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Published on October 1, 2014

Author: ErinShellman



This was a fun workshop introducing the core functionality of the Twitter API, presented by myself and Stephanie Kim of Seattle PyLadies.

Fun! with the Twitter API Stephanie Kim, @stephlkim Erin Shellman, @erinshellman ! June 30, 2014 Seattle PyLadies presents…

Every other Monday.

Intro to Python View slide

APIs describe how software communicates • Application Programming Interfaces often come in the form of a module containing specialized classes. View slide

REST APIs interface consumers with resources on a server • Representational state transfer (REST) • REST APIs are specifications of remote calls exposed to API consumers. 1. Separate client from server. 2. Stateless. 3. Use HTTP/HTTPS.

What could you build?

OAuth OAuth is an open standard that allows us to access protected resources hosted by a resource server.

Lets get some tokens!

Reading documentation is 90%

Request verbs • There are 5 common methods a client can apply to a resource: • GET • HEAD • POST • PUT • DELETE

The anatomy of a request • Request Line - Tells the server what type of request is being sent (e.g. GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) • Header - Send over any required values, like security tokens. • Body - What resource are you asking for?

request line header body

Responses • A successful request to the server results in a response, hopefully containing the resource you requested. • The response will contain a 3-digit status code starting with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

Response Codes • 1__: Working on the request. • 2__: Everything’”⁹s cool. • 3__: Everything’”⁹s cool, but something else is happening. • 4__: Oh man, not cool. • 5__: The server errored out. See:

The response also has a response line, header and body • Similarly to the request, a response contains a response line, a header and a body.

Make your own!

Teaser for next time:

Resources 1. Programmable Web. http:// 2. Designing a RESTful API with Flask. http:// python-and-flask 3. Cool mashups made possible with APIs. http:// 4. Great book about REST APIs. RESTful-Web-APIs-Leonard-Richardson-ebook/dp/ B00F5BS966

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