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Published on March 15, 2012

Author: jcanton

Source: slideshare.net

Extreme Future of EnergyDr. James CantonCEO & ChairmanGlobalFuturist.com

Are you Future-ReadyStrategic Foresight What is your Vision?

Institute for Global FuturesWE TRACK TRENDS•  Think Tank•  Advise Global Fortune 1000 & Gov

Institute for Global Futures

Institute for Global Futures

Worldwide Clients

Key Ideas•  nergy demand drivers E•  nergy is core to security and Eeconomic sustainability•  uture of bio-fuels F•  etro-Risk P•  op geopolitical risks T

NeuroWeb: Thinking Network Welcome to the Extreme Future

Extreme Future: More Risk More Opportunity  Multi-polar World Aof Complex Risks

Disruptive Risk is New Normal

Extreme Future: Complex Threats

Top Global Risks: 2025•  Energy•  Economy•  Food•  Ecology•  Security•  War

2020 Forecast: Energy-ChallengedWorld

Global PopulationGlobal Population has Doubled Over the Past 45 Years

Global Population TrendBy 2040, 80% of World’s 8 Billion People willLive in Developing Nations—9 Billion by 2050

The New Consumers: 1 Bn +

Two Worlds Challenge: Energy

Next Two Billion Energy Consumers

Global MegacitiesThe World of 2025 10 Megacities Most in China, India and S. America

By 2030: Most mega-cities indeveloping world

Next Middle Class: China, India, Latin

World GDP 2030: China Rising 27.8% 7.2% 18% 25% 22% World GDP: 85,500 Trillion in 2030 Free World Academy 2003

China Scenarios: New Superpower,Huge Market, Fierce Competitor

China will be the World’s Largest Consumer Market in Future• 2nd Largest Consumer of Energy• 3rd Largest Importer of Oil

China & India PopulationChina & India Make Up 1/3 of the GlobalPopulation – Biggest Food Demand

India will be the 2nd World’sLargest Consumer Market in The Future

Largest Global Market A Dynamic Global Marketplace with 3Billion New Consumers is Coming Fast, Will You be Ready?

Energy Security: Terrorism/Crime

2025 Energy Future Map

The Extreme Future of Energy Trends1. Pop growth2. Next Middle Class3. GDP5. Security

The Extreme Future: 10 Top trends6. Fast Climate Change7. Green Alternatives8. Geopolitical Risk9. Food & Water Stress10. Unstable Economics

Uptrend Consumer Demand

Are you Future-Ready?

High Petro-Geopolitical Risk

Are you Future-Ready? CO2 2030

2020 US Emissions: Power Plants

2080 Reduction in Ag Prod

Are you Future-Ready?

Innovation Drives CompetitiveAdvantage

Innovate or Die Key Biz Driver: Innovation Darwinism

Fast Breakthroughs Coming

Digital Biology: Hacking LifeExtreme Future: Hacking Life

New Fuels:Hacking Matter

Future Energy Mix

Wind Power Capacity

Extreme Future: HackingPlanet Digitally Hacking the Planet

BioFuels Smart Grid: Ethanol Core

Space Based Solar

Mars Station

NanoBioNeuro Enhancement

NanoBioNeuro Enhancement

Mars Station

Mars Station

GRID Computing: Flexible On-Demand, High-Performance Virtual, Distributed CommunicationsSource: Dietmar Erwin, “UNICORE and EUROGRID: Grid Computing in Europe,”EUROGRID and UNICORE

Space: The Next Frontier

Summary  io-Energy B infrastructure is the future  dvanced A bio-fuels will protectAmerica’s future economy & security  etro-Risk P is geopolitical risk  lternative A energy non-C02 is key A  Sustainable Future with oil/gas

GlobalFuturist.comThank YouJcanton@futureguru.com

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