal Transport (Shared Vehicles) Market for Carsharing: System Segmentation Included in Research Dynamic Market with startup & internet aggregator characteristics; further evolution of this segmentation is expected into B2B offerings Corporate

10 Carsharing Business Models – With consistent growth in the market, the carsharing business model is evolving into new segments, e.g. Corporate Carsharing Vehicle Infrastructure Parking Structure Membership Customer Confinements Type Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.Note: Highlighted in red are models that are gaining prominence

11 Division Between Carsharing, Rental, Leasing , Ownership is Reducing The convergence of carsharing, rental, and leasing is leading to products such as corporate carsharing, with emerging competition also from vehicle manufacturers present or partnering in all 3 business groups Note: All figures are rounded. The base year is 2012. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. ~45.0–50.0% share by Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, Europcar ALD ~75.0–78.0 Others include VW Leasing, Arval, Sumitomo Mitsui, Alphabet, RCI Banque, Lex Autolease, Athlon and so on. Carsharing Car Rental Car Leasing About 40% of global share vehicles are Zipcar, Car2Go or Drive Now GE Capital ARI ORIX VehicleUnits(Millions) Note: All figures are rounded. The base year is 2012. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. ~5.26 million ~5.26 million ~31 million~31 million ~450,000~450,000 ~53,600~53,600 ~4.15 million~4.15 million ~19.25 million ~19.25 million

12 Corporate Carsharing System Definitions Corporate carsharing involves placing a dedicated fleet of vehicles at company premises for the shared use amongst this companies employees.

13 Evolution of Corporate Mobility The emergence of total cost of mobility as a best practice is resulting in a continuous process of evolution of corporate mobility solution; the objective is to provide for their seamless integration on a single platform. * Currently in the US, expected to be rolled out in Europe. Source: Frost & Sullivan Pre-2009 2009-2012 Short Term * Currently in the US, expected to be rolled out in Europe. Source: Frost & Sullivan • B2B or Corporate Carsharing • Multi-vehicle and/ or Multi- brand solution (with or without loyalty points ) (E.g., Mu by Peugeot, ALD van, ALD 2wheels) • Extended carsharing for businesses (longer rental hours, E.g., VW’s Quicar Plus) • Traditional Carsharing for Business Customers (E.g., Cambio) • Ridesharing • Company carpooling • Ridesharing • Company carpooling • EV corporate carsharing (E.g., Move About); EV leasing services (E.g., AlphaElectric, ALD Electric) • Business to Employee carsharing (E.g., Athlon with SnappCar) • Mobility solutions for remote workforce (E.g., ALD partnership with Mobispot) • Mobility-related smartphone applications (E.g., Athlon Car Lease - booking and accessing vehicle, ALD – mobile parking payment service) Medium to Long Term • Integrated multi-modal solution – card or a service (E.g., Mobility Mixx, Carbox Services, Daimler’s Moovel) • Parking management (E.g., Daimler’s Gotta Park*) • Inter-company fleetsharing • Intra-company one-way, multisite corporate carsharing Market for Corporate Carsharing: Evolution of Corporate Mobility, Europe, 2012-2020

14 What is Driving Corporate Carsharing? Corporate carsharing present fleets a mobility solution that strikes the right balance between cost, flexibility, convenience and availability, although providers are challenged with a lack of awareness, employee expectations, and technical complexities in the short term

15 Operational Model of Corporate Carsharing Keyless access & operation, ease of employee registration, and centralized end-of the-month invoicing underpin the operating model of corporate carsharing Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. 1. Corporate launches carsharing solution. 2. Employee goes to the online portal to register once. 3. RFID card is issued 1. Employee accesses booking platform online or through mobile application to book a car. 1. Employee indicates type of usage. 2. Business - cost is automatically allocated to the relevant department. 3. Private - paid with a personal credit card. 4. Type of car and time of booking are also selected to reserve the car immediately. 1. Employee holds RFID card upto the reader behind the windscreen to unlock. 1. Employee enters PIN to log into online system and checks in for any damage and existing car condition. 2. GPS is available to determine route to destination. 1. Employee then simply presses start/stop button to start driving. 2. A fuel card and 24*7 customer service are available. 3. Park mode in case trip is interrupted. 1. On return, employee parks at designated spot. 2. Employee logs out from onboard system and uses RFID card to lock. 3. Car is immediately available to another person. 1. Corporate is invoiced at end of month (lease or usage based amount) Market for Corporate Carsharing: Operational Model, Europe, 2013 $

