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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: e1033930

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Finding Full-text

Full-text  When you find an article on Summon you may sometimes find that the link to full-text does not work.  Many articles that you find in databases may also not include links to full-text, especially very recent articles. This occurs most frequently in Cinahl where there are embargos on current content in some key journals.  However, there are several steps you can take to overcome this.

Broken links in Summon Instead of linking to the article, you may get a similar message to this:

Dealing with broken links If this happens, or full-text is just not available in the database you are searching in, you can navigate to the article manually as follows: Note the title of the journal, the date, volume, part and page number. You will need this information to help you locate the article in another database. Go to A-Z of E-Journals (on the MyUCS homepage) and enter the title of the journal (or a few words from the title) in the search box.

Embargos on latest content  These are when publishers limit access to the latest content, usually for a period up to 12 months.  This is the case for a number of key journals in Cinahl e.g. Journal of Clinical Nursing and Journal of Advanced Nursing.  The A-Z of E-Journals is again a helpful way of checking if the content is available in another UCS database. The Wiley-Blackwell collection, for example, includes the latest content for the above titles.

A-Z of E-Journals  At the results list, select a database with the correct date coverage for the journal and navigate to the correct issue to find the article.  In the example below, you would select Wiley-Blackwell Journals to access an article from the latest year of Journal of Clinical Nursing.

Linking to the journal  The link will take you directly to the journal, usually to the first issue.  Look for a link to the back issues, archives or, in this case, See all  Navigate to the actual volume and part.

Navigating to the article  Follow the links to find the correct issue.  Click on the link to open up the articles within the issue.

Using the Proquest  Unlike Cinahl, search results from Proquest may include a 360 link in instead of a PDF.  The following are UCS Proquest databases:  British Nursing Index,  Nursing & Allied Health  Psychology Journals  The 360 link will automatically re-direct you to another database which hosts the full-text of the article. Even better, it will link you directly to the it with no further navigation needed.

Requesting articles  If the A-Z of E-Journals does not direct you to another database, you can always request the article.  Requesting articles is free and only takes a few days fro articles to be posted directly to you.  Complete and sign a request form for each item and include a handwritten signature (this is needed for copyright purposes).  The form can be returned in person or by post; alternatively, you can scan the form and return it by email to interlibrary@ucs.ac.uk

Dangers of limiting to full-text  Tip! If you limit your results to full-text items only you may miss important new articles.  At levels 5 and 6, when you are doing systematic searching (e.g. for a literature review), limiting to full-text is not considered to be an acceptable exclusion criteria.  You should use the A-Z of E-Journals to check if the full-text is available in another database or, failing that, you should request a copy of the article.

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