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Information about Funeral Trust

Published on January 18, 2009

Author: careychandler


POWER POINTPRESENTATION : POWER POINTPRESENTATION PROTECT YOUR FAMILY’S INHERITANCE NEW CLIENT PRESENTATION SEMINAR FUNERAL TRUST CAREY CHANDLER CAREYCHANDLER@GMAIL.COM (731) 394 2130 WELCOME : WELCOME EDUCATIONAL COURSE PRE-NEED PLANNING WITH THE IRREVOCABLE FUNERAL TRUST ESTATE PLANNING BENEFITS By CAREY CHANDLER Slide 12: IF YOU SPEND-DOWN YOUR LIFE SAVINGS TO $2000.00 TO BECOME ELIGIBLE FOR MEDICAID…THERE ARE NO FUNDS REMAINING TO PAY FOR FUNERAL EXPENSES…PRE-PLANNING IS A MUST TODAY! Slide 13: SINCE 93% OF ALL SENIOR CITIZENS OVER THE AGE OF 65 DO NOT HAVE NURSING HOME INSURANCE…PROTECTING ASSETS IS VERY IMPORTANT…SHELTER DOLLARS FROM THE NURSING HOME USING THE PRE-FUNDED FUNERAL TRUST Slide 14: Pre-Funded Funeral Trusts for Family Members can be a great way to spend-down assets To become eligible for Medicaid. *MOST STATES ALLOW PARENTS TO FUND FUNERAL TRUSTS FOR THEIR CHILDREN AND NOT COUNT AS A DIVESTMENT. FUNDS USED TO FUND BURIAL SPACES MAY BE EXEMPT.* CONSULT AN ELDER LAW ATTORNEY FOR SPECIFIC RULES PERTAINING TO YOUR STATE. *Medicaid Eligibility Can vary from state to state. Some states may allow parents to fund “Burial Spaces” with the Funeral Trust for their children. Slide 15: It is recommended that you consult an Elder Law Attorney for Specific rules for your state. Medicaid Eligibility varies from state to state. Slide 17: PLAN TODAY! Slide 18: PLANNING IN ADVANCE Slide 19: IRREVOCABLE FUNERAL TRUST YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CONSULT AN ELDER LAW ATTORNEY FOR ELIGIBILITY ISSUES FOR YOUR STATE OF RESIDENT. MEDICAID RULES VARY FROM STATE TO STATE. THE IRREVOCABLE FUNERAL TRUST IS A PACKAGED PROGRAM WHERE AN INSURANCE POLICY WITH SIMPLE INTEREST GROWTH IS ASSIGNED TO THE IRREVOCABLE FUNERAL EXPENSE TRUST TO PROVIDE YOU WITH THE MOST PROTECTION FOR YOUR MONEY This Program is specifically designed to set aside funds for your Funeral And relieve this burden from your family. Slide 20: FUNERAL TRUST COMPARISON THE IRREVOCABLE FUNERAL TRUST PROVIDES THE MOST PROTECTION AND PEACE OF MIND IN PRE-PLANNING! IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU CONSULT AN ELDER LAW ATTORNEY FOR SPECIFIC MEDICAID RULES IN YOUR STATE Slide 21: PEACE OF MIND THANK YOU FOR VIEWING : THANK YOU FOR VIEWING FREE CONSULTATION TO REVIEW ESTATE PLANNING ISSUES. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU! DISCLAIMERDELCO BROKERAGE : DISCLAIMERDELCO BROKERAGE MEDICAID RULES VARY FROM STATE TO STATE. ELIGIBILITY RULES PERTAINING THE IRREVOCABLE FUNERAL TRUST AND FINAL EXPENSE PLANS CAN VARY. MEDICAID RULES CAN CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. This presentation is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to convey specific rules on Medicaid or any other Government Program. Prior to presenting this presentation to a client, it is recommended that the agent knows the rules pertaining the irrevocable funeral trust by consulting an elder law attorney. Specific rules vary from state to state. It is also recommended that the client consult an elder law attorney. The Irrevocable Funeral Trust with the Final Expense Insurance plan is not meant to shelter additional assets. It is specifically meant to provide for funeral expenses only. If there are excess funds remaining after the funeral home is paid at the time of death, the beneficiary should be the “Estate of the Insured” for ESTATE RECOVERY PURPOSES if the insured was on Medicaid or SSI. Agents marketing the funeral trust should never tell a client that the funeral trust is a method of sheltering additional assets. It is only meant to cover the costs of the actual funeral.

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