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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: ideacast


From Windows to Linux For comfortable... Download Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit version or 64-bit version? Use UNetbootin to make a bootable USB stick or.. Burn iso image to make a bootable DVD ______________________________________________________________________ I M PO RTANT! Plug in all equipment... (Printer – Webcam - Network- etc) and Boot/Install Ubuntu Libre Office & Firefox Already Installed (Alternative to MS Office) + Get Firefox Add-On NoScript Security Suite | Adblock Plus Go to HOME: Search for Program > Ubuntu Software Centre Synaptic Packet Manager GDebi Packet Installer Security Gufw + ufw Firewall ClamAv Antivirus or Comodo Free for Linux Ubuntu BleachBit (CCleaner Alternative) Deja-Dup Backup Gparted Partition Audio & Music Audacious (Winamp Alternative) Audacity Audio Recorder|Editing Alsa Mixer PulseAudio Volume Control Volyme Control Panel

Film - Video - Image RecordMyDesktop (Snagit Alternative) Kazam + OpenShot Video Editor (Camtasia Alternative) VLC Media Player Guvcview (Logitech Alternative) Gimp (Photoshop Alternative) Desktop & Theme Gconf-editor move minimize, maximize and close to the right? (Windows Alternative) Go to |Apps Metacity General Button Layout menu:minimize,maximize,close GNOME Tweak Tool Advanced Settings MyUnity Theme Setting and More File Manager Thunar File Manager Text Editor Gedit (Notepad Alternative) Bit Torrents Transmission Bit Torrents Find program files (to exe) = Open with Go to /usr/bin/transmission-gtk BootUp Boot Manager BootUp Manager

Using Terminal English Swedish Download Software Manual download: .deb Last resorts: .rpm and .tar.gz Shockwav Flash Adobe Player | 32-bit version or 64-bit version? sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer Tor Webbrowser (More Safe Alternative) Jitsi Video Calls and Chat (Skype Alternative) Skype Video Calls and Chat (Microsoft) sudo apt-get install skype Printer (drives) system-config-printer and press enter Remove (Do-Not-Want) Apps in Ubuntu Software Centre Click Unistall or Synapic Quick Filter Search (example) Right mouse select | Sort all with *Name| Remove all with (My choice) * Thunderbird * Empathy * Gwibber * Rhytmbox * Banshee * Totem + sudo apt-get remove indicator-messages undo sudo apt-get install indicator-messages Run BleachBit and clean Install Awesome Docky Docky 3D Icon bar sudo apt-get install docky -green-label and confirm

Network Samba Network 1. Run the Samba. (Applications | System Tools | Administration | Samba) 2. File | Add Share 3. Browse for the drive you wish to share and select it (External Harddisk, USB or Card) 4. Change the share name if you’d like to. (This example my share name is “Space″) 5. Check “Writeable” if you wish to be able to write to this drive from other computers on the network. 6. Check “Visible” if you’d like others to see the share while browsing the network. 7. On the Access tab, select “Allow access to everyone” (This will avoid the problems of having to specify usernames and passwords in programs ) 8. Click OK (You should be done at this point but you’re NOT This is what caused me the most headaches to find.) Terminal smb.conf sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf Scroll to the bottom of the file. There you should find [Space] (In my case) 9. Add the following new line in that section: force user = username (This example my username is cast) [Space] path = /media/Space writeable = yes ; browseable = yes guest ok = yes force user = cast Save smb.conf Restart Samba sudo restart smbd Open Terminal and Add rules in Firewall for (Home) Network (workgroup) sudo ufw allow from <IP-adress> Share/Connection sudo ufw allow from sudo ufw allow from sudo ufw allow from sudo ufw allow from

Ubuntu Update sudo apt-get update do-release-upgrade Upgrade Ubuntu for Beginners Ubuntu Precise Network Management Ubuntu Forum Ask Ubuntu Original theme and color that you can customize...

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