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Published on March 14, 2008

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Slide1:  Sat 20 May 2006 Basque Country v Wales (Bilbao) Saturday 27th May 2006 - Trinidad & Tobago v Wales (Graz, Austria) Emergency contact number +447905 861848 Slide2:  Inside front cover www.fsfcymru.co.uk +447905 861 848 Contact the FSF Cymru Slide3:  Paul Randall FSF CYMRU REPRESENTATIVE IN BILBAO Paul will be staying in an Hotel in the City centre and will be in and around the bars throughout the week. On match day he will be available outside the stadium in the GALLES bar, Lucy from the FAW will also be there He has followed Wales for many years and may be recognizable by the distinctive kilt he wears to most of Wales’s games He will be available to help you on all matters throughout the day He can be contacted in case of emergencies in the evenings Contact number is +447905 861 848 Lucy F.A.W. Ticket officer 07970704471. FSF CYMRU Why we are here ?? Our objective is to provide accurate and objective information provided & recommended by FAW- police-consulate and other football & travel related organisations. We can provide information on things Such as lost passports & property, ticketing issues, Medical assistance & any General inquiry however trivial they may seem Although the FSF Cymru organisation is not providing our normal full embassy service for these Friendlies, we have 4 of our committee on duty throughout the duration of both fixtures….One in Bilbao , who will then meet up with three in Graz. They will be available to help Welsh fans during this time Slide4:  Transport around the city You may be interested in buying a Bilbao card for your stay in Bilbao. These are sold at all BIT offices around the city. The cost for this card is 6 Euros for one day, 10 Euros for 2 days and 12 Euros for 3 days. These cards provide you with access to public transport in Bilbao (Bilbobus, the Artxanda Funicular, the Salve elevator, Euskotran and the Metro) and offers discounts at museums, performance shops restaurants and other activities. Useful Phone Numbers: Bilbobus (central Bilbao) - 944 484 080 Bizkaibus (intercity) - 902 222265 Bilbao-Airport-Bilbao bus service - 902 222265 Euskotran (Tramway) - 900 151206 Information Service - 010 (locally), 944 241700 (from outside Bilbao) Bilbao Airport - 944 869663 Local Buses Most local buses operate on a flat-rate-fare basis, regardless of how far you travel. You can usually buy a 10-trip Bonobús or Metrobús ticket from bus information offices and estancos at a discount rate. After boarding the bus, you should insert the ticket into a slotted machine that you will find behind the driver. The Metro system The Metro is an excellent mode of transport to get around the City; accessibility is first class and was designed to facilitate the movement of people with reduced mobility. Bilbao Metro and Tram Rather than buying single or return tickets, for BUS (Bilbobus/BizkaiBus), METRO or TRAM journeys, it is more economic to purchase a CREDITRANS ticket worth 5, 10 or 20. It is a ticket that can be used for multiple journeys without a time limit (i.e. it is valid for several months). Every time you travel, the cost of the journey is deducted from the card. The Spanish Civil war A Democratic Republic was established in Spain in 1931. When the National Radicals, led by General Franco, rose against the Republic in 1936 a civil war ensued. Many Welsh people sympathised with the Spanish Republic and there are many examples of individuals and communities in Wales assisting the Republican cause The British branch of the International Brigade was established in December 1936. By the end of the Civil War 177 Welshmen had fought over the Spanish Republic and 33 had been killed. Many Welshmen were taken hostage in Spain and one of these was Tom Jones from Rhosllanerchrugog. He had been secretary of the Rhos Peace Council until he joined the International Brigade. He was taken prisoner in Spain in September 1938 and wasn't released until March 1940, after the British government agreed to sign a trade agreement that was, according to some, worth £2,000,000. There were many attempts by the Welsh to break through the blockade that Franco had put around Spain to prevent aid coming in for his opponents. Captain David John Jones from Swansea tried to break through the blockade with a ship full of potatoes and he thus became know as 'Potato Jones'. On 26 April 1937 German bombers sent by Hitler destroyed the town of Guernica in the Basque country. It was a busy market day in the town and thousands of people were killed. A fund was set up in Wales to raise money for the Basque children. Houses were set up for them in Caerleon, Swansea, Brechfa and Old Colwyn, and local families adopted some of the children. In memory of the Welshmen who fought for what they believed in during those times Paul Randall the FSF Cymru representative in Bilbao will lay in wreath in their honour during the trip to the Basque country. passengers in 2005. Slide5:  Nightlife in Bilbao Some useful reviews Bilbao's nightlife comes in various stages and levels of intensity. For relaxed, bar-to-bar, tavern-to-tavern wining and dining on the run, the action begins in such places as the Casco Viejo and, in the Ensanche, along