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Published on November 19, 2009

Author: nekamuroo


Front Page Evaluation

The cover of Kerrang is quiet dark and serious which suggests that the music featured in the magazine is serious and dark unlike electro or pop. The cover keeps to the “the third left” rule in that all of the information is able to be seen if the magazine is stacked on the shelf with only the left showing. the text detailing the magazines main article is bold and only part of it can be seen on the left and the picture of “lacuna coil” is not visible on the left at all. The font is plain because the magazine wants to suggest that they are hard core about music.

Mixmag’s cover is colourful with vibrant pink text that stands out against grey and black. The font is simple but the colour help as a party feel to the cover. The main picture is of a man in a mouse out fit, we can clearly see this mans face and he is not smiling unlike the mouth of the mouse. This juxtaposition adds to the comedic fun feel of the magazine. In the top right corner of the magazine there is a clubbing guide which ties in with Mixmag's party/club persona.

NME magazine does not abhor to the “Third left” rule at all. It is designed for a store big enough to hold magazines so they can be fully. The main article picture takes up the whole of the magazine and the name of the band being interview is surrounded by colour to suggest fun but the simple text and darkness of the band suggest that NME want to be seen as a serious approach to music. There are other smaller pictures up top detailing other music information within the magazine.

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