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Published on May 3, 2013

Author: FusionCharts

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Product Brochure: FusionCharts Suite XT - The industry's leading data visualization solution that powers over a billion charts per month and endorsed by over 21,000 customers and 450,000 developers in 118 countries.

Delightful Charts, Gauges & Maps inJavaScript (HTML5)Data to delight... in minutesFusionChartswww.fusioncharts.com

1 www.fusioncharts.comContentsOverview of FusionCharts Suite XT.......................................................................................... 2Top 10 Reasons to use FusionCharts Suite XT........................................................................ 3Delight for all............................................................................................................................. 5FusionCharts Suite XT - What’s inside...................................................................................... 8Business Demos........................................................................................................................ 9Chart Album............................................................................................................................... 31Success Stories......................................................................................................................... 83What’s Next?............................................................................................................................. 85

2 www.fusioncharts.comFusionCharts Suite XT helps you create stunning charts, gauges and maps in a jiffyfor all your web and enterprise applications. Using it, you can build awesomedashboards, reports, analytics, monitors, surveys that blend aesthetic eleganceand actionable insights.Leveraging JavaScript (HTML5), it works seamlessly across PCs, Macs, iPads, iP-hones and a majority of other mobile devices. It works with both XML and JSONdata, and can be integrated with any server-side technology (ASP, ASP.NET, PHP,JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails etc.) and database.Offering more than 90 different charts types that have multiple features for in-teractivity and 965 maps of all the continents and major countries, creating killerdata visualizations with FusionCharts Suite XT is a breeze.Overview of FusionCharts Suite XT

3 www.fusioncharts.comTop-10 Reasons to useFusionCharts Suite XT2345PHPJSPASP1Used byStunning chartsPowered by JavaScript (HTML5)Get started in 15 minutesWorks with all web technologiesAnimation & interactivity that server-side charting components cannot match.works seamlessly on PCs, Macs,iPads, iPhones and most other mobile devices.Extensive docs, demos and support options make it very easy for you to implementFusionCharts.ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, RoR etc. and databases.

4 www.fusioncharts.comComprehensive charting suiteSmart reportingExtensive JavaScript APISource code availableSuperb support optionsOver 90 chart types and 550 maps that can be rendered in both 2D and 3D.Tooltips, scrolling, zooming, intelligent labeling, exporting to image or CSV andLinkedCharts.Integrate with AJAX applications and JavaScript frameworks. Additionally, thecharts support both XML and JSON data.You can access, change and modify the source code of FusionCharts as part ofEnterprise Plus or Enterprise license.Extensive Knowledge Base, vibrant community of over 20,000 users in our 24x7forum and personalized technical support (as part of FusionCharts Priority Supportand Upgrades Subscription).678JS9</code>10KBDOC

5 www.fusioncharts.comRich interactivity, powerful reporting, happy usersThe same delight across devices, browsers and platformsTooltips, clickable legend keys, easy drill-down,effortless zooming and scrolling, one-click chartexport and print gives your users all the capabilitiesthey expect from a modern-day business app.Delight for allPCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones or Androiddevices, FusionCharts Suite XT bringsthe same delight to all of them. It workswith all your web and mobile applica-tions that are rendered within a browser,including even IE6. Who says the web isfragmented?Go from data to delight in under 15 minutes with extensivedocs and demosWith copy-paste installation, ready-to-usedemos and extensive docs, you can createyour first chart in under 15 minutes. Thedemos are both inspiring and the ideal placeto learn charting best practices from. Thedocumentation is exhaustive with API andattribute definitions, integration examplesand tutorial-style explanation of the ad-vanced capabilities of FusionCharts Suite XT.

