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Published on April 18, 2007

Author: RoxyTester

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1: <![CDATA[ WELCOME ]]> Slide2: <![CDATA[ F AD I SEE IT FIRST ON FTV ADVERTISING ON FTV]]> Slide3: <![CDATA[]]> Slide4: <![CDATA[ F AD ADVERTISING ON FTV I SEE IT FIRST ON FTV INTRODUCTION TECHNICAL FACTS - FTV – A FASCINATING AND UNIQUE TV STATION - THE FTV MISSION STATEMENT - THE FTV CHANNEL - 3 REASONS TO WATCH FTV - REACH - A PREMIUM TARGET GROUP - WHY ADVERTISING ON FTV? ADVERTISING & WAYS OF COOPERATION]]> Slide5: <![CDATA[ INTRODUCTION FTV – A FASCINATING AND UNIQUE TV STATION FTV is the only 24 hours a day / 7 days a week fashion, beauty and style TV station worldwide and provides glamorous entertainment with an emphasis on the latest trends. FTV is independent and has established itself as the TV authority for fashion, lifestyle and trends. FTV is one of the 4 most widely distributed channels worldwide (top 3 outside the USA). FTV is up to date, informative, glamorous and sexy. FTV is present in 130 countries on 6 continents. confirmed reach: 300 million households.]]> Slide6: <![CDATA[ INTRODUCTION THE FTV MISSION STATEMENT To be ahead of the rest FTV is the first global media to deliver the latest fashion trends, models, events, news and gossip. FTV is first in information – when it happens, where it happens. To innovate Be the first to show the latest trends, fashion weeks, models, events and fashion locations all around the world. To entertain FTV‘s unique mix in productions and distribution, innovative technology and broadcasting give its viewers a VIP seat in the show with only the best available quality. ]]> Slide7: <![CDATA[ The world of fashion and glamour: More than 500 hours with new program content every year. 300 new shows and 600 new clips every season. Coverage of fashion weeks, i.e. documentations, news and stories about designers, models and stars are the core of the FTV channel. INTRODUCTION THE FTV CHANNEL]]> Slide8: <![CDATA[ 3 REASONS TO WATCH FTV 1. Fashion The world of wonderful people, amazing parties, glamour and the dream of luxury life cast a spell over FTV viewers. 2. Design- und style guide Through the esthetics of the pictures and music watching FTV is a great pleasure/experience. The subtle mix of the beautiful and impressing images in combination with the accurate choosed music (lounges, charts, etc.) enable viewers to immerse into the fascinating world of fashion. 3. Hotspots / Public Places Hotels, clubs, cafes, bars, fitness rooms, SPAs, hairdressers,… FTV is broadcasted in high class ambience, the perfect background medium and is well suited for your image transfer. INTRODUCTION]]> Slide9: <![CDATA[ NORTH AMERICA 9 MILLION CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA 15 MILLION AFRICA 4 MILLION INDIA 35 MILLION EUROPE 78 MILLION RUSSIA 12 MILLION ASIA 101 MILLION AUSTRALIA & NEW ZELAND 1,8 MILLION MIDEAST 8 MILLION TECHNICAL REACH (HOUSEHOLDS) Fashion TV is present in 130 countries on 6 continents with a confirmed reach of 300 million households. INTRODUCTION Total: 300 Million source: contracts with satellite-stations and EMS]]> Slide10: <![CDATA[ approx. 6,6 Mio public places / “hotspots” worldwide 101 1,8 from „East“ of Middle East to Indonesia Australia & New Zealand AsiaSat 2 82 Western Europe (France, Germany, Spain etc.) + Central & Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Albania etc.) + Africa HotBird 3 Households in Mio Geographical Regions Satellite Feed 15 9 South America North America IntelSat 907 Telstar5 35 India Thaicom INTRODUCTION source: contracts with satellite-stations]]> Slide11: <![CDATA[ FTV is the worldwide number one in broadcasting in… clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels fitness- und wellness clubs hair- and beauty salons fashion- und cosmetics boutiques airports stations city screens … about 6,6 Million public places and “hotspots”! INTRODUCTION]]> Slide12: <![CDATA[ FTV viewers are… men (63%), women (37%) age: 21-44 years (61%); 45-54 (23%); 55+ (16%) education: degree or equal (62%); below degree (38%) free-spending, technique affine, travels a lot, esthetes and susceptible for sales campaigns early adapters, trend-setters/opinion leaders, models, fashion stars and fashion professionals travel a lot and use their credit card almost daily PREMIUM TARGET GROUPS INTRODUCTION source: EMS]]> Slide13: <![CDATA[ more affluent, older and are more educated than MTV viewers younger than CNN viewers but fall into a similarly high income bracket younger than viewers from sport channels but have a higher disposable income high low young old income age CNN sports cable free TV MTV source: 2003 EMS survey INTRODUCTION And – FTV viewers are… ]]> Slide14: <![CDATA[ FTV is one of the worlds best distributed TV channels. FTV is the most distributed channel in public places. FTV is the gatekeeper to the world of fashion and glamour. FTV designs new and innovative TV concepts around the theme of fashion. FTV is the only TV equivalent to hundreds of print products, that deal with fashion and lifestyle. FTV delivers the newest trends faster to interesting target groups via live TV and is so significantly faster than other fashion mediums. FTV allows a brand to turn its general communication to a “fashion & lifestyle statement” and has thus an image building character. INTRODUCTION WHY ADVERTISING ON FTV?]]> Slide15: <![CDATA[ Distribution: Dedicated Signal for UK Average TV rating = 0,01 Average selected TV rating = 0,14 Contacts reached in April ’04: 1 938 000 Adults (1 month cumulative) Average Viewing Time / Day: 9’20 Weekly Reach (1 Min + cons): 6,19% Peaks See next page – (Adults – 1 month cumulative) INTRODUCTION WHY ADVERTISING ON FTV? – Example: Rating UK source: Barb Aug 2005]]> BEST QUARTERS 1 MONTH CUMULATIVE APRIL 2004 – Ranking by TVR: <![CDATA[ TECHNICAL FACTS BEST QUARTERS 1 MONTH CUMULATIVE APRIL 2004 – Ranking by TVR source: Barb Aug 2005]]> Slide17: <![CDATA[ CLIENTS WHY FASHION TV?]]> CALCULATED REACH: <![CDATA[ CALCULATED REACH TECHNICAL FACTS source: calculation FTV Total: 1.102.600 Tsd.]]> TECHNICAL REACH EUROPE & AFRICA TOP 20 (Satellite Hot Bird 3) : <![CDATA[ TECHNICAL REACH EUROPE & AFRICA TOP 20 (Satellite Hot Bird 3) TECHNICAL FACTS Total: 82 million households source: satellite provider, calculation FTV]]> Slide20: <![CDATA[ TECHNICAL REACH ASIA & AUSTRALIA TOP 10 (Satellite AsiaSat2) TECHNICAL FACTS source: satellite provider, calculation FTV Total: 101 million households]]> TECHNICAL REACH RUSSIA & MIDDLE EAST TOP 3(Satellite Yamal): <![CDATA[ TECHNICAL REACH RUSSIA & MIDDLE EAST TOP 3 (Satellite Yamal) TECHNICAL FACTS source: satellite provider, calculation FTV Total: 20 million households]]> Slide22: <![CDATA[ TECHNICAL REACH SOUTH AMERICA TOP 10 (Satellite IntelSat 907) TECHNICAL FACTS source: satellite provider, calculation FTV Total: 15 million households]]> Slide23: <![CDATA[ TECHNICAL REACH NORTH AMERICA (Satellite Telstar 5) & INDIA (Satellite Thaicom) TECHNICAL FACTS source: satellite provider, calculation FTV Total India: 35 million households Total North America: 9 million households ]]> Slide24: <![CDATA[ TECHNICAL FACTS REACH PER REGION (People in Tsd.) Estimate reach based on French audience 0,035 and on UK audience 0,01; reach prime time (Mon-Fr 6.00-8.00 and 18.00-01.00; Sat-Sun 6.00-8.00 and 12.00-00.00) 0,035%; reach non prime time 0,01%]]> PRICE PER REGION: <![CDATA[ PRICE PER REGION TECHNICAL FACTS 3,8 2,1 8,7 1,2 CPT* 105 55 750 212 Price 30“ (€) Prime 30 17 Russia / Middle East South America 215 61 Europe / Africa Asia / Australia Price 30“ (€) Non Prime Region *all adults]]> Slide26: <![CDATA[ source: www.insidemindshare.com; CpT for all adults COST PER THOUSAND TECHNICAL FACTS 8,7 5,7 3,8 2,1 1,2]]> Slide27: <![CDATA[ PACKAGE EUROPE/AFRICA (HotBird 3) TECHNICAL FACTS -30% -20% Saving 213.000 162.000 Price 30“ (€) 34.850 630 9 Weeks 10 Spots / Day 50% Prime Time 23.247 420 6 Weeks 10 Spots / Day 50% Prime Time Contacts 000‘ Total Spots Package]]> Slide28: <![CDATA[ PACKAGE EUROPE/AFRICA (HotBird 3) – CpT-Comparsion TECHNICAL FACTS]]> Slide29: <![CDATA[ TECHNICAL FACTS PACKAGE ASIA & AUSTRALIA (AsiaSat 2)]]> Slide30: <![CDATA[ TECHNICAL FACTS PACKAGE ASIA & AUSTRALIA (AsiaSat 2) – CpT-Comparsion ]]> Slide31: <![CDATA[ TECHNICAL FACTS PACKAGE RUSSIA & MIDDLE EAST (Yamal)]]> Slide32: <![CDATA[ TECHNICAL FACTS PACKAGE RUSSIA & MIDDLE EAST (Yamal) – CpT-Comparsion ]]> Slide33: <![CDATA[ TECHNICAL FACTS PACKAGE SOUTH AMERICA (IntelSat 907)]]> Slide34: <![CDATA[ TECHNICAL FACTS PACKAGE SOUTH AMERICA (IntelSat 907) – CpT-Comparison]]> Slide35: <![CDATA[ TECHNICAL FACTS PACKAGE NORTH AMERICA (Telstar5)]]> Slide36: <![CDATA[ TECHNICAL FACTS PACKAGE NORTH AMERICA (Telstar5) – CpT-Comparison]]> Slide37: <![CDATA[ PACKAGE INDIA (Thaicom) TECHNICAL FACTS -30% -20% Saving 21.000 16.000 Price 30“ (€) 24.806 630 9 Weeks 10 Spots / Day 50% Prime Time 16.538 420 6 Weeks 10 Spots / Day 50% Prime Time Contacts 000‘ Total Spots Package]]> Slide38: <![CDATA[ PACKAGE INDIA (Thaicom) – CpT-Comparison TECHNICAL FACTS]]> Slide39: <![CDATA[ materials should be pal system 3:4 ratio format of tapes: Digital Beta; Beta SP; DVCam or mini dv – preferably dv cam continuous TC color bars at 75% 1 V.C.C (white at 700 mV) from TC: 00:58:30:00 to 00:59:30:00 black from TC: 00:59:30:00 to 01:00:00:00 audio specifications for BSP tape: 1 Khz on tracks 1,2,3,4 at OdBVu (+4dBm) from TC: 00:58:30:00 to 00:59:30:00 audio specifications for DIGITAL tape: Khz on tracks 1,2,3,4 at OdBVu (-18dBfs) from TC: 00:58:30:00 to 00:59:30:00 TECHNICAL FACTS TECHNIQUES FOR TAPES]]> Slide40: <![CDATA[ program specifications: starting at 01:00:00:00 audio analog measurements maximum Level 0dBVu = + 4dBm and maximum peak level +9 dBm upper to alignment level mono sound mixed: on tracks 1&2 stereo sound mixed: on tracks 1&2 for all materials delivered on digital tapes, measured sound levels must conform to analog specifications TECHNICAL FACTS]]> Slide41: <![CDATA[ compression and file size up to 1 minute content - send uncompressed .mov pal 3on 4 ratio file for longer content please contact FTV Broadcasting Center in order to coordinate with the editing suite the best file format 2 kinds of Audio rate only: A. 48 kHz sample rate B. 44 kHz sample rate please avoid sending us 32 kHz ftp permission and program please contact FTV broadcasting in order to open an ftp account use an ftp program – preferably use file zilla, it allows you to resume if the connection failed in the middle of the upload send an email stating the start time of upload and the estimated end time of the upload send an email once the upload has finished TECHNICAL FACTS SENDING CONTENT OVER THE FTP]]> Slide42: <![CDATA[ R.R Satellite Communications Fashion Attention: Oren Givoni Reem Junction D.N Shikmim 79813 ISRAEL contact person: Olga Chapurko Tel: +972 -8-8506060 please send email on delivery to contract@ftv.com TECHNICAL FACTS DELIVERY ADRESS FOR TAPES WITH SPOTS/COMMERCIALS for delivering tapes ]]> Slide43: <![CDATA[ FTV agent should contact Noa Ramot at noa@ftv.com and ask for ftp connection to the specific client with the client cc the client will get reply, with ftp login details, and with Asaf - FTV editor (asaf@ftv.com) cc in the mail Asaf , FTV editor, will reply and confirm good reception and quality of content, and will coordinate in case of necessary changes Noa Ramot: noa@ftv.com, 00972542991115 Asaf Sharvit: asaf@ftv.com, 00972542266603 TECHNICAL FACTS DELIVERY ADRESS FOR TAPES WITH SPOTS/COMMERCIALS for delivering with ftp]]> Slide44: <![CDATA[ ADVERTISING AND WAYS FOR COOPERATION ON TV rate card packages customised cooperations ON-AIR CLASSICAL ADVERTISING FORMAT SPONSORING & PRESENTER SHIP SPECIAL FORMATS – COLLECTIVE PROGRAM PRODUCTION WITH CLIENTS FTV provides a unique mix of possibilities to reach directly one of the target group most in demand through a integrated multi channel campaign:]]> Slide45: <![CDATA[ in different program formats in line with