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Published on November 27, 2008

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Slide 3: On the occasion of FTV‘s 10th anniversary, the president of FTV – Michel Adam wants to celebrate with you. On his F-Diamond mega yacht, Michel Adam organises a world cruise to the most famous ports around the world taking on board Models, VIPS and hip members of the fashion community, organising „FTV megayacht world cruise parties“ at every destination. FTV MEGAYACHT WORLD CRUISE LINE THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY Slide 4: The F-Diamond world tour offers you the possibility of a unique global ground, sea and on-air campaign at an incredible value for money. Being a moveable venue in its own right, the F-Diamond holds infinite options to present brands and products – from signs on the ship, to using the products on board, to placing the brand along on activities such as parasailing-shutes, or the 120m exhibition space. Being a part of the tour does not only help you to showcase your brand all over the world on high class events on groud. But will give you a long term brand exposure on FTV on air – as the tour will be followed by global FTV. ON BOARD THE F-DIAMOND Slide 5: Famous DJs will be booked for the parties on the F-Diamond. Models, celebrities and VIPs will dance to the sounds of Bob Sinclar, Roger Sanchez or Timbaland. The best parties on the high seas are guaranteed! FAMOUS DJs ON BOARD Slide 6: So as a SPONSOR of the 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CRUISE: YOUR BRAND WILL BE SEEN all over the world in all promotions of ftv cruises VIPs and media all over the world will be invited to attend the tour and will ENDORSE YOUR BRAND. ftv parties in local ports will EXPOSE YOUR BRAND TO THOUSANDS of guests in the concept at the tours 55 FASHION DESTINATIONS. permanent daily promotions OF YOUR BRAND on FTV to to MILLIONS of viewers LAUNCH OF FTV CRUISELINES: Slide 7: PROGRAM CONCEPT FTV will promote the „10th anniversary“ cruise line on air, on ground, online as well as to selected jetset membership communities. The FTV world tour will therefore create a global hype for FTV and its sponsors. Slide 8: The cruise will be filmed 24 hours a day and daily episodes will be broadcasted on FTV showing where the megayacht is going next and what is going on the F Diamond. Models will be living on board, and viewers will be able to join them on TV, enjoying the trip to fabulous travel destinations, learning about the fashion aspects of each destination such as local designers, shopping tips, cosmetics and spa treatments etc. At the same time viewers will be able to witness up close the preparation and rehearsal of the photo-shootings and the catwalk shows as well as the shows them selves. So the tour will incorporate a reality modelling show together with a travel magazine. Every couple of days the FTV f.diamond will berth at a new port where FTV will be hosting major events in cooperation with its local media and event partners The events will include fashion shows and Miss FTV Pageants in co-operation with leading local designers and top models. PROGRAM CONCEPT Slide 9: Part of the reality show concept is a monthly selection of Miss FTV Cruise. Only the models most popular with viewers will remain on board all others will be replaced. The model who spends the longest time on board will be the overall winner. The passengers and FTV viewers get to vote for the winning model at each final. 50 models will be staying on the F-Diamond and in each model contest the audience selects the models who may continue to the next port. FTV will replace the disqualified models with new contestants casted on TV simultaneously at every location. THE WORLD TOUR AWARDS Slide 10: THE DESTINATIONS -MONTE CARLO -ROME -SICILY -MALTA -LOUTRAKI -MYKONOS -BODRUM -ANTALYA -CYPRUS -KUWAIT -BRUNEI -KARACHI -BOMBAY -MALEDIVES -SRI LANKA -PHUKET -MALAYSIA -SINGAPORE -OSAKA -SHANGHAI -BEIJING -TSINGTAU -TAIPEH -MANILA -CEBU -SYDNEY - RIO -CANCUN -BEIRUT -TEL AVIV -EILAT -ALEXANDRIA -SHARMELSHEIK -JEDDAH -DOHA -DUBAI -JAKARTA -BANGKOK -HO CHI MINH C. -HANOI -HAINAN -MACAO GUANG DONG -HONG KONG-TOKYO -BAHAMAS - NEW YORK LONDON HAMBURG PORTO VALETTA VENICE MONTE CARLO Slide 11: SPECIFICATIONS Length: 138 Meters 452.8 Feet  Beam: 21 Meters 68.9 Feet  Draft: 5.9 Meters 19.4 Feet  Number of crew: 82 Built: 1967 Builder: Lubeck, Germany Flag: Malta Hull construction: Steel Hull configuration: Displacement WiFi EQUIPMENT NoneEngines: 4 x Pielstick 12PC2 Diesel engines driving two shafts. Four times 5,580hp = 22,320hp. Cruising speed: 17 Fuel Consumption: 1,000 Litres/Hr About the F-DIAMOND Slide 12: ACCOMMODATION Number of cabins: 148 Cabin configuration: 148 Double Bed configuration: 50 Pullman, 148 Double Number of guests: 300 WATER SPORTS Tenders + toys: Two Rigid Raider tenders - one twin engine and one single engine. One SeaDoo Jet Boat with four seats, suitable for waterskiing. About the F-DIAMOND Slide 13: WHAT IS FTV? FTV – A FASCINATING AND UNIQUE TV STATION FTV is the only 24/7 Fashion, beauty and style television station worldwide. FTV is the biggest Fashion Medium in the world. FTV is one of the best distributed channels worldwide. FTV was founded 1997 and has become a must carry program in many parts of the world. FTV is fast and informative while being glamorous and stylish. FTV is present in 192 countries on 5 continents. confirmed reach: 345 million households worldwide. Slide 14: NORTH AMERICA 40 MILLION CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA 15 MILLION AFRICA 5 MILLION INDIA 35 MILLION EUROPE 116 MILLION RUSSIA 12 MILLION ASIA 113 MILLION AUSTRALIA & NEW ZELAND 1,8 MILLION MIDEAST 8 MILLION TECHNICAL REACH (HOUSEHOLDS) Fashion TV is present in 192 countries on 5 continents with a confirmed reach of 345 million households. Total: 345 Million source: contracts with satellite-stations and EMS REACH Slide 15: FTV is the world’s most preferred channel in… clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels fitness- and wellness clubs hair- and beauty salons fashion- and cosmetics boutiques airports stations city screens about 6,6 Million public places and “hotspots”! EXPOSURE Slide 16: FTV VIEWERS more affluent, older and enjoy higher education levels than music channel viewers younger than news channel viewers but fall into a similarly high income bracket younger than viewers of sports channels but have a higher disposable income high low young old income age NEWS sports cable free TV MUSIC source: EMS survey And – FTV viewers are… Slide 17: SPONSORSHIP 2 month product sponsorship available for 250,000 € (non exclusive) Sponsorship package includes: on site branding banner on www.ftv.com 1 clip à 3 minutes aired 120 times within 60 days on Fashion TV globally including: product placements- your product will be shown 3 times (à 5sec) in each clip models consuming the product/ using the brand. In addition FTV will include the branding provided by you for the F-Diamond throughout ongoing productions. Every Airing from the F-Diamond tour will include a endorsement “ the program on f diamond is brought to you by…..” In total FTV will comitt to 1000 Minutes of Airtime with your brand being present. Within the period of two months. Hence cost per spot is 250 EUR at a cost per 1000 (presuming a rating of 0.01) of less then 3 cent (0,025 EUR ) For longer campaigns further discounts are available – part barters may be possible. F. Diamond also offers special tariffs for their product sponsors to host corporate events or parties on the F. Diamond and to accommodate clients on board: 150 € per person all inclusive day ticket without a cabin 400 € per person for a single cabin Slide 18: FTV Club members, members of a small world, quintessentially members as well as other exclusive jetset membership communities can purchase tickets to join the FTV cruise line for three days. prices upon request. TICKETS FOR FTV CRUISELINE: Slide 19: TV AND MEDIA RIGHTS FOR FTV MEGAYACHT WORLD TOUR WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR: 1) TERRESTRIAL TV CHANNELS 2) NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL FASHION & LIFESTYLE MAGAZINES 3) VOD OPERATORS TV AND MEDIA RIGHTS Slide 20: IF YOU WANT YOUR YACHT TO BE PART OF FTV'S LEGENDARY 10TH ANNIVERSARY WORLD YACHT TOUR: Please contact: -Michel Adam, president of FTV at adam@ftv.com or -Daniela Karnuts, marketing/pr FTV uk under daniela@ftv.com ….for further information

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