6 www.fusioncharts.comThe industry’s most comprehensive charting library withover 90 chart typesNative integration with jQueryWhy use a column chart when a funnel chart is what you need? Incorrect chart types lead toincorrect analysis, which in turn lead to incorrect business decisions. Your users deserve better.FusionCharts Suite XT brings you 90 chart types right from the basic Column, Line, Pie and Speed-ometer charts to the more advanced Funnel, Pyramid, Pareto and Zoom Line Charts. You also getspecialized charts for network diagrams, employee performance analysis and stock price plotting.And then there are 965 maps of continents, countries and all US states to show geographical data.Using the new FusionCharts jQuery plugin, youcan use the jQuery syntax to build the charts.Add a chart anywhere within a web page, changethe chart type, update and retrieve chart data,update functional and cosmetic settings andmuch more.FusionCharts Suite XT supports both JSON and XML dataformats. So when you are integrating the charts with otherJavaScript frameworks, JSON is an ideal choice. And whenyou are working withserver-side business ap-plications, XML becomesmore convenient with itsverbose nature.Choose a data format that suits you—JSON or XML

7 www.fusioncharts.comSuperb support options including personalized tech supportTrusted by 21,000 customers and 450,000 developers in118 countries.FusionCharts Suite XT has extensive self-supportoptions including documentation, knowledge baseand 20K strong community forum that are available24x7. It has its official book too, the first ever datavisualization component in the market to have one,published by Packt Publications UK. You can also getpersonalized support within 24 working hours fromour tech support team by purchasing the prioritysupport & upgrades subscription.FusionCharts pioneered the very concept of Flash charting back in2002 and now brings all the awesomeness in JavaScript (HTML5).Today, FusionCharts Suite XT powers over a billion charts per monthacross the globe. From one-man startups to Fortune 500 companies,everyone trusts and uses FusionCharts Suite XT for all their datavisualization needs.

8 www.fusioncharts.comFusionWidgets XT is the perfect addition to all your executive dashboards, live“up-to-the-second” stock monitors, process monitoring applications and financialapplications where KPI’s and other critical data are monitored in real time. Itincludes a wide variety of gauges and charts including dial charts, linear gauges,Gantt charts, funnel charts, sparklines and data-streaming column, line and areacharts.FusionCharts Suite XTWhats inside?FusionCharts XT is the perfect addition to elegant reports, dashboards, surveys,monitors and analytics. It includes 45 standard chart types like bar, column, pie,area, line, combination, scroll charts etc.PowerCharts XT is a set of advanced charting widgets for domain-specific usagelike in network diagrams, performance analysis, profit-loss analysis, financial plan-ning, stock price plotting and hierarchical structures. The charts are very interac-tive and powerful, thus helping you add a rich immersive experience to your appswith ease.FusionMaps XT helps you display geographical data distributed by category, regionsor entities using animated and interactive Flash maps. You can use it to plot busi-ness data like revenue by regions, census data like population by state, election re-sults, flight routes, office locations and survey results effectively. FusionMaps offersover 965 maps including all continents, major countries and all US states.

9 www.fusioncharts.comThese demos simulate real-life business usage of FusionCharts Suite XT. We havebuilt industry and function-specific demos like Sales Dashboard, Retail Dashboard,Airline Dashboard and Management Dashboard that depict real-life scenarios. Viewthese examples to get inspired and learn charting best practices.Business DemosThis dashboard visualizes a trading company that imports and exports specialityfoods from all around the world. It displays trend charts like yearly sales com-parison and strategic metrics like top-selling categories, best employees, cur-rent inventory and delay in shipping.Management Dashboard

10 www.fusioncharts.comThis dashboard visualizes a Walmart-like chain with stores all over the US. Itlets you see the annual revenues per state, while comparing it with preset tar-gets, and then drill-down into monthly revenue and top selling items of everysingle store in US. The dashboard also displays key metrics for warehouse anddistribution, product planning and consumer specifics.Retail Dashboard

11 www.fusioncharts.comThis dashboard plots many indicators that are relevant for any business, likerevenue figures, average order value, average order quantity, top customersand top performing geographies in a compact layout.KPI Dashboard

12 www.fusioncharts.comFusionTweet is a Twitter dashboard for comparing your Twitter activity with yourfriends and followers. The dashboard helps compare tweets, replies and follow-ers in a very simple and intuitive manner.FusionTweet: Twitter Analytics

