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Information about FRONT OFFICE MANAGEMENT Book

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: gajananshirke


PowerPoint Presentation: HOTEL FRONT   MANAGEMENT BOOK By Gajanan Shirke Author Of Various Hospitality Management Book Visit : GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: INDEX 1.0. Introduction of Hotel Industry 1.1. DEFINING THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY 1.2. HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE LODGING INDUSTRY 1.3. HISTORY & DEVELOPMENT OF LODGING INDUSTRY IN INDIA 1.4. DEFINING THE TERM HOTEL 1.5. CLASSIFICATION OF HOTELS 1.6. CLASSIFICATION OF HOTELS ON THE BASIS OF OWNERSHIP OF AFFILIATION 1.7. MANAGEMENT CONTRACT GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 1.8. ALTERNATE LODGING FACILITIES 1.9. Historical developments in hospitality industry 1.10. Founders of the Hotel industry 1.11. Top worlds 24 Hotel Chains 1.12. TARGET MARKET OR SALES & MARKETING IN HOTELS 1.13. Tourism Industry 1.14.1. INDUSTRY AND WORKINGS 1.15.2.India: Tourism Revenues and Expenditures 1990-2010 GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 1.15.3.Analysis Of The Tourism Industry In India 1.15.4. Swot Analysis 1.15.5. TYPES OF CUSTOMERS & SEGMENTATION 1.15.6. The Tourism Industry 1.15.7.Tourism Destination Operators/ Destination Management 1.15.8. Some Players 1.16. Key Timeshare Concepts 1.16.1. Different types of timeshare programs GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 1.16.2. What exchanging is (swapping your week for someone else’s ?) 1.16.3. Resort Seasons (aka, the “Color” of a week ) 1.16.4.Buying Timeshare 1.16.5.The resale market 1.16.5. Exchanging Your Timeshare Week 2.0 Front Office department Layout 2.1. Front Office Equipment GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 3. 0.Front Office Organization 3.1. Importance of Front Office 3.2. FRONT OFFICE ORGANIZATION Departmental Hierarchy 3.3. FUNCTIONAL ORGANIZATION OF FRONT OFFICE DEPARTMENT 3.4. TYPE OF ROOMS 3.5. TARIFF PLANS 3.6. TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 3.7. Status of rooms 3.8. Front Office Systems 3.9. Front office forms 3.10. FRONT OFFICE SALESMANSHIP 3.11. JOB DESCRIPTION   4.0. KEY CONTROL GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 5.0. HOTEL ORGANIZATION 5.1. FUCNTIONAL DEPARTMENTS / DIVISONS OF HOTEL 5.2. LOBBY Functions 5.3. HANDLING OF VIPs 5.4. UNIFORMED SERVICES 5.5. Front Office Procedure in emergencies 6.0. Reservations 7.0. REGISTRATION GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 10. Communications in Front Office 11. Front office Management 11.1. Guest Service Requests 11.2. Handling Complaints and Guest Relations 11.3 Front office Security Operations 11.4. Room Change and Upgrade Procedure 11.5. Guest history 11.6. SINGLE LADY GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 11.7. FRONT OFFICE OPERATIONS 11.8. Occupancy Statistics 11.9. Tourism 11.10. FRONT OFFICE ACCOUNTING 11.11.THE NIGHT AUDIT 11.12. PLANNING AND EVALUATING OPERATIONS 11.13. FORECASTING 11.14. MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCES GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 11.15. Rooms Division Department: Operational Issues 11.16. BUDGETING 11.17. Format Used In Front Office 11.18. Guidelines for handling threats 11.19. Telephone Skills for telephone operators 11.20.Body Language and Business Etiquette 11.21. Checkout and Settlement 11.22.Check-Out and Account Settlement GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 11.23.Procedure of Conveying Luggage, Observing Check-Out, Times & Presenting Bills 11.24.Employing future selling techniques 11.25.Express Check-Out 11.26. Self Check-Out 11.27. Handing over at the end of the shift 11.28.Handling Complaints 11.29. C’Form 11.3. Duties & Responsibilities of Bell Service GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 11.30.1. Bell Captain-FRONT OFFICE DEPARTMENT JOB DESCRIPTION 11.30.2. Bell Caption 11.30.3. Handling Guest Group Luggage 11.31. Telephone operator 11.32. Concierge 11.33. Coordination Between Departments 11.34. Forecasting Techniques : 11.35. REVENUE MANAGEMENT GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 11.36. NIGHT AUDITING 11.36.1. Front office accounting system 11.37. Front Office Department 11.38. Handicapped room 11.39. Golden Rules for Hoteliers 11.40. TELEPHONE HANDLING – STANDARD PHRASES 11.40.1. Telephone systems (PBX, PABX, EPABX ) 11.41. Handling of in house guest mail/ parcels/ courier etc GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 11.41.1. Handling of the guest mail/ parcels/ courier etc. for the guest who is due to check-in 11.42. EXPRESS CHECK OUT 11.43. Importance of a Guest to a hotel 11.44. The basic duties of each section or sub department 11.45.Front office forms 11.46.Reservation Charts 11.47. Communications 11.48. Handing over at the end of the shift GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 11.49. Market Based Pricing . 11.50.Up selling 12. FRONT OFFICE TERMINOLOGY GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: GAJANAN SHIRKE : FOR BOOK PURCHASE KINDLY VISIT Or Write me /

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