legitimacy; i.e. model uses a product or wears clothes from a certain brand. examples: format sponsoring: CANNES FESTIVAL 2004 - presented by Chopard http://www.ftv.com/vmc/videos.asp?id=159 product presentation: SWAROVSKI Crystal World http://www.ftv.com/vmc/videos.asp?id=180 ADVERTISING AND WAYS FOR COOPERATION PRODUCT PRESENTATION & PRODUCT PLACEMENT]]> Slide46: <![CDATA[ the website www.ftv.com has 500.000 unique visitors monthly visitors stay on an average 12 minutes by more than 30 page views page views / month: 30 Mio. visits / month: 1.000.000 numerous functions and features are available: information over the TV program ftv live , fashiontv thematic channels, VoD exclusive community “f-Diamond Club” adjustment for the FTV model awards 2003: over 8 mill. votes competitions ADVERTISING AND WAYS FOR COOPERATION ONLINE – features]]> Slide47: <![CDATA[ FullSizeBanner (468 x 60 px) € 15,00 + VAT HalfSizeBanner (234 x 60 px) € 10,00 + VAT PopUp € 25,00 + VAT PopUnder € 55,00 + VAT LayerAd € 70,00 + VAT Skyscraper (140 x 600 px) € 35,00 + VAT ContentAd € 30,00 + VAT ADVERTISING AND WAYS FOR COOPERATION ONLINE – prices (CpT-Comparsion) ]]> Slide48: <![CDATA[ banner pop-up skyscraper category & themes sponsoring newsletter- & standalone advertising product integration in the online shop ADVERTISING AND WAYS FOR COOPERATION STANDARD ONLINE ADVERTISING LIKE…]]> Slide49: <![CDATA[ event sponsoring or presenter ship at events presentations and product placement in Fashion Bars and at events merchandising & licensing exclusive partnerships with Fashion Bars i.e. for drinks, cigars, etc. arrange events in Fashion Bars and broadcast on FTV i.e. for implementation of a new product SMS & MMS advertising and delivery of mobile content product development i.e. model calendar production - shooting will be broadcasted and the calendar will be sold in the online/offline shop ADVERTISING AND WAYS FOR COOPERATION ON-GROUND]]> Slide50: <![CDATA[ CONTACT Did we arouse your curiosity? Call us for more details or to develop with us possibilities for your successful future campaigns and activities on Fashion TV. contact us: Max Posch fashiontv marketing F.TV Programm GmbH Mobile: +43 664 405 28 40 E-mail: marketing@ftv.com ]]> Slide51: <![CDATA[ TERMS OF BUSINESS 1 - OBJECT The exclusive object of these general conditions of sale is to define the conditions under which the Company fashiontv (FTV Programm-gesellschaft m.b.H.) hereafter referred to as "the Seller", shall broadcast an advertising spot or commercial during its television programmes, hereafter referred to as "the Service", on behalf of a Company and hereinafter referred to as "the Advertiser". 2 - CONTRACTUAL DOCUMENTS Subject to any relevant statutory provisions, these general conditions of sale shall apply to any sale of advertising slots by the Seller, notwithstanding any stipulation to the contrary in the general conditions of purchase or any other documents emanating from the Advertiser. Any amendment of these general conditions of sale shall require the prior written consent of the Seller. These general conditions of sale shall not apply to any rendering of services or to the supply of programmes by the Seller, which shall give rise to specific agreements. 3 - SERVICES The technical description of any service provided for the benefit of Advertiser shall be recorded on a specification sheet. Such technical specifications shall be submitted to the Advertiser for the prior acceptance thereof. The Advertiser, in its capacity as a specialist in the field and under its own exclusive liability, shall make sure that it verifies the specification sheet with particular care, in view of acceptance of the said sheet, considering any constraints of a regulatory, legislative or other nature. The Advertiser shall ask the Seller for any further information that it may require. By accepting the specification sheet it shall accept any methods adopted therein. 