16 Key Corporate Carsharing Participants There were 1,930 corporate carsharing vehicles identified across 10 European countries; a broad mix of OEM, leasing companies, CSOs and mobility/technology providers, indicating partnerships & convergence opportunities. Key Participants Typology Corporate Solution Vehicles (2013) Countries (2013) BMW OEM AlphaCity* 200 Renault OEM CAR Plus, Autopartage 160 PSA/ Sixt OEM/ Leasing Share Your Fleet 30 Volvo/ Sunfleet OEM/ Traditional CSO Sunfleet 30 ALD Automotive Group Leasing ALD Sharing* 50 Avis/ LeasePlan Car Rental/ Leasing Avis on Demand 10 Luxembourg** Mobility Carsharing Traditional CSO Mobility Carsharing 420 Move About Traditional CSO Move About 90 Norway Mobility Mixx Mobility Solutions Provider Mobility Pool 400 Carbox Services (excluding indirect relationships through leasing companies) Mobility Solutions Provider Carbox 500 Others (Arval, Athlon, Greenwheels) OEM, Leasing, CSO CAR+ Autopartage, Athlon Car Lease, Est. 40 Market for Corporate Carsharing: Strategy of Key Participants, Europe, 2013 * AlphaCity launched in Spain and Austria in Q4 2013; ALD launched in Spain in Dec 2013 (these countries have not been added since information is mainly based on interviews done in Q3 2013. ** Flag symbol not used since Luxembourg’s flag is almost identical to that of the Netherlands; Note: Mobility Mixx is an initiative of LeasePlan Netherlands. It is different from the LeasePlan/Avis venture and has been defined as one of the market participants in this study Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis

17 Convergence in Corporate Carsharing Leasing and car rental companies, OEMs, traditional CSOs and other mobility solution providers are expected to converge their offerings on a single platform to provide a comprehensive corporate mobility solution. Market for Corporate Carsharing: Convergence in Corporate Carsharing, Europe, 2013 Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. Independent Mobility Providers Internet aggregators/ online travel management companies Leasing and Car Rental Companies Traditional and P2P CSOs Mobility Management Vehicle Manufacturers (OEMs) • Vehicles • Proprietary technology • Established fleet arms e.g. BMW, PSA, Renault • Carsharing KPIs • Technology • Customer Service e.g. Mobility, Move About • B2B sales channels • Corporate fleet customer feedback • Investment potential e.g. ALD, Athlon, Avis • Vehicle/Brand Independent • B2B Sales focused • Independent technology e.g. Carbox Services Mobility Mixx • Technical & Integration Expertise • Corporate Travel Expertise e.g. Concur, KDS, Amadeus Key Strengths

18 Five Key Predictions from Corporate Carsharing Research

19 Corporate Carsharing Strategic Outlook 2014 Further integration of mobility services, partnerships to enable multi make carsharing, new entrants, and technology innovations (such as virtual keys) are likely to be the next developments in corporate carsharing

20 Corporate Mobility Survey 2014 – Your Input Invited Frost & Sullivan will be undertaking a detailed corporate mobility Voice of Customer survey, with detailed profiles & aggregated analysis of ~200 decision makers to understand companies future mobility requirements

21 Corporate Mobility Survey 2014 – Your Input Invited Frost & Sullivan will be undertaking a detailed corporate mobility Voice of Customer survey, with detailed profiles & aggregated analysis of ~200 decision makers to understand companies future mobility requirements Output 1.Detailed Profiles of >200 companies 2.Aggregated Analysis Methodology: 1.Primary Research with F&S Mobility team 2.Web-based survey 3.Inputs from fleet & mobility associations Areas that will be Covered in the Survey In association with Nexus Communications

22 Next UM 3.0 Event – 26th June 2014 Our Industry Leading Mobility Workshop returns with top speakers already confirmed http://urbanmobility.gilcommunity.com/ Check out our Video with findings from our 2013 Workshop: Overview Video: http://vimeo.com/frostsullivan/review/7502 5617/fe3fc35bf3 Full Length Video: http://vimeo.com/frostsullivan/review/7411774 3/316410038e

