Full Adder - Combinational Circuit

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Information about Full Adder - Combinational Circuit

Published on February 4, 2014

Author: docircuits

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Lab Manual at www.docircuits.com - Full Adder : Combinational Circuit

Access this lab-manual at: http://www.docircuits.com/lab-manual/21/full-adder Full Adder Aim Aim is to build a full adder circuit and verify the output. Related Experiments FULL ADDER Description Theory: A binary adder adds two binary bits and generates the sum bit and the carry bit. In order to cascade several one-bit adders to configure multiple adders there must be a provision to add the carry from the previous stage. Such an adder is called a full adder. The truth table is shown below: Procedure: 1. Connect the circuit as shown. 2. Set 01 for DigiSource0, 0011 for DigiSource1 and 00001111 for DigiSource2. Set Repeat for all bits. These are the inputs for the input bits ‘a’ and ‘b’ and for carry-in as shown in the circuit diagram. 3. Click on Run. Select “Default Settings” for digital simulation and click on Run again. The Logic Analyzer will open showing the plot Conclusion The truth table for the full adder can be verified with the help of the given circuit. Can you derive the logical equation for the above circuit from the truth table ? COMBINATIONAL CIRCUIT

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