13 www.fusioncharts.comThis dashboard visualizes vital data from sales, marketing and HR functions ofan organization. You can see the breakdown of total revenue into monthly rev-enue from products and services, explore which geography generates what kindof revenue, and compare the overall revenue with that of the previous year.Sales Dashboard

14 www.fusioncharts.comThis dashboard visualizes the key metrics that the management of an airlinecompany looks at every year. Starting with the airline’s network in the US andmonthly cost vs revenue comparison, you can further see the breakdown ofcosts into functional and administrative costs, and the revenue into passengerand cargo revenue.Airlines Dashboard

15 www.fusioncharts.comThis monitor quickly summarizes the most important metrics for a company– revenue, profits, average order size and the like. You can also see the break-down of the overall revenue into monthly revenue from products and services.Company Monitor (Compact)

16 www.fusioncharts.comThis dashboard displays temperature, wind patterns and overall conditions forany US zip code that you enter. Pulling data from the Yahoo! Weather RSS feed,all the information is displayed in a visually rich interface.Weather Dashboard

17 www.fusioncharts.comThis dashboard lets you build your electoral poll and predict the winners of theUS elections. You have to select a state and predict the winner for it. Based onwhat you select, the cumulative votes and the number of votes required to winthe election are displayed for each representative.US Electoral: Predict the Winner

18 www.fusioncharts.comThis demo shows the employment levels across different states of US. You candrill into each state and see the breakdown of employment numbers for differ-ent domains like media, finance and telecom.US Employment & Business Distribution

19 www.fusioncharts.comFusionAir shows how flight selection can be made a step easier. Instead of se-lecting a from and to location for choosing your flight, you can simply click onthe route you wish to fly. All the flights flying that route are displayed and youcan book the flight that suits you the best.FusionAir: Flight Selector

20 www.fusioncharts.comThe rating meter is a new and interactive way to rate products. It breaks downthe overall rating of a product into individual parameters like product quality,documentation and support. Based on the rating you give to each of these pa-rameters, the overall rating is updated real-time and displayed alongside.Rating Meter

21 www.fusioncharts.comThis demo simulates the performance tab of the Windows Task Manager. It dis-plays real-time CPU and PF usage, and also their history over time.Task Manager Simulation

22 www.fusioncharts.comThis table shows the points summary of the English Premier League in a printer-friendly way. It shows the wins, losses and draws of every team in the tourna-ment in a compact manner.Football League Table

23 www.fusioncharts.comThis demo shows the results of the 2009 parliamentary elections in India. Foreach state, you can also see the breakdown of votes among the parties thatcontested in the election.Election Results: India 2009

24 www.fusioncharts.comThis demo showcases all the maps available in FusionCharts Suite XT. You cancustomize the aesthetics of the maps, print or save them as an image using theexplorer.Map Explorer

25 www.fusioncharts.comThis calculator computes the monthly instalment of mortgage by breaking itdown into the principle and interest amount components over the entire life-time of the mortgage.Mortgage Calculator

26 www.fusioncharts.comThis builder helps you set up and configure the maps offered in FusionChartsSuite XT. Using the GUI, you configure map properties, feed data and definecustom markers. Once done, it automatically generates the code for the map,which you can use directly in your applications.Visual Map Builder

27 www.fusioncharts.comIn this demo, the setInterval and setTimeout JavaScript timer functionsare called at various intervals, so that real life acceleration, RPM and fuel con-sumption can be simulated. These functions in turn call the feedData API calland feeds a calculated value to each of the gauges.The background of each of the gauges is set to transparent using thesetTransparent property provided by the JavaScript API.Car Dashboard

28 www.fusioncharts.comEach of the Vertical LED gauges is fed a random number every 250 milliseconds.Both the Bulb gauges are set to static values.The setInterval JavaScript timer function is called every 250 milliseconds,which in turn calls the feedData API call and feeds a random value to the gauge..Music System Equalizer