Calle Licenciado Poza, where serious poteo (tippling), txikiteo (still more tippling), and tapeo (tippling and tapa grazing) continues late into the night. Other top bar-hopping zones include Paseo del Arenal, Calle Ledesma, and Calle Elcano. Los Jardines de Albia, with the Café Iruña in the forefront, is also a hub for a variety of cafés, bars, and taverns. The only dress code is that you wear a smile on your face and a good mood in your soul! And if not, the place will cheer you up, I'm sure. San Mamés Stadium The stadium is situated in Bilbao's suburban development (Ensanche), very close to the building known as "La Feria Internacional de Muestras de Bilbao". This mythical Bilbaoan club celebrated its centenary in 1998, a celebration in which the stadium, known locally as "the Cathedral", was the main protagonist. With a capacity of 40,000, in every match of the league San Mamés seats a multitude of fans who live and breathe for the victories of their lions, as they call the players. The stadium is a technologically impressive structure whose grand arch has become one of the most well known of the city's symbols. En route to the San Mamés stadium the bars in calle Licenciado Poza are essential stopping points both before and after matches, with an atmosphere well worth experiencing. . Hopefully this will apply on May 20th Athletic Club de Bilbao Football Matches at San Mamés: special Tram services 06/02/06 - Whenever Athletic Club de Bilbao plays football matches in the San Mamés Stadium, EuskoTran will offer a special Bilbao Tram service to cater for the transport requirements of the public. In general, from one and a half hours before the beginning of a match, the frequency of the service will be increased. EuskoTran units will run every 10 minutes towards San Mamés. Once a match has ended, the service from San Mamés and Sabino Arana to Atxuri will be intensified, offering the necessary places to transport all the people waiting at those stops. The frequency of the service from San Mamés will be between 6 and 10 minutes. In order to facilitate boarding procedures Eusko tram recommends the use of Creditrans as the payment system For more information users may call the customer services number. 90 25 43 210 Bilbao Consulate information:  IF YOU ARE INVOLVED IN AN ACCIDENT OR AN ASSAULT All persons who have been assaulted or in an accident must report the incident to the Police. This is called making a denunica, and is required by law for all cases, ranging from bag snatching to more serious crimes and accidents. INSURANCE CLAIMS For visitors to Spain, UK or other overseas insurers will normally negotiate directly with the other party's insurers. Residents should lodge the claim directly with the Spanish company involved. Anyone suffering physical injury or other major damages as a result of a motor accident is strongly recommended to obtain legal advice before accepting any compensation. IFY0U HAVE A MEDICAL EMERGENCY If you require assistance immediately, dial 112 and ask for an ambulance. If you are a visitor to Spain, you may present your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC: ) to gain access to emergency health care at a Social Security Hospital. Private hospitals will not accept the EHIC, and will ask you to pay for your treatment or provide adequate insurance. If you have suffered a serious accident or injury, and friends/ relatives are unavailable, a Consular office can contact the hospital within 24 hours of being notified, ask the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London to contact your next-of-kin, and if necessary visit you within two days if the hospital is in Madrid. IFYOU LOSE YOUR PASSPORT OR IT IS STOLEN If your passport is lost or has been stolen, and you need to travel home immediately, you may obtain an Emergency Passport, valid for a one-way trip only, from the nearest British consulate. To do this you will need to fill in one LSOI Lost or stolen passport form available from all Consulates, a C1 Passport form, and take with you a Police report (denuncia) and two passport size photographs. If you have any other form of photographic identity, you should also take that. Bilbao Consulate information Normally our office hours are 09:00 to 13:30 and 15:00 to 17:30 on Monday to Thursday, and from 09:00 to 13:30 on Friday. From 19 July to 3 September they are 08:00 to 14:30 on Monday to Thursday and 08:00 to 14:00 on Friday. The Consulate is open to the public for consular enquiries from 09:00 to 14:00 Monday to Thursday and 09:00 until 13:30 on Friday. In an emergency outside of office hours you can contact our 24-hour Duty Officer by calling the British Embassy in Madrid on (+ 34) 917008200 weekdays until 20:00. After that and at weekends or public holidays call (+ 34) 606987626. The Consulate is located on the top floor of an eighth storey building in Central Bilbao. Lift access is only to the seventh floor and access to the Consulate offices, at present, is problematic for the disabled. If you need to contact us or use our services and feel that they may be inaccessible to you, please phone 00 34 94 415 76 00 and we shall suggest alternative ways of providing our services. Slide7:  FSF Wales FSF CYMRU - by Wales fans, for Wales fans - an independent organisation, committed to helping Wales