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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: ChloeFranklin


Front covers, posters and websites research; Chloe Franklin: Front covers, posters and websites research; Chloe Franklin Front Cover: Front Cover RESEARCH Harry Potter cover - : Harry Potter cover - Base Image is a close up on subject’s face. He is shown as having a blooded face and smashed glasses, which relates to the action genre. “Bloody hell!” – the plug is a quote from a character in Harry Potter. Other movies mentioned in the teasers are of a similar genre. “MASSIVE PREVIEW SPECIAL!” – the cover line attracts fans of Harry Potter. Red and yellow colours – danger, warning signs. Hulk cover -: Hulk cover - Comic Book style (font) on the masthead. The masthead “Empire” is smashed up, like the Hulk smashes things. “World’s first fully 3-D cover!” - this puff relates to 3D movies and how technology is changing. Base Image is of the Hulk, the protagonist of the movie. “Unleashed!” – the plug relates to how the Hulk is a monster. No other text makes you focus on the key point of the magazine issue. Black Swan Issue -: Black Swan Issue - The base image is of the protagonist of the movie. It is drawn to make her look beautiful and elegant, even though half of her face is covered by the feathers. The masthead is placed in the middle of her forehead which is continuity of the other magazines by Little White Lies. The cover line “The Black Swan Issue” is in a graceful font which relates to ballet, like the movie. Poster: Poster RESEARCH Black Swan poster - : Black Swan poster - Crack in her face (not all seems to be) Black and white used – good and bad. Pretty face, feminine lipstick – perhaps aimed at females. However, font is all black to show that things aren’t what they seem. Eyes are piercing the camera – she might be bad. Reviews from critics to draw the audience in. Shows who the cast are – makes existing fans of the actors to want to see the film. Unborn poster - : Unborn poster - Lack of clothes – vulnerable. Tagline is “Evil will do anything to live” – horror genre Scary face in mirror – maybe battling with her past. However, colours are blue (calming) which indicate that she is unsuspecting. Gold – maybe battle over wealth. Production company logo at bottom gives credit to people who helped create movie. Website: Website RESEARCH The Wolfman website -: The Wolfman website - Advertising on the website. Dark colours – horror/thriller. Full moon – werewolves. Link to story/images – more content. Watch the trailer – tries to get people to watch movie. Twitter/Facebook – social networking. Black and white – no colour in the Wolfman’s life? Sanctum website - : Sanctum website - Links to social networking in corner but in a different colour so they stand out. Story, video and gallery links – makes you more interested. “Creator of Titanic and Avatar” – successful films, so makes you want to watch. Blue colours – calm mood however black font makes you feel tense.

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