4 - ORDERS The Seller shall only be bound by orders as from its written acceptance thereof. Failing such acceptance, the Seller shall not be bound by any undertaking. As from the acceptance of an order by the Seller, it may only be modified or cancelled with the express consent of the Seller, and any costs or expenses arising therefrom shall be borne by the Advertiser. The Seller shall remain free to refuse any advertising order without having to justify its decision. 5 - MODIFICATIONS In the event of any modification in the broadcasting conditions of the Advertiser's commercial, as described in the above-mentioned specification sheets, the Seller shall be required to inform the Advertiser and obtain the prior consent thereof. ]]> Slide52: <![CDATA[ TERMS OF BUSINESS 6 - PERFORMANCE OF SERVICES The Advertiser shall take all steps, carry out all formalities and seek all necessary authorisations, prior to the performance of the Service. In particular, the Seller shall not be rendered liable in the event that any of the Services requested by the Advertiser should fail to comply with the laws and regulations in force, or should be in breach of any authors' rights. The Seller shall be entitled to suspend the performance of the Services, automatically and without further formality, should the Advertiser fail to completely fulfil all of its undertakings with respect to the Seller, or to obtain the necessary authorisations from any competent authorities and relevant authors or the successors thereof. 7 - FOR INSERTION Any technical items should be sent directly to R.R.Satellite Communications, Fashion TV Attention: Oren Givoni, Reem Junction, D.N. Shikmim, 79813 ISRAEL. Contact person: Olga Chapurko; Tel.: +972 8 8506060. Please send email on delivery to contact@ftv.com. Any texts and recordings should be submitted no later than ten working days before first broadcasting date. The only media accepted by the Seller for the broadcasting of the commercial shall be indicated in the specification sheet issued by the Seller. Any expenses pertaining to production and copying, or translation into one or more languages, as well as to the payment of authors' rights and neighbouring rights of any kind, shall be borne by the Advertiser. The Advertiser shall particularly remain answerable for any claims on such basis. On the expiration of a period of five working days as from the first broadcasting of a commercial, no complaints shall be accepted in respect of the quality of the production and/or broadcasting of a film. In the event of any failure to comply with the said time-limits and rules, the Seller can refuse to accept any liability for the full or partial fulfilment of the order, or for any delay in the launch of the campaigns, and any slots initially planned remaining due, as well as any new slots that may be reserved. 8 - FULFILMENT OF ORDERS Should any necessary administrative authorisations be withdrawn by the Advertiser, the order shall be cancelled automatically, but any broadcasts already made, as well as any slots already reserved, shall remain due for payment. The Seller shall be entitled, even after accepting a commercial, to demand the removal thereof, in the event of any change in the circumstances that enabled it to be accepted. The scheduled positions, dates and times for the broadcasting of the commercial shall be indicative. The Seller shall be entitled to modify them in accordance with the demands of the programming schedule or due to any circumstances beyond its control. ]]> Slide53: <![CDATA[ TERMS OF BUSINESS 9 - RETURN OF TECHNICAL ITEMS Any film, material or documents entrusted by the Advertiser to the Seller may be taken back by the Advertiser, at its own expense, within a maximum period of one month as from the last broadcast. After such time, the Seller shall refuse to accept liability in the event of any loss or deterioration of such items, and no request for return shall then be admissible. The advertising order shall entitle the Seller, in respect of any commercials there under, to reproduce, present, play and produce the said commercials for the purpose of conveying them for the professional information of its customers. 