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Published on April 18, 2013

Author: RobinAge



Teach children the different types of flowers with these visual puzzles!

Weekly Children’s Newspaper www.robinage.comEOTO : FlowersFun Learning for KidsWeekly Children’s Newspaper

Can you identify these four flowers?Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Match the flowers to their names!Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Complete the names of these flowers:• B _ U _ A I _ V I _ _ E _• D _ F _ O D _ L• L _ V _ N _ _ RWeekly Children’s Newspaper

The Arum Titan (Amorphophallustitanum), the largest flower in theworld, blooms for only two days.Did You Know?- The flower is native to the rainforests of Sumatra.- It stands at 2.27 metres in height and can weighupto 100kgs.- It is also the stinkiest flower in the world!Weekly Children’s Newspaper

The name chrysanthemum is derived froma Greek word that translates to ‘gold flower’.List as many smaller words you can make from ‘Chrysanthemum’Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Pick the odd one out! Which flower is awinter flower?Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Answers:1. a: Hibiscus, b: Honeysuckle, c: Lotus, d: Tulip2. 1:b, 2:d, 3:a, 4:c3. Bougainvillea, Daffodil, Lavender4. cast, anthem, chant, math, cane, ancestry, area, cart, camera and manymore5. DaphneWeekly Children’s Newspaper

Thank You!Connect with us Children’s Newspaper www.robinage.comPrint this slideshow to teach kids offline!

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