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Published on May 29, 2013

Author: RobinAge



Teach children all about the prehistoric man through interactive visuals and puzzles!

Weekly Children’s Newspaper www.robinage.comEOTO : Prehistoric ManFun Learning for KidsWeekly Children’s Newspaper

Early Man Trivia - Fill in the Blanks!• The scientific name for the human species is Homo _____• Early humans were found by specialists who dig up fossils. These specialistsare called _____?• Prehistoric humans went through three different stages of development intools. They are _____, _____ and _____.Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Match the species to the ancestors they evolvedfrom!Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Pick the type of house early man used to live in!Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Pre-History Word Search!Find words related to pre-historic humans in the grid below.Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Homo erectus was the first species to use fire.Identify the material used to create fire.Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Imagine This!If you were a prehistoric human, the first of our human species, what wouldyou do?Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Answers:• a: sapiens, b: archaeologists, c: Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age• 1: b, 2:c, 3: d, 4: a• Cave• Spear, Fire, Hunter, Gatherer, Nomad, Bow, Fossil• FlintWeekly Children’s Newspaper

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