1O - SPECIFIC OCCURRENCES In the event of any occurrence that may impede the normal fulfilment of the Seller's undertakings, even if the circumstances do not constitute a case of force majeure, the Seller may suspend the fulfilment of its undertakings for the duration of such circumstances, subject to informing the Advertiser thereof. 11 - WARRANTY The Seller undertakes to deliver its Service in accordance with the services described in the specification sheet. By accepting the specification sheet, the Advertiser shall waive any claims pertaining to services with characteristics that are identical or equivalent to those given on the specification sheet. 12 - LIABILITY The liability of the Seller shall strictly be limited to the provision of the Service and to the warranty thereof as stipulated herenabove. Any compensation owed by the Seller on the basis of its liability with respect to the Advertiser shall be limited to the price of the Service. The commercials and broadcast sponsorship shall appear under the exclusive liability of the Advertiser and shall be compliant with any laws and regulations of the countries where they are broadcast, as well as with any rights of authors or the successors thereof. The Seller shall be released from any liability on such basis. 13 - PRICE The price for the Service shall be indicated by the Seller on the acceptance of the order. The said price shall be given exclusive of any taxes, duties and charges that may be levied by the tax, customs or other authorities, and without any discount, rebate or deduction. Any taxes, duties and charges that may be levied by the tax or customs authorities shall be borne by the Advertiser. ]]> Slide54: <![CDATA[ TERMS OF BUSINESS 14 - CANCELLATION In the event of the cancellation by the Advertiser of any Services ordered, it shall remain liable for the payment of a penalty to the Seller, to be calculated as follows: - less than two weeks before first broadcast: 100% of price; - 2 to 4 weeks before: 50% of price; - 4 to 6 weeks before: 25% of price. 15 - PAYMENT Invoices shall be paid at the registered office of the Seller within thirty days as from the invoice date, for the total amount thereof, by cheque, transfer or draft. Only the actual transfer of the funds shall constitute payment. The currency of the account and payment shall be Euro. In the event of payment by draft, the latter must be sent to the Seller duly signed, accepted and with due indication of the place of payment, within a period of ten days as from the invoice date. In the event of any delay in payment, the Advertiser shall automatically owe interest for late payment, calculated on the basis of all the sums outstanding, subject to an interest rate of one and a half times the statutory interest rate, as from the due date and until the full payment, should the sum remain outstanding eight days after the sending of formal notice. Any sums outstanding shall also be increased by a fixed penalty of 10% to cover collection costs. In no event may payments be suspended or set off in any way, without the prior written consent of the Seller. In the event of any order being placed by an intermediary, the Advertiser and the intermediary shall be jointly and severally liable for the payment of any orders placed. 16 - APPLICABLE LAW - JURISDICTION These general conditions of sale shall be governed by the laws of Austria. The Wiener Handelsgericht (commercial court) shall be granted exclusive jurisdiction in the event of any kind of dispute that may pertain to the creation or performance of the order, or more generally pertain to the application or interpretation of these general conditions of sale. This jurisdiction clause shall apply even in the event of urgent interim proceedings, proceedings against a third-party guarantor, additional applications or the existence of more than one defendant. ]]>

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