29 www.fusioncharts.comThe setInterval JavaScript timer function is called every 250 milliseconds,which in turn calls the feedData API call and feeds a random value to the gauge.The first bulb gauge is set to a static value, while the remaining 4 are fed randomvalues at various time intervals to simulate real world functions.Router Demo

30 www.fusioncharts.comThis real-time dashboard visualizes all the critical patient vitals and enhancespatient acuity by streaming “actual” information that matter the most.Patient Monitoring System

31 www.fusioncharts.comColumn and bar charts are used when you want to compare the values of indi-vidual data points with another. They help in bringing out the highs and lowsof the data set very easily. For example, if you want to find the best and worstperformers among ten salespeople, either of these charts will do the job.Column & Bar ChartsFusionCharts Suite XT is a comprehensive charting solution that can plot over 90charts types and 550 maps. The Suite consists of 4 products, as below, each ofwhich contains different charts types and has a specific purpose.Chart Album

32 www.fusioncharts.com

33 www.fusioncharts.com

34 www.fusioncharts.comLine and area charts are used to show trends and performance over a period oftime. For example, if you want to see how steadily the population of a countryhas been growing, these charts can help you understand the overall trend with-out going into the individual values themselves.Line & Area Charts

35 www.fusioncharts.com

36 www.fusioncharts.com

37 www.fusioncharts.comThe pie and the doughnut charts are used to show the breakdown of data intoits constituents, i.e. parts of a whole. For example, if you had to breakdownyour website traffic into all the different sources, these charts are the right fit.Pie & Doughnut Charts

38 www.fusioncharts.com

39 www.fusioncharts.comThe zoom line chart is used to plot tens of thousands of data points all at once.Starting with the macroscopic view, you can use its zoom and scroll feature tohave a microscopic view of the data. It also helps in comparison of non-adjacentdata sets using the pin functionality. For example, if you had to plot the dailystock price of a company over a decade, the zoom line chart is the best fit.Zoom Line Charts

40 www.fusioncharts.comA combination chart is a chart that combines two or more charts types in a singlecharts e.g., a column charts series and a line charts series, but both having thesame units and magnitude. In a single Y-axis combination charts, all the dataseries are plotted against the same y-axis. For example, if you have to comparecurrent year sales (montly) with last year sales, you can use the column series toshow current year sales, and line series to show last year sales. In this case, theline charts will serve as a reference point for the column charts.Combination Charts (Single Y)

41 www.fusioncharts.com

42 www.fusioncharts.comA combination chart is a chart that combines two or more charts types in a singlecharts e.g., a column charts series and a line charts series. In a dual Y-axis com-bination charts, each axis has its own unit and magnitude, and each data seriesconforms to one of these axis. For example, if you have to compare current yearrevenue (monthly) with quantity of items, you can use the column series on pri-mary axis to show current year sales, and line series on secondary axis to showquantity. The revenue figures on primary axis will reflect $ values, whereas lineseries on secondary axis will reflect unit values.Combination Charts (Dual Y)

43 www.fusioncharts.com

44 www.fusioncharts.comThe stacked charts are used when data sets have to be broken down into theirconstituents, and then the data sets as a whole also need to be comparedagainst one another. For example, if you wanted to show the total monthly salesas a column charts, but within each column indicate what % of sales came fromproduct and what % came from services in the respective month, you would usethe stacked charts. The stacked charts help in comparison of sum, but is notsuited for comparison of the constituents of each column against each other.Stacked Charts

45 www.fusioncharts.com

46 www.fusioncharts.comThe scroll charts are used in dashboards and monitors when there is a lot of datato show, but very little space. Instead of accommodating all data in the con-strained space, you can use a scroll charts to increase the space and display thedata better.Scroll Charts