23 Our Key Hot Topics Covered in Our Research 1. Future of Urban Mobility: Video Report detailing new mobility business models with supporting analysis from Frost & Sullivan’s mobility research programme 2. Car Sharing - European Voice of the Customer Survey – Awareness, Interest, Features, Willingness to Pay & Customer Segmentation with over 2,400 respondents 3. Competitive Benchmarking and Comparative Analysis of Mobility Strategies of Key Global OEMs 4. Future of Vehicle Parking Management Systems in North America and Europe 5. Strategic Analysis of the European Corporate Car Sharing Market 1. 2014 Car Sharing Outlook - Global update on carsharing statistics, trends, and activities 2. Corporate Mobility – Key Trends impacting the corporate travel sector 3. Global Taxi Market – Overview of global taxi market & insight on new city wide programmes, new technology, and trends 4. Strategic Analysis of Carpooling Market in Europe and North America 5. Market Analysis of Internet Aggregators, Their Impact on Mobility and Their Plans for Integrated Mobility 2013 Hot Topics 2014 Hot Topics

24 Mobility Research Programme - 2014 Planned Research Research Title Draft Timeline 2014 Global Carsharing Market Outlook Q1 Strategic Analysis of the European Corporate Carsharing Market Q1 Strategic Analysis of Carpooling Market in Europe and North America Q2 Strategic Analysis of Fleet and Leasing Market In Key European Countries Q2 New Business Models and Innovations in the Virtual Car Rental Market Q2 Strategic Analysis of the North American Small and Compact Sports and Crossover Utility Vehicles Market Q2 Strategic Insight on the Global Taxi Market Q2 Strategic Insight into Corporate Mobility Allowances - voice of Customer Survey Q3 Market Analysis of Internet Aggregators, Their Impact on Mobility and Their Plans for Integrated Mobility Q3 Urban Mobility 3.0, New Urban Mobility Business Models - Presentations from Frost & Sullivan’s Annual Industry Workshop 2014 Q3 Future of Mobility Video: Video Deliverable summarising all key focus areas, and with insight from industry experts Q3 Mobility Integration and New business models in China Q4 Database and Comparative Assessment of European Carsharing Companies Operational Metrics Analysis by City of Operation Q4 •Note: Titles & number of titles are subject to change and are not guaranteed. Frost & Sullivan may change titles/timelines based on client preferences & priorities.

25 Next Steps Develop Your Visionary and Innovative Skills Growth Partnership Service Share your growth thought leadership and ideas or join our GIL Global Community Join our GIL Community Newsletter Keep abreast of innovative growth opportunities

26 Your Feedback is Important to Us Growth Forecasts? Competitive Structure? Emerging Trends? Strategic Recommendations? Other? Please inform us by “Rating” this presentation. What would you like to see from Frost & Sullivan?

27 http://twitter.com/frost_sullivan http://twitter.com/FS_Automotive http://twitter.com/BriggsMartyn Follow Frost & Sullivan on Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, and Twitter, & Watch our Urban Mobility 2013 Video http://www.facebook.com/FrostandSullivan http://www.linkedin.com/companies/4506 & join our “Future of Mobility” Group http://www.slideshare.net/FrostandSullivan http://www.urbanmobility.gilcommunity.com Overview Video: http://vimeo.com/frostsullivan/review/75025617/ fe3fc35bf3 Full Length Video: http://vimeo.com/frostsullivan/review/74117743/316 410038e 1. Check out our Future of Mobility Video on Youtube / Vimeo 2. Join our LinkedIn group 3. Join us at Urban Mobility 3.0 in London, 26th June 2014

28 For Additional Information Katja Feick Corporate Communications Automotive & Transportation +49 (0) 69 7703343 katja.feick@frost.com Mohamed Mubarak Programme Manager Automotive & Transportation +90 212 709 8804 Extn: 132 mohamedm@frost.com Martyn Briggs Programme Manager – Mobility Automotive & Transportation 0044 (0)207 915 7830 Martyn.briggs@frost.com Cyril Cromier VP Sales Automotive & Transportation +33 1 4281 2244 Cyril.cromier@frost.com

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