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Published on July 30, 2013

Author: RobinAge



Teach kids to develop good manners and social etiquette through these interactive images.

Weekly Children’s Newspaper EOTO : Good Manners Fun Learning for Kids Weekly Children’s Newspaper

From the image, pick out the correct ways to greet a person. Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Do It or Don't! For the given statements, list if you should 'Do It' or 'Don't'! A. When somebody shouts at you, shout back at them. ______ B. Treat everyone with equal respect _____ C. Do not interrupt grown-ups who are speaking with each other unless there is an emergency.______ D. Say hurtful things to other children because it is funny. _____ Weekly Children’s Newspaper Do It!

Choose the correct words and fill in the blanks. 1. When a friend or family gives you a gift, you say _________ (thank you/okay) 2. _______ is the key to success. (Discipline/Anger) 3. Always speak _______ (the truth/lie) Weekly Children’s Newspaper

The grid below is filled with good qualities that all human beings must have. Find 7 qualities. Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Cleaning up your room or your mess is a sign of responsibility and good behaviour. Match these items to their rightful place. Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Take a look at these two images and tell us how you would behave in the following situations. 1. If your friend is injured 2. If you see an elderly person standing in a bus Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Answers: 1. Handshake and namaste 2. A: Don’t, B: Do it, C: Do it, D: Don’t 3. 1: Thank you, 2: Discipline, 3: the truth 4. Polite, generous, patience, trust, forgive, caring, respect 5. 1:d, 2: c, 3: b, 4: a 6. 1: Administer first aid for your friend or take your friend to a doctor, 2: Offer your seat to the elderly Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Thank You! Connect with us @ Weekly Children’s Newspaper Print this slideshow to teach kids offline!

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