47 www.fusioncharts.com

48 www.fusioncharts.comThe bubble and the XY charts are used when all the axes on the charts are nu-meric axes, unlike the line or the column charts where one is category axis andanother is numeric. The bubble charts is used when there are three interdepen-dent numeric parameters to be shown on a charts. For example, you can use thebubble charts to manage your investments better with age of the investments,its RoI and the amount you have invested in it being the three parameters youplot.The XY charts is used when there are two interdependent parameters to beshown on a charts. For example, to understand the variation of rainfall withtemperature, the XY charts is an ideal choice.Bubble & XY Charts

49 www.fusioncharts.com

50 www.fusioncharts.comA Pareto chart is used for showing everything 80-20. Containing a column and a linearranged in descending order, you can use it to isolate the key causes of a problem,or for determining the key factors for success. For example, if you had to see fromwhich 20% of your code do 80% of your bugs emanate from, or which 20% of yourcustomers generate 80% of your revenue, the Pareto charts is the best fit.Pareto Charts

51 www.fusioncharts.comThe Marimekko charts makes marketing analysis easier. You can use it to represent3 dimensions of marketing data - total value of a market segment, combined shareof all competitors in a particular market segment and individual share of competi-tors in each of the market segments. For example, you can show the market shareof three manufacturers (namely A, B and C) in three segments (Desktop, Laptop,Notebook) and the share of each segment in the market itself using the Marimekkocharts.Marimekko Charts

52 www.fusioncharts.comGauges are single value indicators that are used in dashboards, real-time monitorsand reports. They are used to display Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), progressindicators and quantity indicators. For example, you can use them to display costper acquisition in a management dashboard. The bulb gauge is a special gaugethat is used to reflect a single state using pre-defined color. For example, it canbe used to monitor the overall condition of a furnace and raise an alert when thetemperature becomes too high by turning into red color.Gauges

53 www.fusioncharts.com

54 www.fusioncharts.comThe Gantt chart is a specialized chart used for planning and scheduling projects. Youcan use it to lay out the order in which tasks need to be carried out, manage depen-dencies between them, determine the resources needed and even show the prog-ress of the project as of today. For example, if you had to breakdown and manageyour software development cycle better, the Gantt charts would be of great help.Gantt Charts

55 www.fusioncharts.comSpark charts are small word-sized charts that are simple in design and dense indata. Owing to their small size, you can embed them easily in content and in ex-ecutive dashboards to show a lot of KPI’s in a single view. For example, to displaymonthly rainfall in a city whose climate is being discussed or to display stock pricesin an investment dashboard, you would use the spark charts.Spark Charts

56 www.fusioncharts.comThe bullet graph is a variation of a bar charts designed by Stepehen Few to serveas a replacement for gauges and meters. You can use the bullet graph to displaya single measure like revenue, compare that measure to the target and add morecontext to it by dividing the complete range into poor, average and good ranges.Bullet Graphs

57 www.fusioncharts.comReal-time charts (also called as data streaming charts) automatically update them-selves every ‘n’ seconds by getting new data from the server. You can use them todisplay up-to-second data in stock monitors, network monitoring applications andmanufacturing process indicators.Real-time charts

58 www.fusioncharts.com

59 www.fusioncharts.comThe funnel chart is used to show progressive reduction of data as it passes from onephase to another. It is most widely used to show sales conversion rates - startingfrom the number of leads you got, you move to the number of leads you could youqualify and finally the closure stage. Using the funnel, it is easy to identify the stagewhere most leaks are happening which can then be worked on. You can also use itto visualize the recruitment process in your organization and website visitor trends.Funnel Charts

60 www.fusioncharts.comThe Pyramid charts helps you visualize both the hierarchical structure as well asquantity of the data in a pyramid-like structure. For example, if you have to repre-sent the income distribution of a country, the pyramid charts will start representingthe highest earning category of the country at top, and gradually decrease to thebottom representing the lowest earning category. Each section also shows what per-centage of entire population is present in that category. The width of the pyramidcharts, however, has no significance.Pyramid Charts

