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Published on September 30, 2008

Author: jcanton

Source: slideshare.net


Future of Life Science keynote from Dr. James Canton, Institute for Global Futures, www.FutureGuru.com

Innovation Economy and the Future of Life Sciences Dr. James Canton CEO & Chairman GlobalFuturist.com

Institute for Global Futures • Founded 1990 • Think Tank • Advise Fortune 1000 about the Future • Strategic Innovation Management Practice

Worldwide Clients

Key Themes •Innovations will Shape Future •Innovation is essential to competitive advantage •Consumers driving change •Global LifeSci Digital Paradigm

Future Maps: Visualizing Future Scenarios

Welcome to the Extreme Future

Innovation will Shape Competitive Advantage

Extreme Future • Accelerated Change • Radical Innovation • Hyper-Competition • Convergence • Speed to Market

Innovation Impact in Early Stage • Moore’s Law • Bandwidth 3x • DNA 2x • Internet 3x • Wireless 2x • Multimedia • BioIT • Chip Architecture

1/3 of GDP is Tech Driven

The Innovation Economy

Innovation Enabled Business Agility • Competitive Advantage •Innovation investor •Fast Change Agent •Knowledge Enabling •Customer/Market-Centric

Future Innovations will Drive Competitive Advantage

Innovations Will Come Faster

Get Ready for Radical Innovation

Disruptions Will Cut Deeper

Define Innovation Ideas that create value: • Customer • ROI • Productivity • Market share • Competitive advantage

Define Innovation Ideas that create value: • Speed • Growth • Efficiency • Agility

Strategic Overview: Emerging Trends

Will You Be Prepared?

Key Themes This is the Early Stage of a Post-Industrial Transformation

Digital Darwinism Innovate, Adapt Or Die

New Era: Innovation Enabled Business Agility •Fast innovation •Leading-edge •eBusiness savvy •Commitment to learning new •Customer focused •Manages innovation process

Consumer Demand Drives Innovation

Emerging Consumer Colonoscopy Mammogramm PSA screening Genomics Market Take preventive drugs Genotype Healthier Algorithms/ bioinformatics Personalized disease screening/ medical Genes intervention Surrogate Probability markers of disease Proteomics SNPs Lifestyle modification Phenotype Environment / Longer family history Lives Quit smoking Watch nutrition Exercise Reduce sun exposure

quot;Driving Medicine Below the Disease Symptom Linequot; Progression Post treatment testing SYMPTOMS Drug / device intervention APPEAR Diagnosis – prognosis Screening Predisposition testing HEALTHY Source: Millennium Predictive Medicine; Start-up 2000

Post Genomic Medicine’s Impact on– Consumers •Predictive •Consumer empowerment •Lifestyle management •Changing how medicine is viewed

Distributed Real-Time Medicine

Conquering Disease at the Atomic Scale: Designed Care • From InSilico Biology, to Molecular Delivery, to Intracellular NanoBiology • The Evolution of Applied NanoMedicine

Networked Diagnostics FutureTrends in Health Care that will Shape the 21st Century • Personalized BioData Templates

Top Ten LifeSci Trends 1. Economics of Discovery Change 2. LifeSci Biz Process Transformation 3. Nano-Bio-IT-Neuro Convergence Paradigm 4. Human & Health Enhancement Market

Top Ten Life Science Trends 5. Globalization of Digital LifeSci Infrastructure 6. Optimizing Health Care Quality & Cost 7. Accelerated Collaboration or M&A

Top Ten Life Science Trends 8. LifeSci Consumer Demands 9. Post-Genomic Data to Knowledge Management Explosion !0. New IP Asset Class: LifeSci Digital Innovation Architecture

Summary: Future Challenges 1. Emerging pharma-devices 2. Pharma-genomic targeting 3. Non-traditional competitors 4. Alliance with health care ecosystem 5. Renewed privacy and ethics challenges 6. Emergence of predictive medicine

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