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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: yuwishjane

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PICTURE BEE!!! + + -n d- + -f + -apes = GUIDANCE PROGRAM h-

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PICTURE BEE!!! + -ce + + -f -orn + -e ca- = DIRECTIVE

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COUNSELING SERVICES Prepared by: Eizaleen B. Fusingan III – 26 BS Psychology

Counseling Services Counseling is not… Lecturing Just talking to a pupil Just teaching Into compulsion

Counselor/Counseling Teacher/Teaching • Done one-in-one that seeks to assist the student as a unique individual. • Concerned with adjustment. • Meets problems related to social and emotional adjustment. • Techniques and training are centered on the psychological make-up of the students. • The subject matter of the interview is unknown to the counselor and sometimes unknown to the counselee. • Done in groups that is based on the assumption that students are more alike than they really are. • Concerned with the intellectual or academic areas. • Encounters problems with regards to students’ difficulty in mastering the course content. • Techniques and training are focused upon the use of effective methods in presenting the subject matter. • The subject matter outcomes (or objectives) to be obtained are known by the teacher.

Counseling Services What is Counseling?  Counseling is a consultation, mutual interchange of opinions; deliberating together. (Webster’s Dictionary)  Counseling is an interview or conference between a pupil and a member of the school staff with whom he has a guidance relationship, for the purpose of considering some of his problems and a desirable course of action. (Clarence Dunsmoor )

Counseling Services  Counseling is a means of helping people to learn how to solve their own problems. (Williamson)  Counseling is an attempt to aid the individual by assisting him to a reorganization of attitudes, feelings, and emotions, such that he can make optional use of his abilities and physical endowments. (Arthur Coombs )  Counseling is a structured relationship which allows the client to gain an understanding of himself to a degree which enables him to take positive steps in the light of his new orientation.(Carl Rogers)

Counseling Services Purposes of Counseling (Dunsmoor and Miller)  Give the pupil information on matters important to his success.  Get information about the pupil which will be of help to him in solving his problems.

Counseling Services Purposes of Counseling (Dunsmoor and Miller)  Establish a feeling of mutual understanding between pupil and teacher.  Help the pupil work out a plan for solving his difficulties.

Counseling Services Purposes of Counseling (Dunsmoor and Miller)  Help the pupil know himself better, his interests, abilities, aptitudes, and available opportunities.  Encourage special talents and develop right attitudes

Counseling Services Purposes of Counseling (Dunsmoor and Miller)  Inspire successful endeavour toward the attainment or realization of objectives.  Assist the pupil in planning for his educational and vocational choices

Counseling Services Stages of the Counseling Process  Exploratory stage - The facts about the individual are brought out  Interpretative stage - The counselor study clearly what those facts mean  Adjustment stage - Translates insight into action

Counseling Services Essentials of the Counseling Process (Ruth Strang)  Relationship  Atmosphere  Facilitation of counselee’s efforts  Attention to life’s adjustments  Follow-up

Counseling Services Steps in Counseling 1. Determining the problem. 2. Establish the proper conditions for the counseling situation. 3. Selecting appropriate methods to be used in counseling.

Counseling Services Steps in Counseling 4. Facilitating the expression of feeling on the part of the counselee. 5. Assisting in the clarification of the problem: structuring the problem and the relationship. 6. Assembling the information systematically. 7. Interpreting the data.

Counseling Services Steps in Counseling 8. Developing a course of action. 9. Making provision for further counseling. 10. Writing a summary report. 11. Conducting a follow-up program.


Counseling Services Types of Counseling 1. Directive or Clinical Counseling - This type termed and described as the clinical method by Williamson, consists of the process and one treatment. He listed five steps for directive counseling, as follows:  Clinical analysis  Diagnosis  Prognosis  Counseling  Follow-up

Counseling Services Types of Counseling 2. Non-directive Counseling - This method associated with Rogers, Strang and Warters, is completely client-centered and places the responsibility on the client for exploring his own problem, with the emphasis on the individual and not on the problem, and on his potentialities. The counselor does not give information.

Counseling Services Process:  The client asks for help and gives his reason.  The situation is defined and the counselor defines the limits of his responsibilities, encouraging the counselee to tell all.  The counselor displays a friendly, interested, and receptive attitude.  A negative attitude gradually gives way to a positive one. The period of release is followed by insight.  Insight is converted into action.  Relationship with counselor ends.

Counseling Services Types of Counseling 3. Eclectic Counseling - Thorne’s orientation to the theory and practice of personality counseling eclecticism says that a counselor should be competent and proficient in the use of all available methods. Thorne’s eclectic process of counseling includes five steps:

Counseling Services  Diagnosis of the cause or causes of maladjustment  Planning the modification of the cause or causes.  Securing conditions conducive to learning.  Stimulating the client by implied motivation to develop his own resources.  Proper handling of any problems subsequent to adjustment.

Counseling Services Counselor is like a gardener who prepares the soil and does everything he can to help each plant grow in its own best way.

Counseling Services REFERENCES Books  Baker, S. B. (1992). School Counseling for the 21st Century. New York.  Decal-Mendoza, E. (2003). Guidance and Counseling Today. Rex Book Store Inc.  Gaudencio, A. V., & Alviar, C. C. (2004). Principles of Guidance and Counseling: A Modern Approach.  Kapunan, R. R. (1974). Fundamentals of Guidance and Counseling. Rex Book Store.

Counseling Services Thank You For Listening! 

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