61 www.fusioncharts.comThe Heat Map charts represents data in a tabular format with user-defined colorranges like low, average and high. It is used to plot complex data like performancecomparison of different companies, periodic table, employee attendance, stockmarket investments and the like. Using the heat map charts from PowerCharts XT,you can see all data sets lying in a particular color range just by selecting it.Heat Map Charts

62 www.fusioncharts.com

63 www.fusioncharts.comThe Radar chart is a very effective tool for comparing multiple entities based ondifferent characteristics. For instance, they can be used for comparing variouscars based on their fuel efficiency, maneuverability, pick-up and engine power.Radar (Spider Charts)

64 www.fusioncharts.comThe Candlestick chart is widely used for analysis of equity and commodity prices.Using a Candlestick chart you can show the opening price, closing price, highesttrading price, lowest trading price and the trade volume put together on a singlecharts.Candlestick Charts

65 www.fusioncharts.comA waterfall chart lets you show how a value increases or decreases to come toa final value. PowerCharts XT brings to you an interactive Waterfall chart thatautomatically color codes positive and negative values and draws connectorsbetween data plots to indicate rise or fall in values.Waterfall Charts

66 www.fusioncharts.comPowerCharts XT Drag-able charts are a specialized form of conventional column,line and area charts. You can visually edit the values of the plotted data simplyby dragging the data plots. Drag-able charts are meant to be used as interactiveplanning tools, as they allow for visual editing of plotted values and submissionof the modified data back to server.Visually Editable Charts

67 www.fusioncharts.comThe Select Scatter charts from PowerCharts XT is an advanced form of a conven-tional X-Y Scatter chart. It allows the end user to select a group of data pointsby drawing a rectangle around them. The selected data can be submitted backto the server for further action.Visually Selectable Charts

68 www.fusioncharts.comThe Multi-Level Pie chart is a modern data visualization format that is used fordisplaying hierarchical relationships. You can use it to show both symmetricaland asymmetrical hierarchies. Multi-Level Pie charts in PowerCharts XT offer vi-sual path tracing from a child node right back to the root node.Multi-Level Pie Charts

69 www.fusioncharts.comThe Drag Node chart is a powerful diagramming tool. Using it, you can build visu-ally editable diagrams such as network diagrams and organizational charts. TheDrag Node charts serve as a powerful collaborative planning tool also, as it can bevisually modified on the client-side and submitted back to the server.Drag Node Charts

70 www.fusioncharts.comThe Multi-Axis Line chart offered in PowerCharts XT is an advanced form of theconventional line charts. As the name goes, this chart can have more than onescale axis, so you can easily contrast a set of entities based on multiple param-eters. For instance, on a single Multi-Axis Line chart you can contrast a set ofcountries based on their population, size and per-capita income – without theMulti-Axis Line charts, you’d require 3 separate line charts to show this data.Multi-axis Line Charts

71 www.fusioncharts.comError charts are conventional column, line and scatter charts with the ability toshow error (or deviation) in data.Error Charts

72 www.fusioncharts.comInverse Y-axis charts are specialized forms of conventional column, line and areacharts, which plot data on an inverted scale (descending order). They are usedfor showing ranking order, race timings and other trends.Logarithmic charts are specialized forms of column and line charts that plot dataon a logarithmic scale. The PowerCharts Logarithmic charts can have a logarith-mic scale of any base greater than 1. These charts are perfect for plotting datathat comprise of both small and large values.Log & Inverse Axis Charts

73 www.fusioncharts.comThe Box & Whisker charts quickly displays the spread and skewness in a batchof data through its five-number summary: min, max, median, upper and lowerquartiles. The distribution of multiple batches of data can be easily compared bydisplaying their boxplots side-by-side. It can also display mean, mean deviation,standard deviation and quartile deviation of the batch plotted.Box & Whisker Charts

74 www.fusioncharts.comSpline charts are specialized forms of conventional line and area charts. Unlikeconventional charts which connect data points with straight lines, a Spline chartsdraws a fitted curve through the data points. They can be used as an alternativeto ordinary line or area charts, but are used more specifically for plotting datathat requires the use of curve fittings e.g. Impulse-response charts, product lifecycle charts etc.Spline & Spline Area Charts

