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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: hladewolf

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This slideshow provides a brief Outcomes-Driven Case Portfolio for Future Catalyst Ltd, an exciting new Organisational Development Consultancy.

Future Catalyst Ltd Outcomes-driven Case Portfolio Produced by Heidi De Wolf, Director and Principal OD Consultant PLEASE NOTE - This Slideshare Presentation Content is protected by a Creative Commons Licence.

Supporting the Building Blocks for a Collaborative Economy & Culture Future Catalyst Ltd is an outcomes-driven Organisational Development Services. We help you see how you fit into the bigger economic picture and help you analyse, plan, embed and review bespoke behaviour change programmes which help deliver a wide range of interconnected outcomes, the building blocks to a Collaborative (AKA Sharing) Economy and Culture. These outcomes, which apply equally to individuals, communities, businesses and the transformation of Public Sector, are: • Efficiency by removing waste and complexity • Sustainable Future Proofing • Innovation • Adaptability & Agility • Resilience • Collaboration, Co-Creation & Ownership • Interdependency & Connectedness

Case Examples Portfolio Supporting Public Sector Transformation Heidi De Wolf, the Director and Principal OD Consultant at Future Catalyst Ltd, has worked in Local Government for over a decade and throughout this time has led and closely collaborated with others on a number of Transformation agendas. Her employee engagement approach to organisational change helps to break down resistance and silo-working by restoring personal responsibility and connecting people, knowledge and ideas. Some Case Examples: In support of the OD-led ‘People Make It Happen’ agenda sponsored by the Chief Executive and Directors, Heidi worked in collaboration with Property, Communication, IT and HR colleagues in the delivery of a culture change programme which moved employees’ mindsets from being office-based to working in a more agile way. Heidi designed and delivered group coaching workshops for Senior Management Teams who were due to support their teams to move into a more agile work space. ‘Heidi is dedicated to organisational development and has great skill and understanding of the importance of organisational change ...’ - Linked In Recommendation from Donna Sharp, County Services Manager at LCC As part of the Adult Social Care Transformation Agenda, Heidi co-created and co-delivered Personalisation Workshops on ‘Enabling Risk, Maximising Choice’ with Service Users and Carers, addressing the difficult balance between Safeguarding and Service User Empowerment. The Workshops were aimed at Social Workers, Nurses, OTs and Voluntary Sector colleagues and received great feedback from all disciplines, with many expressing how it had provoked much thought around the changing outcomes-driven role of Health & Social Care.

Case Examples Portfolio Individuals, Communities and Businesses Heidi is highly committed to leading on collaboration and co-creation projects between individuals, communities, businesses and the Public Sector. Applying Critical and Systems Thinking, Heidi joins the dots, facilitates collaborative working and builds strong bridges between individuals, communities, businesses and the Public Sector, both through online and face-to-face activities. Some Case Examples: As a skilled Online Community Facilitator, Heidi taps into the existing Big Data and curates helpful ‘big picture’knowledge from across the globe, and shares it openly with those with similar interests. Her understanding of the importance of knowledge sharing has opened many doors to collaborative working for people she has worked with. In her role as a NonExecutive Director for the Lincolnshire Carer and Young Carer Partnership (LCYCP), a oneyear old organisation, Heidi is currently helping to analyse and plan for a smarter and more agile collaborative infrastructure between carers, service providers and the Council. Collaborations between individuals, communities, businesses and the Public Sector are centred around engagement and capturing ‘voices’ in the process of commissioning for improved outcomes. As well as face-to-face community engagement, Heidi is a great advocate for existing cloud-based Digital Platforms, such as the Knowledge Hub, which brings data and knowledge together and leads to better informed decisions and improved economic efficiencies vital in the survival of tough economic times. From our experience, collaboration and partnership working continues to be riddled with challenges which we are keen to help iron out for the benefit of the local economy. Click here to a Slideshare Presentation on Building Organisational Adaptability and the Local Economy.

Case Examples Portfolio Community Empowerment Heidi is equally committed to leading behaviour change projects in relation to building sustainable Community Cohesion across the East Midlands. Part of the solution is to help individuals within communities to move from independent to ‘interdependent living’. Click here to read a short blog on Community Cohesion and the role of Interdependent Living. A Community Cohesion Case Example: Our local community is still benefiting from our Diamond Jubilee Street Party two years ago. Heidi brought together a small working group to plan what was needed to invite people in the community to be engaged and participate to the fullest on the day. The Community Campaign resulted in a great success with everyone contributing to the seating, food, drink and fun. Two years on, friendships between neighbours are continuing to blossom and residents are now more trusting of others in the community and greeting each other by name. Neighbours have formed lasting friendships, young families are supporting each other in their parenting role, some have joined a local Cycling Club together and others are walking the dog for a poorly neighbour. With the production of some beautiful cakes, discussions led to possibilities for setting up local micro-businesses to satisfy the community’s sweet-tooth.

Case Examples Portfolio Individual Empowerment Heidi is a qualified and experienced Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. She coaches and mentors individuals who are open to learn about how to become the creators of their own quality of life. Some Case Examples: Heidi is highly skilled at spotting people’s natural, intuitive talents and strengths, and helps to bring out individual’s highest potential and courageousness through her interactions with everyone she has the pleasure to work with. She is a natural broker of people with the right talents to work together. Heidi volunteers as a Progression Mentor for the Prince’s Trust, supporting young people in Lincolnshire between the ages of 18-30 to get them ready for education, employment or entrepreneurship. With her extensive background in Social Care and Post Graduate Diploma in Dementia Studies, she also has volunteered her time and knowledge with unpaid carers so they gain resilience in their caring role. Here’s what Jenny Gammon, Carers Connect Project Manager at Age UK Lincoln said on Linked In: ‘Heidi has supported Carers Support Workers and Unpaid Carers in delivering workshops on an Overview of Dementia, Communicating with people with Dementia, Activities. Heidi is extremely knowledgeable and personable in delivering information on this sensitive subject. Feedback from the workshops was fantastic!’

Want to learn more? Contact Heidi De Wolf at FUTURE CATALYST Ltd on: Mobile Number - 07988 871178, Email - hladewolf@gmail.com or Skype - heidi.dewolf You can follow us on Twitter - @FutureCatalyst SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER Future Catalyst Ltd offers: - a free 1 hour informal Consultation or - a free 1 hour informal Coaching session and - a free Workshop or Presentation on the Collaborative Economy or other OD-related topic ‘Thank you for your time and for letting us pick your brain.’ Email quote from Liz Copeland, Local Government Association (LGA)

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