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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: pratima0627

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Understanding The Future Of Cancer Treatment Personalized Medicine Is A Good Choice: Understanding The Future Of Cancer Treatment Personalized Medicine Is A Good Choice PowerPoint Presentation: Cancer treatment is always believed to be a hard limit with drugs, chemotherapy, radiation and other difficult and painful methods of healing included. However, personal medicine is a new addition to the range of treatment options available for cancer. What is Personal Medicine? : What is Personal Medicine? What does personal medicine refer to or mean to you when you hear the term for the first time. Does it include a doctor to greet you with a warm smile or a caregiver to listen to your grief? Does it involve a few physicians who understand your case right from the beginning and the treatments you’ve received till now? PowerPoint Presentation: It is obvious cancer patients want their doctors and caregivers to understand them, their disease, their difficulties and their course of life . In the future, this feeling of personal understanding is likely to go deeper than before, to help cancer sufferers to combat the disease and rise victorious. It is not just a way to combat, but conquer cancer. PowerPoint Presentation: Our chromosomes are the instructions of our life. Everything about our being – our bodies, built, organs, nerves, cells, muscles and tissues are coded in the DNA, which differs from one person to another. Genes define who we are and elaborates the factors that make us individuals. We understand that genes play a crucial role in the diseases that we usually suffer from. PowerPoint Presentation: While there are some genes making us resistant to diseases, some others make us vulnerable. DNA codes the body’s ability to fight as well as heal diseases or injures. Hard wired and fixed in the chromosomes are the life instructions that could make rugs work for us, or simply fail, or produce severe side effects. Thus, the human genetic coding is the key to diseases and health. PowerPoint Presentation: Cancer is the result of damage caused to our genes. The disease occurs when the genetic switches within the genes controlling cell growth starts malfunctioning. If the growth gene should be turned off, it automatically turns on. If there is a genetic switch designed for preventing cancer development, it fails. Cells that need to be at rest start dividing, and tumor forms. PowerPoint Presentation: The damaged growth genes are known as oncogenes. There are three reasons for this damage. First of all, a person may be born with defective gene like BCRA (gene responsible for breast cancer). PowerPoint Presentation: Secondly, exposure to harmful environmental toxins like smoking that can damage genes. Lastly , the genes start wearing out and that partially leads to increased risk of cancer. Medicine based on Genes : Medicine based on Genes Personalized medicine is a medical care based on the core. Medicine based on genes. This completely changes how treatments will be given . Today, physicians choose therapies depending on research conducted on thousands of cases. PowerPoint Presentation: Doctors have limited ability to adapt a therapy depending on these differences. Researchers are now working towards the future where people can get one blood test done for complete analysis of over 20,000 coding genes to get the personal genetic blueprint. It is going to be a critical information resource, defining what diseases you could get and take preventive measures.

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