75 www.fusioncharts.comStep Line charts are a specialized form of line charts that use only vertical andhorizontal lines to connect the data points. These charts are used when the datais not continuous in nature but characterized by a jump from one level to anoth-er. They are preferred over line charts in such cases because they form a step-like structure and bring out the intermittent pattern (the rise and fall in data)better.Step Line Charts

76 www.fusioncharts.comThe Kagi chart is widely used for analysis of equity and commodity prices. It isan effective tool for making trading decisions as it eliminates minor fluctuationsto provide clear understanding of long term trends.Kagi Charts

77 www.fusioncharts.comDisplay office locations and workforce numbers acrossthe globeOffice location

78 www.fusioncharts.comDisplay customer satisfaction index across multiple regionsCustomer satisfaction index

79 www.fusioncharts.comDisplay hit rates across the globeHits by country

80 www.fusioncharts.comDisplay popularity comparison across multiple regionsPopularity map

81 www.fusioncharts.comDisplay sales data across multiple regionsSales data

82 www.fusioncharts.comDisplay world populationPopulation index

83 www.fusioncharts.comSuccess storiesOur customers

84 www.fusioncharts.comInternet & E-commerceWeather.com, LinkedIn, eBay, AdMob, Expedia, Yelp.com, Facebook, W3Optimizer.com,Google Docs, GoDaddy, AccuWeather, Quepasa, Renren, Zoho, SalesForce, Wufoo, Click-Tale, Ask, Cnet.com, MoneyControl, Rediff.com, HubSpot, WikinvestIT, Software & ServicesApple, IBM, Google, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Yahoo, Oracle, Adobe, Nokia, Sun Microsystems,Lenovo, Novell, Intuit, Tibco, Verisign, VMware, CA, Symantec, Trend Micro, PayPal Eu-rope, RSA Security, JDA Software, Progress Software, EMC, ArcSight, Pitney Bowes, Au-todesk, SunGard, Akamai, Sage Software, Yodlee, Quest Software, NetApp, Blackboard,Infosys, Wipro, Compuware, Atlassian Software, Network Solutions, Cognizant, Perot Sys-tems, Capgemini, L&T Infotech, AribaConsultingMcKinsey & Co., Accenture, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, MercerBI SoftwareActuate, JasperSoft, LogiXML, Celequest, Progress SoftwareHardware, Telecom or NetworkingCisco, AT & T, Research in Motion, Qualcomm, Vodafone, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Nor-tel Networks, Advanced Micro Devices, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, Verizon wireless, 3COM,Siemens, Telenor, Xerox, Avaya, Huawei Technologies, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communica-tions, Saudi Telecom, China Mobile, Cable & Wireless International, Telecom Italia, Portu-gal Telecom, Hughes NetworkBanking & FinanceCitibank, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Bank of America, HSBC, The WorldBank, Wells Fargo Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland, American Express Company, Fiserv,Barclays, UBS AG, BNP Paribas, ING Life Insurance, State Farm Insurance, Fidelity Invest-ments, China Development Bank, Bank of Ireland, National Commercial Bank, HDFC BankLtd., Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Axis Bank Ltd, Bank Of Korea, Metlife Insurance,London Stock Exchange, BankinterCustomers across different verticals

85 www.fusioncharts.comWhat’s Next?From the time we pioneered interactive charting, way back in 2002 to currentlypowering over a billion charts per month in JavaScript (HTML5), we have come along way. While the technology landscape has seen many changes come and go,with many more on the anvil, we have continually embraced those. What has notchanged though is our unflinching focus on data visualization - for that’s the onlything we love, eat, sleep and care about.Pedigree, proof and a deep understanding of enterprise needs have made us thede-facto charting standard among 21,000 customers and 450,000 developers in118 countries.The epic journey continues and innumerable delights galore!

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