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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: alpadeliver2inbox


PowerPoint Presentation: Fundamentals of email marketing PowerPoint Presentation: Marketing Mix Email marketing should compliment existing initiatives. You have already spent resources: learning about your market, customers and competition. You have developed your marketing message, choosing mediums and setting goals and marketing budget. Email marketing done properly is a powerful addition to the marketing department’s arsenal of tools. What tools are presently used in your marketing strategy? Television Radio Prints Publications Direct mail What corporate messages and guidelines will your Email initiatives support? PowerPoint Presentation: Digital Mediums: Website and Email Support Existing Marketing Initiatives: In combination a website and email campaigns are powerful tools to help implement a thought out e-marketing strategy that supports and enhances existing traditional marketing initiatives. A winning combination: Website + Email Strategy: A winning combination: Website + Email Strategy Targeted email newsletters and bulletins Viral campaign that helped sign up 8,000 + new memberships and record donations 10 different databases online in 48 hour with call centre integration Sophisticated voter tracking and profiling PowerPoint Presentation: Any Best bulk email sender marketing initiative is built around goals that will result in a value relationship with target audiences PowerPoint Presentation: Advantages of email marketing PowerPoint Presentation: Easy and Cheap - Email marketing is an easy method and it is as simple as emailing your friends. Unlike other advertising methods, you do not have to spend huge money on preparing pamphlets, logos and producing advertising campaigns. All you need is email addresses of a group of people and prepare a nice draft that throws sufficient light on your business, service or product. Also, drop a link of your website along with it and your job is done. PowerPoint Presentation: Wide Reachability - Email Marketing ensures that you reach a wider group of customers and audience. Moreover, you do not even need to know every one of them personally. You can take email addresses from social networking sites, yellow pages or other public sources. PowerPoint Presentation: Quick Communication – affordable bulk Email marketing is the fastest way of spreading your word. Email not only helps you market yourself but it also enables you to reply to customer queries and resolve their problems. Most of the technical problems can be solved online through email, which saves labor, time and money. PowerPoint Presentation: Builds Direct Relationships - Email marketing helps building direct relationship with the end users, that is, your clients. If they read about your product or service in a newspaper, they might not pay any attention to it. However, if you deliver the message into their mailbox with emphasis on right things, there are less chances of being ignored. PowerPoint Presentation: 24-hour marketing strategy - Your customers may or may not be online but you can marketing campaign good bulk mail them at any time and be assured that your message is lying safe in their inbox. PowerPoint Presentation: Reaches out to Target Audience - If you have a service or product for a niche audience, email marketing comes very handy. You can talk to a niche audience by making them understand about your product by sending emails. It is far better than hitting in the dark and waiting for any reply from a vast group of customers. For a niche market, email marketing is cost-effective and very efficient. PowerPoint Presentation: Common E-Mail Communication Objectives PowerPoint Presentation: Enhance relationships & loyalty Maintain contact with web site visitors Promote internal communication Acquisition versus retention programs Build brand awareness Establish image of expertise Drive immediate sales: Increase revenue by up-selling to existing customers/clients and prospects Support sales cycle: Post-order targeted bulk e-mails PowerPoint Presentation: Reaching target audience through email list PowerPoint Presentation: Build in–house opt-in list Capture web site visitors Ask already made contacts for authorization Use database to collect demographic & behavioral information Establish a privacy policy Re-confirm subscription requests Offer easy unsubscribe option Survey recipients to enhance relevancy of messages PowerPoint Presentation: E-Mail Programs to Implement PowerPoint Presentation: Disseminate announcements & press releases Conduct surveys Corporate newsletters & archiving Product updates & announcements Discussion groups for committee members Internal workgroups Event & service reminders Sales promotional offers Order transaction confirmations Account status mass e-mail marketing . PowerPoint Presentation: E-Mail Metrics PowerPoint Presentation: Open-up rates Bounces versus real deliveries Click-through rates Track web site click-stream after clicking from e-mail View tracking results online in real time Analyze results in statistical programs Evaluate results and adjust communication efforts Concluding Recommendations: Concluding Recommendations Integrate e-mail into your integrated communication plan Business E-Mail marketing is best used for retention and other customer permission-based communications Consider double opt-in and build your permission-based lists Respect recipients’ privacy to earn their trust Personalize messages to provide relevant information and increase response rates Evaluate options and opt for time-tested solutions PowerPoint Presentation: Thanking you... For more info log on too...

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