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Published on June 21, 2013

Author: RobinAge



Teach children about the different species of animals through these fun and interactive images!

Weekly Children’s Newspaper www.robinage.comEOTO : Animal SpeciesFun Learning for KidsWeekly Children’s Newspaper

Who Am I? Identify the animals from thedescriptions below.A. I am colourful and brightI love to chat away like there’s no tomorrowI can repeat everything you say!B. Hip hop hippity hopI am bouncy and bigFurry and fastWith my little one safe in my pouch.C. I love broccoli, lettuce, carrots and turnipsI’m a small fuzzy ball of funGive me a wheel and I’ll run and runWeekly Children’s Newspaper

With humans, our young are called babies. Whatare the young ones of the following animalscalled?• Fish• Horse• Hare• FerretWeekly Children’s Newspaper

Match these animal names to their photos!Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Identify the breeds of these pure bred dogsand cats!Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Animal Tracking! Can you identify theanimals by their paw prints?Weekly Children’s Newspaper

If you could have any animal as a pet, whichanimal would you choose?Weekly Children’s Newspaper

Answers:• Parrot, Kangaroo, Hamster• fry / fingerling, foal, leveret, kit• 1: c, 2: a, 3: d, 4: b• A: Abyssinian, B: Corgi, C: Sphynx, D: Irish Terrier• 1: Dog, 2: Duck, 3: Frog, 4: BearWeekly Children’s Newspaper

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