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Published on September 13, 2008

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FUTURE JOBS : 9/13/2008 kULDEEP SINGH CHAUHAN-IBA 1 FUTURE JOBS PRESENTED BY- KULDEEP SINGH CHAUHAN INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY BANGALORE c_kuldeepsingh@yahoo.com FUTURE JOBS : 9/13/2008 kULDEEP SINGH CHAUHAN-IBA 2 FUTURE JOBS Bioinformatician The fusion of biology and computer science is the hottest of the hot in science right now, and it's going to heat up even more. Bioinformaticians, also known as computational bi- ologists, use computer modeling to predict which drugs will work on which illnesses, shaving the time and cost of getting new products to market. No wonder drugmakers are salivating over these professionals, especially in the wake of human-genome mapping. Chris Smith, who works as a bioinformatician at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, predicts that "there will be a 100 percent increase per year in the field for the next five years at least." Even now a bioinformatician with three to five years of experience can command . FUTURE JOBS : 9/13/2008 kULDEEP SINGH CHAUHAN-IBA 3 FUTURE JOBS Wireless Engineer Palms, Pocket PCs, pagers, cell phones, BlackBerries-the wireless revolution shows no sign of slowing up. In fact, the market for wireless data is expected to nearly triple in the next three years alone. And as companies set up customized networks and the government beefs up its wireless snooping post-Sept. 11, engineers who can set up such systems will be the most popular kids on the block. Already those with five-plus years of experience are demanding salaries of $80,000 and up. FUTURE JOBS : 9/13/2008 kULDEEP SINGH CHAUHAN-IBA 4 FUTURE JOBS Forensic Accountant While traditional number-crunchers-or at least those at Arthur Andersen-may be feeling sheepish these days, forensic accountants are almost too cool for school. They're the ones who ferret out fraud and shady practices at corporations. And with SEC investigations and shareholder lawsuits spreading like a bad rash, any court cases will involve reams of these guys poring over the numbers. Experienced forensic accountants can easily earn more than $100,000 a year, says Journal of Forensic Accounting editor Larry Crumbley. FUTURE JOBS : 9/13/2008 kULDEEP SINGH CHAUHAN-IBA 5 FUTURE JOBS Speech Pathologist In the old days, kids with speech or language problems were just considered slow. But as understanding of disorders such as stuttering, autism and language delays grows, so does the need for people who can treat them. At last count, 14 million Americans were afflicted with such disorders-nearly 6 million of them under 18. Back in 2000 the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 39 percent growth for the profession through 2010. Though the starting pay isn't great-$38,000 median-that can double once you rise to the administrative ranks. FUTURE JOBS : 9/13/2008 kULDEEP SINGH CHAUHAN-IBA 6 FUTURE JOBS Adventure Travel Guide Who spends the most on adventure travel? People with discretionary income who have time on their hands. Can you say, boomers nearing retirement age? "Adventure travel is going to see a huge bump," says trendspotter Joyce Gioia. Guides set up and lead trips to exotic locales, arranging all the sticky details including visas and hotel stays. And as developing nations realize the importance of tourism, they'll need more of these folks. Ask tour operator Jerry Mallett, who has consulted in Azerbaijan and Armenia. "It has phenomenal potential," he says. "Every country is trying to get in on it." While a staff guide might be lucky to make $40,000, those who run their own operation can make much more. Slide 7: 9/13/2008 kULDEEP SINGH CHAUHAN-IBA 7 THANK YOU

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