supporters. MISSION STATEMENT To help and support Wales fans who travel away. Our role is to provide accurate and objective information, including a Risk Assessment: we convey what other agencies, such as police forces, government departments, and football authorities are recommending: we publish a comprehensive guide which is distributed free of charge to all travelling supporters: we operate and publicise a 24 hour Hotline for fans in difficulties: we arrange a Football embassy operation, at venues abroad, where we can offer advice, guidance and support as necessary. To work with the Football Association of Wales in all aspects affecting the fans, to ensure that the supporters voice is heard. A continuous, running dialogue is held with Mr Mark Evans, Head, International Affairs, We have recently increased the size of the committee to run the FSF Cymru. This followed a meeting at Llandridnod Well’s football club. We are still looking to strengthen the committee and welcome input from Welsh supporters wherever they may live. We have a voice on the national council of the FSF and campaign on behalf of all Welsh football fans on all issues, whether they are in domestic football or on the international scene. We are currently working on a new information website to promote the work we do www.fsfcymru.co.uk We hold regular meetings and if you have any issues relating to following your club that need addressing we will help you. This information leaflet was produced to assist fans travelling to the May Friendlies in the Basque country and Graz in Austria. We will have a presence at both games. For the upcoming European Championships we will produce similar information packages plus we intend to provide fans Embassies at all venues to assist our travelling fans abroad. We will be there for you and will be on call 24 hours a day in case of emergencies. Ffederasiwn Cefnogwyr Pel-Droed Cymru Wear red for Wales Slide8:  FSF Cymru By Wales fans, for Wales fans FOOTBALL SUPPORTERS FEDERATION Giving football fans a voice. WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? The F.S.F. is the football fans organisation that gives all football supporters an opportunity a say in how football is run and how fans are treated at all levels. At National level we have been instrumental in pushing for issues such as safe standing at stadiums, policing and stewarding, ticket pricing and distribution, ticket-touting laws. Even issues such as the loss of atmosphere at certain games due to the ever-growing “Corporate Hospitality Packages” that seem to be pricing the typical fan out of football. We aim to do all we can to prevent situations such as Football clubs being bought sold and asset stripped. In some previous examples with existing football stadiums have been seen as a commodity, rather than an essential part of the local community, we feel that football stadia should have protection such as listed buildings and National Treasures already do. Situations such as the Wrexham F.C. fiasco must be blocked from ever happening again. We aim to ensure fans can have a safe enjoyable day at football whilst being treated fairly and also ensuring that issues such as Racism, anti social behaviour and hooliganism will no longer be tolerated or have a foothold in our sport. The organisation is structured to allow localised issues to work their way through regional groups, all the way to full council and National AGM’s. They can be discussed looked at voted on democratically and then taken to the very top level of the relevant organisation, whether it be the Football league, FIFA, the Houses of Parliament, or the National Police Federation. F.S.F. CYMRU On a Welsh Football Issue, we have our own F.S.F. Cymru committee that deals with local and national Welsh issues. We have direct access and communication with the F.A.W. we are working closely to create a “United Wales” prospective and unity amongst all Welsh football fans. We are a small country, but we consistently achieve the highest home attendance in Europe, an amazing fact that shows truly how big football in Wales really is. There should be no place amongst Welsh football supporters for inter club or North and South type rivalries. We are looking to set up campaigns to unite all Welsh football fans. We hope to create a sea of red at all Welsh games and everyone attending being encouraged to wear something (if not everything red), let’s all sing from the same hymn sheet and recreate that special atmosphere and passion that only we can. What we achieve in the stands can and does have a direct reaction on the pitch, we need to use everything in our power to give our boys an advantage on that pitch, so let us all play our part. Those of you that travel to away games will hopefully be aware of the Welsh fans Embassies we provide. These Embassies will be manned by volunteers who are fellow fans, there to help you. It could be advice on where to eat and drink, who to contact in an emergency, direct access to the British Consul or embassy in that country and representation for policing or other legal matters, you will have a hotline phone number for 24hour contact. In fact the whole purpose is to look after our fellow Welsh fans and ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Membership will also provide you with a regular “British football supporter” magazine a must have glossy magazine which otherwise retails for £2.00 an issue. You will also get discount on other magazines and merchandise, plus at all away games be provided with a free FSF brochure full of facts and figures applicable to that game and country. www.fsfcymru.co.uk Slide9:  FAW Liaison Officer Melanie Richard FSF Cymru contact Details for Graz While in Graz & you need information or help in any way we can be contacted on +447905 861 848 Graz Volunteers This is not a normal Embassy However 3 of the FSF committee will be in Graz for the game from Friday until Monday below is a list of our representatives they have a vast knowledge of away travel also Gareth is Welsh speaking International Officer Paul Corkrey Committee Member Gareth Dainton We will be based at The Hotel Wietzer Grieskai 12-14 8020 Graz On Friday May 26 th we will be at Flann O'Brien's Irish bar 6 pm-9pm On match day we will be in Hooters bar along with Lucy from the F.A.W. Noon til 2.15 pm Ticketing or any other problems can be sorted on the day. Paul Randall another committee member will also join us after travelling from Bilbao Important Information for Graz British Consulate Graz Schmiedgasse 12 A-8010 Graz Tel: +43 (0)316 826105 Fax: +43 (0)316 821616-45 Office Hours: Mon - Thursday 09-12 / 1430-1600 Friday 0930-1200 (CET) English speaking Lawyers translators based in Graz Dr Zwach… Lawyer …0316 827651 Dr Berdnik…Lawyer…0316832527 Hospital in Graz… A&E Unfallkrankenhaus Graz Göstlinger Str. 24 8010 Graz Tel.: 0316/505-0 Police… Paulustorgasse 8 and Parkring 4 8010 Graz Tel: ++43/ (0)316/888-0 Lucy F.A.W. Ticket officer 07970704471. Slide10:  Graz Austria Trinidad & Tobago v Wales John Toshack's side will play the Soca Warriors in Austria on 27 May, at Graz's Liebherr GAK Stadium. Capacity: 15,400 seats Trinidad and Tobago begin their World Cup campaign on 10 June against Sweden, before facing England and then Paraguay in their remaining Group B fixtures. Graz The city is situated on the Mur river, in the southeast of Austria. It is approximately 2.5 hours south of Vienna by train or 2 hours by car. Graz is the capital and largest city in Styria, a beautiful and heavily forested area. The city itself is surrounded by low hills on 3 sides, thus making it predisposed to haze in the warmer months. Graz's Liebherr GAK Stadium Transport system for City An extensive public transportation network makes Graz an easy city to navigate without a car. The city features a tram network consisting of 8 tramslines, 2 of which run from the train station to the city center before they branch out. 1 Hour or 24 hour tickets can be bought on trams for 1.70 € and 3.50 € respectively (as of December 2005), but longer-term tickets must be bought at the train station or Jakominiplatz. The city also has a comprehensive bus network that uses the same tickets as the tram system.(These tickets are also valid on the Schlossberg funicular railway and lift) Furthermore there are 7 nightbus routes (run only on weekends and before public holidays.) From the train station, one can take regional trains to most of Styria. Direct trains also run to most major nearby cities including Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Maribor, Zagreb, Prag and Budapest - and trains leave for Vienna every hour. Graz airport is about 10km from the city centre to the south and has a railstation in walking distance. The main international destinations from Graz are: London, Paris, Berlin, Zürich, Amsterdam, Oslo, Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf. Slide11:  Inside back cover www.fsfcymru.co.uk More about being in Graz FESTIVAL SPRINGSIX May 24 th to May 28 2006 Austria's biggest festival for electronic art and music, starting on May 24th, transfers Graz into a vibrating centre of pop-culture. Inter- national electronic pop acts, superstar-DJs, visual artists, club culture-pioneers together with local hopeful electronic artists, offspring DJs and Graz based underground heroes will rock through distinctive venues in the city and will declare Graz to an exciting party zone. Famous Graz citizens Arnold Schwarzenegger, former bodybuilding champion, actor and currently governor of California was born and raised only 2 km from Graz in a small town called Thal. In 2005 the football stadium named after Schwarzenegger was renamed Stadium Graz Liebenau after controversy over the use of the death penalty in California. Rest assured, it’s perfectly safe to move around in the city at night. What might be dangerous and potentially irresistible are the many temptations of the nightlife in Graz. And not only in the classical nightlife hub ‘Bermuda-Dreieck’, where a substantial number of party goers have been reported missing. The nightlife scene in Graz is varied and colourful, offering something for every taste There is a large student population in Graz and plenty of nightlife suited to their tastes. Plenty there too for the older party goers There are many bars, restaurants, nightclubs dotted throughout the city. There really is a party atmosphere all around the nightspots and no reason not to have a good time Slide12:  Club Colours away It’s in Red Wales Play so Get it stuck in your Head For WALES we wear RED

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